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Para-normal events and psychics

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 06:27 PM
My partner (wife) of 33 years has always been involved in spiritualism and mediums through various psychic organisations and churches. I started of as a total disbeliever but over the years Ive been able to view her ability to prophecise various personal or family, future events. We have lived in our house for 24 years and apart from the oddities of things going missing, occasional noises or doors being opened, I have grown to accept that she can be a receiver to things from as she calls it " A diffirent frequency". The reason for my post is thus : Since April 2004, she has felt what she calls " A new vibration in the 2 frequencies iether side of our own" This change has led to a gradual increase in activity in our home, but a decrease in her ability to forwarn or as some would call it "fortune tell".
As at the time of writing we are honoured to have the following entities frequenting the house. A tall person (male?) who walks along the bottom hall and who is viewed as a dark shadow. A black cat, (seen by all the family at various times), that is known for sharpening its claws at 3.00am, on our bedroom carpet and a female voice who talks to my grand daughter and my wife. We speak about these things openly and all agree that not only are things happening more often, but also that these things seem to be more open to being viewed or heard. I dont have an answer to why things are getting more frequent....could it be based on the 2012 theories, the state we are in as a speices, an increase in our own spirituality, for whatever reason? I can only surmise, but would like to hear comment from anyone else who has experienced a rise in ghostly, for want of a better word, phenomenon. Or even people who seem to be loosing their own psychic abilities. This is my first post, I hope it is of value, and is based on my families experiences from 2004 up to this moment in time.

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 06:41 PM
Well, your account is interesting, but the way you lean towards a 2012 persepective gives the impression that you already have made up your mind on what's happening.

I would just say you are experiencing poltergeist and ghost activity. Disembodied voices and shadows are symptoms of a serious haunting, not just spooky atmosphere. If you really are experiencing these things, or your wife, it could just be an active haunting.

However, if you want a take on 2012 causing changes, the solar system is warming and the sun is raising it's cyclic output (sunspots, EMG blasts etc.). These are supposedly symptoms of the 'higher vibration' on it's way... and this shift in frequency evaporates the barriers between our dimension and the next.

So yes, hypothetically, 2012 changes will greatly heighten our experience of ghosts, EVPs, 'spirit's in photographs, and sightings of UFOs and other extradimensionals. This is something we aren't told to expect, but we are being assimilated through the media and Hollywood.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by captiva

The more you fiddle in this subject of the paranormal without the knowledge needed, you get attention from various creatures both in the spirit realms, and other realms.

Good or bad with it?

You might just have started noticing the effects from more powerful creatures, which can disturb the resonance around you, and affect you and animals (you have any animals?).

The 'bad' with this is, the longer you let it continue the worse it will get, however you judge the happenenings.
Dont draw out any conclusions from what these things tell, or imprint on you, this is dangerous.

The good thing....
You have probably gotten the attention from a poltergeist or something similar in power who is establishing it's power base.
Dont let it do that. Do what ever it takes to disturb it.

And, what types of churches are you speaking of?

Good luck.

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