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Sick of hearing about economic downturn

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 02:24 PM
It is everywhere, every news broadcast, tv or radio, everyday.

Now, I am wondring if it is really a self-fullfilling prophecy. I wonder if it being overinflated because of lack of news in other areas. I wonder it it is a scare tactic. And I feel it has been blown out of control.

Is there an economic downturn? why yes.

But, cycles in the economoy are perfectly normal and not a cause for panic.
No one can really expect Americans and others to keep the frantic pace up of housing and consumerism the way it was.

So it is really crashing? Or just slowing down.

All you hear about is foreclosures and people falling behind on their mortgages. How it is the highest in years. But I heard an interesting statistic the other day. 90% of the population are still making their mortgage payments.

So half the peopleon your street are not losign their homes.

People haveing to sell the 4th and 5th family car/motorcycle, motorhome, and boat does not mean we are standing in breadlines.

Fact is, if gas was really killing people(not the professional drivers) then why is half the parking lots still filled with gas guzzling SUVs? Not a personal attack.

Do I think it is a good idea for people to cut back anyways? yes, so we can stop cluttering our lives with useless junk and spending our money on things we don't need.

it can make things simpler. It can make people focus on what is important instead of what they dont' have, and want.

I don't see an economic downturn as being a completely bad thing. Because I think that all it is is a NORMAL slowing.

Fact is our economy was going around the track at nascar speed and we had to back up and make it just a corvette, if things get really tough, even slower. But we will still go around the track as we have always done.

I could be perfectly wrong.

But I think that we live in a society that is always waiting for that "big thing to happen" and all the wolf crying gets old.

If there were other news to report, and we didn't have to hear about the economy all the time, would anyone be able to tell the difference?

If you never heard a single report on the slowing down of the economy, could you say there is a difference?

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