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Wonder of death

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 03:02 AM
posted on 3/21/08 at 02:56

Help with my ak-47

So I just got this brandnew ak-47 and it is from Romania.
I understand mostly all of it, but there is this piece of the left side of the gun. I don't know what is it, I thought it might be a rifle mount or a bridge mount for the scope. Please help me out.

Things I can help you with.

So you just got this Brand-new ak-47.
Never been shot or anything.
Well don't shoot it just yet.
Figure out how this thing works and how to clean it.
Don't go grab your cleaning kit.
Just look at the back of your ak, there should be a little hole.
Push that in and you will hit somthing, hit it with your finger.
Then slightly pull out.
Cleaning kit is equiped with it. Neat ay.
So now pull it all out.
but wait, where is my cleaning rod. Well it's actauly under your barrel.
Get that out. Now that you've got your kit go and grab Wd-40 and hoppes Powder solvent. Spray some Wd-40 down your barrel and dip your wired brush in the solvent. Now drive it down the barrel carefully to keep from bending the rod. Repeat 4 times.
Now get your pad pusher "I don't know real name, plently of names for it though" and pull out 8 pads. Dip 4 in the solvent and 1 by one push down the barrel. Now you can run four dry ones down the barrel.
now grab a light and check the barrel for any lumps if so, repeat for disered accuracy. So now you got a clean barrel. lets clean the outside. Grab the Wd-40 can and spray it on a junky rag and rub the barrel and dust guard down to keep from rust and scratching.

Now you've got your self a good looking ak-47.

so now we want to get that bolt working better. Pull of the back gaurd by pushing the button in. Now it will just come off easily, pull the bolt back and spray a light coat of Wd-40 on it. So now you've got a fast moving bolt.
now put the dust guard back on.


What brand of Ammo should I use. Well it depends, are you hunting or just having a good time, hunting a higher priced ballistic ammo. Fun just a cheap ballastic tip bullet.

Is there a certain way to hold my ak? Well sort of, there is the standing postion. hip fire postions. Sitting positions and laying down positons.... recommened for better accuracy and stabilty control.

How do I make it auto-matic or semi-automatic. You need a special piece for both, they are probably 30 bucks for each one. It will probably need to be installed by some one who knows how to do it.

The end of my barrel looks broken. It will probably be the muzzle break. I would probably go blind if it broke. But I am here to help you.

Should I put a scope on the ak? Well, there is a huge idea of scopes in my mind, but I would probably put an M-16A2 scope on it, or a red dot or just an agog scope.

How do I know if my ak-47 is aging to quick. Well I prefer a monthly clean and check-up and Wd-40 spray to keep from rusting and sticking parts. but if signs you might notice is rust, a barrel with the bores filled, in-accurate shooting and a hard to pull back triger.

What can the ak-47 handle? Well I wouldn't do this, but you can throw your ak-47 dip it in water fill it with sand shake some out then throw it in sloppy mud and pick it up and put a magazine in it and it will fire. But if you do intend in do this, and you love your ak. make sure you make a huge cleaning day for it. Don't try it though.

What is a good ak-47. Russian. Romanian. and German. Thoughs are good brands and the best. Also the german cleaning kit is very nice ^.-

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 03:12 AM
Please leave comments on what you know of the ak-47 or any history you would like to share.


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