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do you dream about aliens and ufo's.. i do nightly

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 01:15 AM
Anyone who claims to dream about UFOs and aliens nightly really needs
to spend a lot more time in the fresh air and a lot less time daydreaming

UFOs and aliens are simply current-day substitutes for Mickey Mouse, Davy Crockett and Superman. Or ... for some ... UFOs and aliens have replaced religious figures .. or possibly Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, Tooth fairy, etc.

If someone had posted in public .. say thirty years ago .. that they dreamed of Superman or Mickey Mouse nightly ---- they'd have been wrapped tightly in a stiff white coat and removed from 'normal society'

Life is SO boring when compared with tv and movies, that's true

but entertaining imaginary scenarios in the hope life will imitate art is a sheer waste of life, as people will realise when they're 78 years old and on life-support. And guess what ... even after a lifetime of 'wishing and hoping' for 'good guy aliens' to arrive and save them from boring normality ... those UFOs and aliens will still be as illusory as Superman and Cat Woman

My advice to the dreamer would be to undertake a course of study that might actually improve your life and provide you a comfortable retirement

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by FremenBlueEyes

I had a dream about aliens, always the same, they give us warning they arrive and we all panic. They then appear and are all scarmbling about trying to find somehere to hide from them. Often violence and odd scenarios involved. I woke up to here the news about the wind farm thing, freaky!!!

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 07:56 PM
I don't dream about aliens and ufos nightly, but I have in the past and the most recent one I had I felt was very significant and prophetic. About a month ago, I had a dream that I had a dream. Sounds kind of confusing, but in my dream's dream, I was at a party. It was nighttime, and there was music playing, I was at a friend's house. All of a sudden, I hear a large gasp and I see everyone at the party stare out of the window, frozen. I looked outside and saw hundreds upon hundreds of people floating from the night sky, down to the earth. They were just floating down as peacefully as you could imagine, and they were wearing silvery robes. I remember thinking they were not humans from earth. I was also paralyzed with fear. I wake up(in the dream) and go on with my day. I later find out that all my friends and family have experienced the same freakish dream that I had, which made me know it was significant. Later on in the dream, I'm watching the news. A news report claims that the man has been found, who has been manipulating people's thoughts and dreams for years and has finally been found out. This man had made everyone dream the same dream. I don't know what to make of this dream because it is very strange, but I feel that there was a message that was trying to be relayed to me. I can't say what it is, but I just have that intuitive sense that it was very significant. I personally believe in aliens, and I think that there are malevolent and benevolent aliens, just like with people. I think someone is trying to inform people here, especially those of us who are open to receiving it.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 11:23 PM
I have been dreaming about meeting aliens, their worlds and lives and so on. For me, it's been going on for a few years. It would be easy to say that it's wish-fulfillment, I'd certainly wish to go with aliens. Except that the dreams aren't showing me what I'd ever expect. The dream aliens haven't been what the ufology media presents, they are also like no science fiction tv or movies I've ever seen.

The most recent kind of dream alien I've met is one I call "the pilot". So far, she has been the only kind of dream alien to really treat me like a person, without looking down on me too much. She was willing to airlift me off this earth. Too bad it wasn't physically real. I don't know her name, telepathy is cool but it misses some things. I've been trying to sketch a picture, I'm a terrible artist. Something about her reminds me of dolphins, even though she looked mostly human and technically she didn't resemble a dolphin at all.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 11:37 PM
Hmm, strange reading this threat considering I was planning on starting one on the same topic not too long ago.
I have UFO dreams on a daily basis.

Its usually the same dream,
I walk outside, there's a large UFO over my house, Its clearly visible.. I try to get my mobile phone to take a picture/ video.. and nothing happens
And no one believes me.

Its pretty much the same ever night, minus the camera.

The other night I dreamt of waking up in my back yard, seeing heaps of helicopters flying to a brightly lit horizon on a dark night, not too much related to UFO's.. but creepy all the same.

I'm interested in aliens and UFO's, but I don't think about them all the time.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 04:47 AM
I used to have periodic UFO dreams, not daily, which started ever since I was born! It's about thousands of UFOs making a fly-by in the night sky and some huge black thing that struck Earth so bad. With a handful of humans surviving and in stasis inside a mothership.

It stopped when in one dream, I told them how much I hated them and wanted to crush them like bugs
I'm not kidding, this is true. Even my headaches are gone!

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 02:04 PM
I just recently had my 1st dream about aliens. Before I go into it let me just say that I recently read book one of the law of one, the terra papers, and am partly through gods of eden. So I think it could be an active imagination, although my dream has nothing to do with the content I'm currently reading.

When it started aliens had shown their full prescence. I still can picture it perfectly. UFO's were lining the little rock river bridge, and they appeared all over the world. For some reason I stopped my vehicle and walked up to one. The next thing I know I was in some sort of building, or the ufo itself. There was a being that looked human. At no time was I scared, but rather she allowed me to ask questions. I remembered more of them when I first woke up, but now I only remember 2 of them.

-After talking to her for some time she asked me who she reminded me of. After a moment of me thinking (I knew who she reminded me of I just couldn't remember the name because it was someone I knew about 13 yrs ago) she said "is it Jill"? I said no I think her name was Sarah. Then I asked were you trying to read my mind? She said "we cannot read minds-we can only scan your subliminal thoughts most times you know the answer to any question long before you realize it. It is the same skill that those of you referred to as psychics possess, although our skill is more precise and developed."

-Then I asked how old she was? She said "in our natural form time is not a perception the way you know it-it would be impossibe to calculate. Then I asked how long has she been in this body? She said " 4 of your days." I asked how long she would remain in this body? She told me that it takes so much physical energy to support her entity that the body would only survive 7 to 10 days before she would have to leave it. She said the body ages so rapidly that they rarely last more than 10 days.

That is truly all I remember. I should have written it down when I woke up. Just for the record no I'm not on any medications. This was the only dream I have ever had about aliens. What do yall think?

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by FremenBlueEyes

Thanks for starting this thread. I have had this happen to me since my college days and they have recently become much more real and vivid and much more frequent. I've been telling my spouse for a couple weeks now that they are getting more and more intense and have even gotten out of bed several times to look out the window just to be sure it wasn't real.

I can't wake up because in my dreams it feels like its real. I even remember saying several times in my dream "Crap, its really happening, I'm not dreaming this"

But basically my dreams are of UFO's not aliens....I only saw an alien once and the weird thing about that is that the alien turned into a baby?????

The dreams mainly start of with airplanes dropping out of the sky and crashing. Then fleets of ufo's start buzzing all over the sky, I mean Everywhere. Then the ufo's start crashing into the houses in my neighborhood.

One dream I was driving in my car with my friend and all of the sudden the car just stops and we look up and see all of the ufo's and I remember looking at her and saying " I knew this was going to happen, I dreamt about it already"

In my most recent dream, it was pretty much the same scenario except that the ufo's became the size of a dime and they were smacking into my window. The weird thing is that after I have the dreams, they are so real that it takes me awhile to shake this weird feeling I have when I wake up

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 02:45 PM
In the dream I had at no time was I ever scared. It all seemed so peaceful.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 07:54 PM
Hi, as you can probably gather, I am new to this site. I found it through a Google search. I too have recently been having very lucid dreams about alien crafts flying through the sky. The most memorable one I can remember included a series of craft flying very high in the sky forming a broken dashed GREEN arrow. To compund this green arrow, two days later I am in the ER with my son waiting to be taken to the treatment area, and what is on the wall?, a broken-dashed green looked EXACTLY like the one in my dream.

Last night's dream was very different however, it seemed more interactive. Whatever community I was living in was being invaded by very hostile aliens. Although I did not "see" an alien in my dream, there were military forcesl, snipers, etc. I thought the military was there to protect the humans, but it seemed to me that they were shooting at us/me! I was more afraid of the military than I was the alien invasion.
While dodging bullets, I found myself running into a shop of some kind. Inside the shop there were some sort of posters which had some sort of alien glyph written on them. I stood there staring at the posters which seemed to be made of a glass-like substance. I then heard someone whisper to me that I would be president in 2 more terms, there was some other work which had to be done first, but my time would come.

This is all so strange to me. I have never had such vivid dreams of aliens. I do not obsess over UFO's, but I do firmly believe that we are ignorant to think that we are alone. I strongly suspect that our government knows a hell of alot more than they lead us to believe, and there is a whole lot more to 9-11 than most people care to even learn about.

I have read alot of your dreams here prior to posting, I think I feel comfortable enough to not be ridiculed here for my dreams to be interpreted.


posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 07:06 PM
first im glad im not the only person in the world who experiences these dreams every night. my dream happen a couple nights agos. i still rememeber every detail from that night and the effects like coldness, dizzy, and confused like wat the hell just happen. and i got this feeling like someone was watching me even after i woke up and just got these chills all over my body. in my dream i was on the floor faced upward. I knew i was in a forest cause i saw trees and shurbs every where. i looked up the sky and it was pitch black with the stars every where.. then i fell this whoosh and looked up and saw this huge ufo. i was shocked and tried to move but i couldnt move i just layed there and this ufo ; it was huge with blue lights and it started going up and there was no sound wat so ever. i looked up the sky as it went up and felt a whoosh on my face and it went away into the sky.

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 12:07 AM
Well in relevance to the OP's query id say id be a gold mine.

I dream about UFO's or Aliens at least two times minimum a week every week, every year for as long as Ive been alive, and those are the dreams I can remember.

Now are any of them in anyway connected to abduction or real events?, id say with a 99% certainty... no, not a single one. I have always had a vivid imagination, and an interest in UFO's since i could pick up a book and look at pictures.

Pretty much all of them revolve around seeing a light or a ship in the sky (during day or night) at a good distance, then more lights or ships start appearing, some times on rare occasions it can end up like a UFO fleet, followed with me either trying to get others to verify what im witnessing or me trying to hide from them, and having them (the UFO's) get closer to my location and then usually landing on the roof... at which point my brain tends to cut the dream short and I awake up (Im very good at halting dreams I find distressing). Locations of the dream 'sightings' are pretty varied, but usually in a copy or near copy (you know dreams, how some things look the same but have a odd difference about em) of either of the places my family has lived during my life. And the UFO's run the gamut of all the traditional types.

Most recent dream would be two nights ago, was standing on a beach where a shopping mall car park backed onto, I looked up and the sky above had a huge angular cigar shaped mothership in the clouds with thick blue and red strips on it slowly decending (it was pretty detailed and its surface was covered in typical sci-fi spaceship hull deco, ie tubes, vents and panel segments) other people on the beach started pointing at it and 10 seconds latter the dream swapped to one of my other regular dream channels which I dont think ill discuss here
the fact it was wedged between two other dreams would indicate it was nothing but a dream... but it was from a visual stand point pretty impressive.

Most enjoyable UFO related dream was one a year ago when a red metal teardrop UFO landed in the backyard of our current property and a rather friendly little guy (sort of a friendly looking grey, ie big smile and he had a nose, little 1950's like with glass helmet) popped out the top and waved, got back in and left in a woosh, felt kinda happy after it... havent had one like it before or since.

Worst ive had, simply from the stand point of it making me ponder... was one about 4 months ago, where a large white light burst into my dream while I was in my old room and started zipping around scaaring the crap out of me, thing is when I woke up in a start the light was still burned into my vision for a few seconds even with my eyes open... now how that could happen i dont know since it wasnt a night terror, but i try not to think about it to much
and yes i have woken up with minor nose bleeds in the morning, and no they aint in my mind related to the dreams.

Good to know my UFO dream habit isnt just me... on the same note, anyone else have regular dreams where your either unable to move normally like your weighed down greatly or you have to drag yourself around in slow mo in them, usually with me I have to drag myself around by using cracks in teh ground or pavement, hate those dreams

Edit:- Just add that like Cassiopia a few posts up, most of my dreams are also mostly just the UFO's with the occupants being seen very very rarely, its usually at that point when it would happen that my mind wakes me up.

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posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 06:50 PM

Originally posted by Dock6
Anyone who claims to dream about UFOs and aliens nightly really needs
to spend a lot more time in the fresh air and a lot less time daydreaming

UFOs and aliens are simply current-day substitutes for Mickey Mouse, Davy Crockett and Superman. Or ... for some ... UFOs and aliens have replaced religious figures .. or possibly Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, Tooth fairy, etc.

If someone had posted in public .. say thirty years ago .. that they dreamed of Superman or Mickey Mouse nightly ---- they'd have been wrapped tightly in a stiff white coat and removed from 'normal society'

Life is SO boring when compared with tv and movies, that's true

but entertaining imaginary scenarios in the hope life will imitate art is a sheer waste of life, as people will realise when they're 78 years old and on life-support. And guess what ... even after a lifetime of 'wishing and hoping' for 'good guy aliens' to arrive and save them from boring normality ... those UFOs and aliens will still be as illusory as Superman and Cat Woman

My advice to the dreamer would be to undertake a course of study that might actually improve your life and provide you a comfortable retirement

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Dont mean to bash, but that post just seems pointless.

In what way does an individual have control over their dreams during the night when their body is shutdown and their mind is in defrag mode, if you do please do tell? I have a hankering for a close encounter of a different kind but all I get is UFO's and weird alternate realities most of the time

I spend alot of my daytime 3d modeling and painting textures for swords, shields and armor along with monsters and people and other fantasy themed PC game assets... But I never have had a dream themed about any of that, and ive never modeled an Alien, drawn an Alien or UFO, space ship.

As to my fresh air quota, I just spent 1 hour mowing the lawn this morning and spent another 2 mowing the other lawn on the other side of the property yesterday evening, so I would say I get plenty

I think Dock6 woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning it seems, or hes never had/remembered a dream before
Sure be analytical, but dont over bear that with acid cynicism, OP asked a legit question and people responded in kind.

Edit:- opps thought i double posted, didn't realize my previous post in this thread was still the last in line

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:11 PM
Wow, talk about reviving an old thread.

I didn't want to post another meaningless thread so I'm going to post it on here, since it is, after all, a dream. A lucid dream. A VERY lucid dream.

Now, I had this dream when I was 15. When I didn't believe in aliens and when Jesus was my lord and I was doing some mental clearing for a few months to raise my spiritual level. At this time I wasn't a super Christian, I was just the average Christian, tohugh I didn't go to church.

Again, this was when I was 15. I didn't believe in aliens or ghosts, I was ignorant, thinking humanity was the greatest thing out there.

Now, to cut it short, I met 3 aliens. They were disguised as humans but only I saw them as aliens. It felt like I was an adult, in my mid twenties. I was at a small political rally [during the summer] of about 15 people nearly an empty trailer park.

I was the only one trying to convince everyone else the 3 aliens were aliens, though they were very human like. This didn't make sense, since, in real life I didn't care about UFO's or ETs.

People believed me when the 3 aliens showed everyone who they really were. This is their discription:

Pastel greenish bluish skin. The 3 aliens were male, brothers, very skinny but not anorexic. Quiet except for the oldest: he was the only one that could speak English verbally. Boy-cut platnum blonde hair and bluish-purplish eyes. The youngest showed innocence and joy through his eyes, though all 3 didn't show any emotion at all. The oldest was very grim looking, he was the flight leader, obviously, and his heart looked hardened. They all 3 wore the same clothing: loose light blue T-shirt, beige knee-length vacation shorts, white socks and sneakers. It sounds strange, such casual clothing, but again it was the summer, a small rally where everyone wore casual clothing, and the aliens wanted to blend in.

Now. That being said. Things happened that you won't be interested in. In the end, the people ran away creeped out by bluish-grennish skinned people and the aliens, having been discovered, made their way back to their car behind the small wooden stage/ platform. Yes. Car. Their small spaceship thingy was disguised as --I'm not kidding-- an orange SUV. I think it was a honda element or a HUMMER. Something like that.

I ran to the middle child, I don't know why but I felt like I knew him from long ago (ie: 10 years) and once he turned around and saw me, I hugged him while shouting, "Don't go! Take me with you!" I don't even care about aliens and here I am in my dream beging to be abducted. He was caught off-guard, and so was I because the second I touched him, I knew him.

I knew everything about him. I could FEEL him, his emotions, his thoughts. I knew that they all lived on a big donut-shaped spaceship (which, when I woke up and researched I found out a year later it looks like one of those old Star Treck spaceships) that was full of their people, or whoever was left, because their planet was destroyed. There is a confederation where these good aliens get together and meet at this spaceship where they live and that there are other spaceships our there but to us, rom Earth, look like stars. Not all stars are spaceships, that's not what I'm saying, just a handful are spaceships from across the universe.

ANYWAY, their mother died on the planet and it was 2 years ago their planet was destroyed and at the spaceship place, from their planet, they have this rude communist leader lady no one has seen but she tells all the aliens from his planet that humans are wild and dangerous and everything we touch we destroy and that we have to evolve before we can talk to them because we can't be trusted.

I also know that I wasn't suppose to remember my dream but I did, VERY detailed (it felt so real. SO REAL. It's crazy.) But I remember because the middle child let me remember even though that's not allowed.

BACK TO THE DREAM and all the details you want about aliens! These aliens are good aliens, just fooled by their leader, like we are with our politcal strifes. But at their planet (or spaceship now, they're looking for a place to stay) everyone is content and peaceful and no one gets angry that much, especially since everyone can read your emotions.

Oh, and he can read my emotions and knows everything about me too because I touched him. So things happen, if you want it detailed just message me but I end up in their big donutshaped spaceship (the car one has an invisibility cloak thing, something about alumininum beding light and stuff, it was pretty cool) and I'm walking from where the car-now small portable spaceships are kept to the main hallway.

The hallway was white --but get this-- there were aliens of all different types --even humans-- walking down the hallways talking to each other wearing tight jumpsuits all different colors repeprsenting their constellation or something, i don't know. But yeah, there were black people and dark green scaly lizard like people (but very few compared to the others, these scaley people work against their homeland --which I guess is a bad place but I don't want to talk about because honestly I don't know) and there were orientals and then people that had the rough foreheads like that one guy from Star Trek that looks angry all the time (you'd be amazed at how close Star Trek can get to what I saw. I've never watched ST bc I always thought it was for nerds.)

Well, the 3 aliens' dad was on the other side of the hallway about to great his sons (his emotinos never changed, I guess greating his sons was a routine thing or he was just never a fun person) but then he saw me and all hell broke loose. He started to mental-scold his sons going "You know the [insert queen leader here] doesn't want us to communicate with there humans! They're barbaric and heartless and wild!" I mental shouted in my head that it wasn't true [and I started getting mad] then I stopped in realization that humans always let their emotions take the better of them and we are a pretty stupid species so I stopped and I start feeling bad [it's funny how this mental/emotinal communiacation thing goes, you just start realizing how powerful your emotions really are.] I could feel the middle child looking at me. I think that when I touched him, I also showed him my spirit form [you know, the real soul that you truely are] becuase he was nice to me like he respected me [he's a sweetheart.]


posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:24 PM
I don't dream about them nightly. But a few years ago UFO/space dreams were a common occurance for me. They were a incredibly profound spiritual experiences for me, and felt like much more than just dreams. I even ended up getting a tattoo just to remind me of the message I interpreted from them!

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:30 PM

BTW I'm 19 now so if you do the math, it was 3 1/2 years ago.

Moving on...

The dad instructed I should be sent home. The middle child offered to take me home, though I could feel he didn't want to because he knows now not all humans are destructive and that it's all lies and that we're all being fooled and only the confederation or whatever knows and some other alien civilations and that humans are a mix of most of the alien spieces and that Earth is meant to be a paradise and I'm making a run on sentence becuase I really want to tell you all of this without having it to be all detailed because it takes forever.

SO ....... I go to this room (the steelish white doors open like sliding, it's awesome.) And this room is HUGE. On the outside, the room looks small but the inside it looks like infinite room. It's empty. Except for the clouds, so many clouds everywhere and there's a light coming form behind the clouds but an unknown source, kind of like a mini sun you can't see. The alien boy points to some clouds and even though their at a distance, the specic clouds he points to makes a musical note. His index finger pressed (with about 40 ft of space between us and the clouds) 5 different clouds and they make this beautiful quick, enchanting melody that sounds like the high-pitched part of the piano except much softer and before I know it my eyes shut by themselves and I black-out, faint. I wake up in my bed and my heart is racing like crazy, why I don't know, and I look around thinking I'll see the alien boy there but I'm all alone in the dark in my bed, over my covers (I'm always in my covers so this is different) and I look over to my digital clock and it reads 3 or 4 in the morning. I went to bed at 9 that night, so I guess this is normal.

I can remember everything so clearly and I just KNOW. It just happens and you just know. There's no other way to describe it, it doesn't use words. It's all feelings.

Well, you better be rest assured I got obsessed with alien stuff and went crazy trying to find him, the alien boy I touched, and I couldn't find anything except that the same desrciption of the aliens I described exist. That blew me away. The exact same thing I dreamed of, is now resting somewhere between India and china in the mountains (though I don't think it's all of them. Some are still at the spaceship. This would also explain al lthe UFO stuff going on in China the last 3 years. and that these aliens came from a constellation Janus or something, but that could be wrong.

Thing is, if these aliens exist, than the others do too. It's just too coincidental to the T. Too many connections, too many things in common fori t to be a fluke.

You know it's real when you feel it. It's just the way it is.

Deny me if you want. you can call me a liar and that I prove nothing but it's not something you should prove. It's in your heart, what your soul tells you. Do you honestly believe we're alone?

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:32 PM
reply to post by 11shaman11

I love your username, and it's cool you got an alien tattoo. I'd like to hear your dreams!

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 12:18 PM
I recently have become engaged in the theories of astroalien gods, secret societies, sun-gods, and end times.--Bare with me before I tell you this dream I had last night; I need to get this off my chest--At first I dismissed a lot of what I had read on the Illuminati and the Reptilian hybrids. I thought those people were off their nut(David Icke). However, for some reason I continued to research just to disprove any "evidence", but while I did so I unexpectedly began compiling evidence--evidence that pointed to a bigger TRUTH that I was not expecting. When I opened up my consciousness I SAW. Everything I have learned in my short 16 years of life on this planet was connecting; I was following my intuition finally and it was providing evidence. I, of all logical people, was beginning to believe in aliens. I would discuss all these theories in detail so my dream would make more sense but it would be a lengthy process. I'll have to save them for other forums(by the way I'm new here at ATS!).

I had heard that meditating and training your brain would eventually allow you to communicate and/or have an encounter with an alien. I have been trying to contact the aliens, who in my opinion are the progenerators of the human race, to 1) confirm their existence further and 2) to ask about end times and if they would return to earth.. However I've been afraid to contact because I might get the other not so nice aliens. Then last night something odd happened:
I dreamnt that I was in my room, still sleeping, but in a deep subconscious communication with an alien being(This being was not present in my room--I'm making that clear). It seemed pretty benevolent so I began asking (not in the language sense totally but with symbols) questions. Why did the world have to end? It replied with symbols that flashed and that astonishingly allowed me to interpret its response. I have forgotten what the symbols were but I do know that the alien conveyed that earth's time, with humans on it, was coming to an end. At this point I was getting a little discomforted and I started getting short with the alien being, a big no-no I've been told not to do if one comes in contact with an extraterrestrial. I began using more language to ask WHY? Even with my shortness the alien remained calm. It showed me more symbols, but along with that I suddenly was transferred to a different world. It was Earth the future. I was still playing as myself; however, it got fuzzy after this.

I remember I was with friends, the landscape was darking, but yet I understood Earth was infinitely advanced. I was with friends by a big lake. The next thing was amazing. I shapeshifted into a great white bird. My friends did too(I had no idea who these friends were; I just knew they were my friends). We flew to the center of the lake.

Next thing I know I began communicating with the being again. It conveyed that humans could not become this way. It gave no reason why. I urged the being to explain, but only got horrifying images of things I can't explain in words. Next I asked if I could be a chosen one--a person they chose to escape earth's destruction. It would not respond.

That is when the dream ended. What it means, I'm not sure. Perhaps it's just a crazy dream I had because there's been aliens on the back of my mind, or perhaps I got what I wished for. I only hope I can have a true encounter with an alien being to fully explain what the hell is truly going on in the world--and what will happen to it.
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posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 01:04 PM
I never do any research about aliens, but I had two dreams about aliens in all my life that I can remember:

January 12 2010, me, and my family were walking in winter clothes on our hometown's streets and tall green lizard like aliens were descending to the grounds with their huge wings.
We were observing them.
They were everywhere around us.

February 13 2011, I was looking to a magazine that described a alien landing, I saw many pictures of people looking to the sky, including Italian politicians.
I was thinking in the dream " It happened as predicted ".

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by FremenBlueEyes

well…I woke up this morning and remembered a small part of my dream. Usually I don’t remember dreams. Actually, it is why i joined ATS =D

In my dream I was sleeping – exactly as I was in my bed that night – same sheets etc – and I opened my eyes and there was – I guess you would call it a grey – leaning over me. For some reason I think there was another one too. I was so startled/scared I just stared at it in the eyes pleading silently, “please be good, please be good, I don’t want to be hurt. Please be good.”…and for a moment I was so aware I thought to myself, oh my god I’m not asleep! And it was weird because I was so scared and shocked at the same time…I felt like the one leaning over me felt bad for me…was sympathetic…and yeah it was scary looking but not ugly/scary (but I like spiders soooo….). It leaned its head over me and I think its face glowed a little bit. And that was it. I didn’t wake up w/ my heart dropping or anything like that – which is what would normally happen after a “nightmare”. This all happened in a few seconds…a very short dream.
Weird huh. Not that I’m considering it to be anything other than a dream…I’d be lying if the other option didn’t cross my mind for one crazy second. When it did, I immediately laughed at myself
I think that was definitely a dream and nothing more because I had 2 dogs and 2 cats in the room! =D Whew lmao

While I was going over my dream I started thinking back to any other dreams I may have had that I totally forgot about…a couple came to mind.

One was early in the morning and I was looking up the street towards the beach cliffs. It was a normal foggy/cloudy ocean early am…and I saw in the distance over the ocean a disc of some sort blending into the clouds. That’s it.

Another took place during…just think burned ruined buildings/cars/parking lots etc – and w/o too much detail w/ who was w/ me and what we did, the gist was I was helping and hiding a bunch of people (even my dogs) but also at the end I entered an apartment and there was a being in there that was injured (I felt like it was unjustly hurt). I was helping it…I was scared of it but not…

My general belief is that dreams are the manifestations of whatever is on your mind – consciously or not – and that they reflect how you as a person would possibly handle a situation – random/subconscious. I also believe that the more I learn, the more amazing “simple” existence becomes with unlimited possibilities due to the unknown. In other words, I believe anything is possible and that includes the things most people wouldn’t consider – except the peeps here =D

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