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mayan predictions alian predictions

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 10:01 PM
so first of id like to say a few things first of I’m new here just signed up so id like to say hi to all the "paranoid" people out there second what I’m about to bring up may or may not have been talked about I haven’t really looked around but id like your opinions on this topic. some of what I say may not be correct feel free to correct me and discuss this what I have gotten wrong I would like to get right but this is how I see it... weather I believe it or not I do not know but it kind of makes sense

the Mayan calendar... mind blowing more accurate then are own.... how.... also it predicts astronomical occurrences that we haven’t even seen yet but have been proven to occur (now I don’t know much about there predictions im going at this with very little info only what ive watched and red so if you know of any of these astronomical predictions meteors exec please post them).

The Mayan leader or god. Long blond hair blue eyes. And of course elongated scull. He left the Mayan people back to the sea where he came from his return was promised but instead Cortes came and whipped them out... around the time he was predicted to return. In 1446 the Roslyn chapel was constructed in 1492 Christopher Columbus reached the new world the Roslyn chapel contains depictions on Indian corn found only in the Americas.

they Mayan calendar also predicts the destruction of the planet need I say December 21st 2012 but that date has also been predicted by scientists this day and age. Need I mention the black hole in the center of the Milky Way and the whole polar shift thing witch was also mentioned by Einstein. In my opinion the Mayans had to have had help with there predictions allot was burned by Cortez 4 texts survived. the Mayans never knew about the white man they had never seen one except for there leader... im wondering what he told them curios a lot of there predictions have come true and the biggest of all is supposed to who helped them who in that day and age on this planet would be able to know of the existence of the black hole in the center of the galaxy or.... Planet x another idea that’s been thrown around apparently its a star well.... not a complete star im not sure about this but apparently its supposed to ignite... I don’t know if anyone knows about that please tell me. but back to my point and i hate saying this but this technology and knowledge would be well known to lets say beings from another planet ufos have been sited through out history I feel like an idiot saying this but is it not possible that they’ve been messing with us leaving clues behind I mean the masons love doing this and there the enlightened ones. I don’t know though I’d like to here some of your ideas on this.

Ps sorry for any grammar English has never been my best subject

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