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Are computers making the world smarter or dumber

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 08:20 PM
I was just typing a post and again realized how many spelling errors I keep making. Yeah sure I can always use spell check but the main problem is my typing skills and transposing letters and sometime I'm just too damn lazy to use spellcheck. Anyway as my thoughts continue on this subject I begin to think that perhaps we rely to heavily on technology. Albert Einstein once was asked why he couldn't remember his address, his reply was why should I waste my memory on something that is so readily available. At this he pulled out his drivers liscense.

The new generation that has not known life without computers they rely on them for every aspect of their life. If there was some sort of global calamity that put earth back into the dark ages how many could count back change or research knowledge or even entertain themselves without computers.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 01:13 PM
Personally...with information being at my fingertips at all times I think people are smarter than ever.

Opinions, and the sharing of knowledge on such a grand scale I believe people are getting more informed about all kinds of subjects.

Before if you needed to research anything you would have to go to library and locate a book that might intrest you about a subject...then you still are only getting the authors opinion.

But can google anything you like. Get almost immediate results, and several opinions in one swoop.

Not only that, but the information comes at you in several different methods...being visual, text, step by step instructions.

Using computers and internet has made people more informed about any subject they wish to partake in AS LONG AS they know how to use the internet correctly.

Think about it...before if you wanted to buy a would have to shop for weeks, or only go off of what commercials told you, or the news paper etc.

But now you can search for forums and discuss with REAL people who own the car you are interested in.

No commercial is ever going to tell you that the cup holders are too small, or that the glove compartment is out of reach.

If you know what you are doing, and can use the internet correctly...the possibilities are infinite.


posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 02:58 AM
my opinion is that it makes us kinda IV dumber but it also makes us smarter it just depends on the type of person u are but i would have liked to live in the black ages rely back in the time where there was no guns only swords and bows

back in the days of when u had to walk or ride a horse to get to a faraway land that u have never seen or heard of to me technology has made me dumber is some areas and smarter in others

so i guess it does both

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 07:18 PM
I agree that in general it makes us all smarter becasue we have instant access to any kind of information our hearts desire. But in the long run I wonder if it makes us lazy. There is so much on the news lately how the internet is an addiction and how it is being abused so think of it from a differant perspective.

For those of us that have a modest amount of intelligence I believe it is a good thing but for the most part a very large percentage of the population are sheeple and for those individuals that are mentally challended I wonder if the internet is dumbing them down more or purhaps turning them from sheeple into a single celled life form that purley exists to entertain themseves not intelluctually but rather as children. Endulging themselves of porn, online gaming, useless chat, etc etc. Although I agree that one needs a modest amount of entertainment it's the ones that totally indulge themseves into online activities I worry about, those whose sole existence is to get in front of a screen and have themselves mesmorized for hours on end by useless junk.

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 11:26 AM
Well...there are two kinds of people that visit the internet...

The person who visits the sites that corporate America is trying to sell...that holds no value but is cool and hip because a commercial or celebrity told you so.

Then there is the person who will be talking about something at work...and hears something they know nothing about but intrests them at the same time...they google it, wikipedia it...whatever your poison.

Even if the information is somewhat inaccurate, you are now more informed about a subject that interests you, and if it REALLY interests you, you can find a book about it, article, or video discussing the subject.

Not ONLY can you find a book, but you can read reviews about the book to see how other people felt about the book and how it was written.

THEN NOT ONLY THAT you find a title that you seems to be a good choice, you can find it cheaper on another site.

In the right hands the internet can be the most powerful tool for information in the history of our species.

However...(and maybe this belongs in a ATS thread) maybe the internet itself is one big hoax. Being controlled by people who manipulate people to THINK that the internet is an outlit for the the freedom of ideas, and opinions, and information.

But I dunno...

These forums to me seem like the pictures you see of old Rome where the noble men come together and share and exchange their view-points.

Except on a global scale.

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