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Fascist America-My opinion.

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 03:32 PM
This is just my opinion of how I think America would be if it were fascist. I am no expert in government, so correct me if you see fit.

First, as in most if not all fascist states, there is one ruler. I believe this would be George Bush. He would do this most likely by postponing the election through fear tactics, a terrorist attack. He would be named "temporary ruler", but as history has previously shown, he would not be very temporary, he would stay in power long enough to atleast finish destroying the nation. He would regain trust by doing things like handing out checks like he is now.

Things will soon start to get even more out of hand. The level of surveillance will take a huge jump, with cameras on every street corner, and stop-light of America. Phone conversations are all tapped, and even recorded. Propaganda picks up in favor of the government, as Bush will need more support to continue his reign, and do whatever he wants. All outlets of media are controlled, including newspapers and television. After more fear tactics, a secret police is established to "ensure the safety of American citizens". These police tolerate nothing, and take action against the smallest offense. Trials are extremely unfair, as the court system is very corrupt. And at this point, nearly all aspects of American life are controlled, and by giving the smallest notion that you are against the government, you are taken care of. This sounds too familiar, does it not? I hope so, for those who do not know history are destined to repeat it. But what can we do?

Do You Know Your Enemy?
Warning: Small amount of explicit language.
Deny Control, Deny Ignorance.

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