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What do I believe in? Where are we from..

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 01:49 PM
First of all, I would like to apoligise if this thread is in the wrong section of the board, so anybody feel free to pull me up on this as I wasnt sure if it was creationism or religion etc..

Anyway to my point.
I was in a conversation with someone today about how I would be working Good Friday and he jokingly said if you were a Catholic you could demand the day off, and I said I wasnt a Catholic at which point he asked me what faith I was... and this got me stumped.

I am a Christian (albeit not that devote), I believe that the Bible is true and the Jesus was sent as our saviour and that there is a God. So upto this point I am a christian.
However, I dont know (or believe) that God is an entity that has always been or was he created? Was our God an Alien from an older more advanced civilisation? If so is there a God higher than him?

Without digressing too much, basically I believe that God could have always been, end of, and I also believe in Aliens, and to be honest, anything older than our recorded history on Earth I arent sure about.

I appreciate these subjects are covered time and time again on ATS, so I arent looking to discuss them, I was just curious as to how many people have the same beliefs as me and what would you class your 'faith' or 'religion' as?

Many Thanks


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