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How Russians/Muslims see the “War on Terror” in Chechnya and abroad.

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 03:30 AM
This one pretty much sums up how the current generation sees the “war on terror” and who is responsible for it.

Even though this is just a snap shot, when I was in Russia it was actually just around the time when this video was posted on YouTube, and it was exactly the kind of widespread opinion I’ve encountered time and time again.

It’s the view of the youth.

“Chechen Muslims Fighting Jewish & NATO funded rebels”

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 07:48 PM
First of all "Russian Muslim" is a very new phrase to me since Russia is Easter Orthodox by history and still largely is to this day. Yes, there are muslims living in Russia, but I still never heard the phrase "Russian Muslim" befor.

Either, in my opinion this guy's video does not sum up "how the current generation sees the “war on terror” and who is responsible for it." This is a very sensitive subject to be summed up like that, especially since the current Russian generation is not Russian Muslim...nor have any previous ones ever been.

What I presume you were trying to point out, Iskander, is how little the current Russian generation knows about the "war on terror" in Chechnya, and how some (like the Russian Muslim above) blindly believe they're donig the right thing. As the first Chechnyan conflict spiraled out of control and head first into the fires of hell, very little of it was ever really shown on TV, or reported correctly (if ever) for that matter. No Russian citizen knew what was really going on there, and with the media reporting bloody battles as minor local firefights, not many people paid attention. Because of this to this day far too many people in Russia know far too little about the details of this conflict. On top of that, in my opinion, the current generation know far too little in general compared to what it should. Funny thing is I don't blame them, it really isn't their fault. They watched their country go through a huge change, after which it was difficult to understand or explain what your country stood for. The education system, along with everything else in Russia, was leveled to the ground and is currently being rebuilt from the ground up - and that is our current generation.

On the topic of the Chechen conflict, this is my opinion;

Looking back to when it all started, 1994. Soldiers following their orders, and people defending their homes. I do not blame any of them. I blame the people that helped start this mess. Numerous Russian goverment officials (Yeltsin takes top of the list), and extremists on the chechen side. I could never shake the feeling that this conflict was planned out from the very beggining by corrupt people on both sides - both have profited from it with unimaginable sums of money. If I ever have to pick a person to ask about how much a human soul is worth, I would ask the General in charge of the Russian forces in the first Chechnya conflict. He sold those soldiers out.

In case anyone here doesn't know - the only reason any Russian units made it to the train station during the storming of Grozy is because the Chechens were literaly so shocked the Russian command sent their soldiers into that death trap they couldn't believe it was happening. When they finally caught on that this was no joke, the Russian 2nd squad of the convoy was annihilated within a matter of seconds.

Also to this day I am still trying to figure out what heartless s.o.a.b. person you have to be to bomb a city on Christmas day.

Bottom line: This was no war between the people of Russia and the people of Chechnya - it was not a war of the people between these countries. It was a war of the corrupt officials and extremists. I never blamed the people, I blame the goverments and leaders.

Then the horrible result followed.

The Russian soldiers who walked out of that conflict, who had no clue as to why or for what all this happened, would be scared with hate for the Chechens. This hate would breed its way into the military ranks through stories told.

Chechens who watched their city leveled to their growned on Christmas day. I mean forget all hopes of trying to appeal to this country's population for the large part. You've just suceeded in creating a generation or two which is guaranteed to be fanaticaly bent on revenge, especially since it's a part of their culture. Most physical wounds can be healed, some are a matter of time. But to heal a soul....

The things that spawned and followed from all this is what we have today. I myself, no matter how well I can understand both sides of the root of this conflict, despise most Chechens. You all have heard of Beslan, and the theater siege. These are just a few stories that made it to the worldwide media. My judgement is based on my evaluation of these "freedom fighters'" actions, and all I can say is they're bastards. It's ironic how I know perfectly well how and why that statement backfires, yet I still stick by it.


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