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better ways to hold elections/debates

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 12:52 AM
First, prevent anyone with lobbyist or corporate ties from being eligible. They would also have to understand that associating with lobbyists and corporate influences after they are elected will then be means for immediate hearing and impeachment procedures. This would again make the people have the power, and stop our descent into fascism.

We should make a limit on raisable funds for elections. Any excess should go to help victims of national tragedies such as Katrina, Cali fires, etc,. More donations has no effect on the dignity and integrity of a candidate. 50k local and 2.5 mil national should be far more than enough, not 1 million a day. We need to make it easier to run for office, but only requiring a petition and a minimal fee (under $1000) to be on a ballot.

We need to insist on a multi-party system, not a two-party system and boycott media that does not take 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. parties seriously.

We need debates that were or the sound quality they were a century ago. Each person speak for an hour, give them half hour counters, and let them debate for days. Have the whole thing published in print and aired on something like a C-Span3 and on a AM/FM/SW station in every area 24/7, so anyone with any schedule can listen in full to each candidate, what they believe in, how they handle themselves, and hear/see their honesty and dedication to their beliefs when tried and tested for long periods of time and when their ideals are questioned and attacked. This should be done for primaries, then again for the general election. The primary should be held in every state at the same time with no projections on news until every state's voting has concluded (so until the last one closes in Hawaii).

That would eliminate the need for massive funds for ads and travel through the states. All they need to say could be put forth in a week or month long debate ... as long as it takes for each candidate to feel their message was put forth completely. It would stop the prom-like popularity contest, and become a real vote for the person who one believes in the most. No polls until after the votes are cast. Then the popular vote means what it is suppose to mean, and not a deluded version of it.

If they had the first debate in January, and it lasted a month ... by the middle of April, people would have had enough time to listen and understand each candidate for the primary. Then in May, let all the primary elected presidential candidates (Hopefully 4+, republican, democrat, independent, libertarian, green, etc), have a debate. Even if it lasted a month, by October, we would be ready for an election, with the same rules, no polls prior to every voting district closing.

To me, that would be as fair an election as possible. What we have now is a farce, a joke, and an insult to the U.S. public and the country. I would much rather have 10 full fledged political parties and have each primary elected leader from the party serve as a Presidential committee (with the runner-ups as their VPs), instead of a single President, than deal with John Jackson and Jack Johnson running most years ...

from Futurama: A Head in the Polls

Jack Johnson: It’s time someone had the courage to stand up and say: I’m against those things that everybody hates!

John Jackson: I respect my opponent, I think he’s a good man, but quite frankly I agree with everything he just said!

I just see this current system of 30 million a month per candidate is ridiculous. The debates we get are a sham, especially when some candidates were getting 1% of the time another candidate receives. That is not a fair debate and therefore not a fair election.

The way we elect people must be corrected, not fixed

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 12:55 PM
My short list has to be:

-Congressional term term per person.

-Elimination of lobbyists...........Buying a vote is criminal. Any way you look at it. I would compare it to treason.

-Cap spending on campaigns. 50k limit. Period.....Allow ALL Americans the chance to participate in our government.


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