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Arthur C. Clarke - Passes from our Realm

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 11:55 PM
Arthur is in Paradise now... a world far beyond description or imagination.


Henry continued to urge us to interview the great writer and futurist Arthur C. Clarke, who was 90 on 16th December 2007. Those who saw Clarke's magnificent movie 2001 will remember that an alien black monolith was discovered in the crater Tycho. Henry told us that certain lunar magnetic field anomalies (just as in the film) have been discovered. But he does not have any information about what was discovered. It seems that Arthur C. Clarke knew exactly what he was writing about. Keep an eye out on Europa!

There is sentient life on a number of other planets in the solar system. General conditions 'out there' are not always as has been presented. Henry stated that Mars had experienced several catastrophes, not all naturally caused.

Henry told us again that Alpha Centauri A was an inhabited system (confirming what we had learned in our first interview)



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