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Dividing halves

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 08:58 PM
What is the appointed time? When is the appointed time?

Hear me out:

The superphysical defined as ear close the host (You the alien race) a (then) close way, but my truths (You the alien race) a (then) close way.

But (implying what wont happen: ) that day defined as hour ^^^ know close my Conscious (You the alien race) 'close as the host' ('You the alien race') every man (Me), every, the reapers (You the alien race) the superphysical (You the alien race), but my Fat (You the alien race) 'close her' ('Me') only.

^^The alien race comes as every man by the astral body.
The close way wont last. The alien race wont know it while alien race come as every man (Me) wont know it either. That hour which is that wont last comes to a closure. When that happens is when the alien race is put from the alien race to where there wont be "then" cross to occur for them.

Who will know solo concerning the closure is Me. What they precieve me say is far from it being as the know itself for them. For alone only I will know. The minds are different beings. Therefore I'll know alone the matter while they might preceive it upon whether I choose to release the matter or wont.

Start of the portal the defining hour. The hour in the middle by other hours. There those that are first are last, and those last are first. In a sense it wont look to be altogether, but will just as well so be because of that fact concerning first/last. Read the great sign wonder.

Over a course of 2 planetary days the 3rd day and onward will have been perfected. Hold positions humanly while witnessing and then expierencing the great wonder of all time. For it will be so smooth, but horrifying for the some all alien inside this human race. The portal will stand open in 2 points to swallow. Where will it stand in the 2 points? Where close so close ever the car close case is is the entry/exit point while a planetary position is the entry/exit point. Designed to compass and to close in on the alien race in parts. Due panic and outcry will occur, the alien race should understand now, but who can do anything about it? The police? lol! A different being? lol. The alien race will become compassed 'round and 'bout as determined and appointed to.

The alien race are the astral traveling projectors encoded in the very bible as the reapers. Hell fire will come when it has been good and damn ready for Me to put the alien race in it.
Flame on! A rich man (I) wont enter hell even to judge what it's like. Screw that! I will enter paradise though instead for sure to witness/experience being pleasures far clear from any alien race. The wicked alien race will do wickedly till put in hell where they will become being torments.

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 09:30 PM
Easier (is) it you for understand (which) things are of order reverse?

(me) you cannot word understand (a).

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 09:42 PM
Lol... yeah dude lay off the crack pipe and then try posting.


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