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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 04:08 PM
...civilization has been building a trap. A trap for what or who?

I say what or who is operating outside it gets caught by operating beyond civilization's physical resourcful ways/tools. What or who can now be put in bundles for imprisonment, examination, and even possible extermination.

The what or who lives! They live! Subconsciously we've been working toward gathering them all up for that special hour, unknowingly, entertained by the Gospel only. This is what or who that is about. Once the gathering is done, then we'll know what or who we were apprehending in full. Then we will precieve that the matter, then as evidence, was all in our heads literally.

The appointed few of the highest are consciously in the know about what or who it is already going to be dealt with by us.

Person in parts are a front. Components of it brightly lived to cease to make way for what or who lives in its positions as a liar and a robber. Lively played like a concert is the what or who you're subconsciously touching on. No joy or sorrow--sleep is supposed to be you in peace till awoken. And when awoken you're supposed to have awoken to how things should go for you. Since there is a war you're subconsciously battling peace is lacking and how things should go for you is lacking also.

Now they got to watch their front--Now watch their back because they are so stuck! You see, they trapped a trap (you subconsciously) which trapped them the uttermost. Subconsciously you are going to given the what or who the whole hell you've got to give em. Just you wait and preceive. Time you do it'll be too late for the what or who it'll concern. Then you'll rise consciously the true person you live actually as in the know of things in the dividing of time.

To the what or who reading this as the sacred society: We're going to get all you! You wont be able to run or hide. I cant be more blunt than that.

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