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Seed of LIFE! (crop circles)

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 01:23 PM
"Seed of life" is said to be the life's building block. The entire universe can fit into this context as well as some visitation from our ET friends, trying to explain through "crop circle" I've came across this information recently and love to hear what you guys thoughts are on this. I believe this is a very important explanation of how life started and is.

I believe by understanding this equation we will be able to time travel and open wormholes to hyperspace. Possibly creating a method of communicating with ET as their trying to show us how its done!I don't know much about this topic but am very interested, so please fill me in.

Symbol for "seed of Life"

"Seeds of Life are Everywhere" a research done by NASA.

Amazing 4 hour, must watch documentary by "Nassim Haramein" (Part 2 isn't posted yet, once up I will try to link it) About 2 hours in, Crop Circle explanation and how it all fits

[If you are not yet familiar with Nassim Haramein's exciting work, prepare yourself for an exhilarating odyssey into hyperspace and beyond. ... all ยป Haramein, who has spent his lifetime researching fields of physics from quantum theory to relativistic equations and cosmology, will lead you along a fascinating discussion geared to a layman's understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe and creation that includes black holes, gravitational forces, dimensions, and the very structure of space itself - all of which are integral parts of his now-complete Unified Field Theory. Haramein's theory is currently in peer review process for publication in physics journals; however, the presentation does not end with the introduction of his theory alone, but includes the discussion of the path that he took to arrive at his views, which weaves between the texts and monuments of ancient civilizations, biology, chemistry and the primordial role of consciousness - all of which lend further credence to the science behind the theory.]

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