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The John F. Kennedy Assassination Research Project- JFK, how did it really happen ?

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 01:20 PM
Project name - John F Kennedy, How Did It Really Happen.

What are your goals ? - The goal of this project is to attempt to determine the killer of JFK by looking at all of the infomation, main stream theories and not so main stream.

What level project is this ? - This is a Level 1 project. (re-evaluation of project level)

Who are the members ? - ProTo Fire: Fox Project Founder
All Seeing Eye

Hello every one, my name is ProTo Fire Fox. This research project is about JFK's assassination and who is really behind it, the offical killer has been anmed Lee havry Oswald, but many believe that it was some one much different. So the goal of this is to show You, all of the information from every angle. i would like no one to post here except me, if you think you can help or disagree with me, please U2U me.

I hope that you all enjoy reading what i am going to write.

ProTo FF

[Edit- To add potential secondary continued studies]

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 01:22 PM
A Brief History Of Mr. Oswald.

Lee Harvey Owsald was born on the 18th of October 1939. As a child Lee was considered withdrawn and tempramental from most of his family. After moving in with his half brother who was a US Coast Guard stationed in NY City Oswald was asked to leave after he allegedly threatened John Pic's wife with a knife and struck his mother. Lee was charged with truancy and was sentanced to a three week psychiatric observation facility called Youth House. A Dr called Renatus Hartogs described Mr. Oswald as having a "Vivid Fantasy Life, turning around the topics of omnipotence and power, through which he tries to compensate for his parents shortcomings and frustrations." He then diagnosed the 14 year old of having a personality pattern disturbance with schizoid features with passive-aggressive tendencies. The Dr then recommended continued psychiatric intervention. Oswald had started to improve at school in the last months but his mother decided to return to New Orleans in January 1954, which subsequintly prevented Lee from getting the care that the psychiatrist had so keenly recommended. As soon as his mother decided to do this a New York judge reviewed this and deiced weather Lee was removed from his mothers care to recieve psycological care and finsh his schooling.

Oswald left school after the ninth grade without a high school dipolma. Throughout his life he had trouble with spelling and writing coherently. After reading Lee's diarys and letters soem ahve came to the conclusion that he was indeed Dyslexic, nonetheless he read voraciously to such a point that he belived he was beter educated than those around him. After a long time reading he became an Marxist, he wrote in his diary "I was looking for a key to my enviroment, and then i discovered socialist literature. I had to dig for my books in the back dusty shelves of libraries." Approximatly 15 months later he sent a letter to the Socialist Party Of America statign that he was a Marxist who has been studying for a long time and asked for information about their youth league.

Despite this young mans opinions he wished to join the US Marine Corps, he idolized his older brother Robert and wore Robert's US Marines ring. This relationship seems to have transcended any ideoloigal conflict for Oswald. he enlisted in the US Marines oen week after his 17th birthday. Whilst Lee was in the marines he was trained in the use of the M1 Garand rifle. After his training he decied to try to be a sharpshooter and obtained a score of 212, 2 points above the required score. In may 1959 on another range he scored 191 which was 1 point over the minimum for a ranking as a marksman.

After a while peopel noticed that Oswald was bearly making the grade so he was then trained as a rader operator, which required him to be givain security clearance. A document that is dated May 1957 stats that Oswald was "granted FINAL clearance to handle classified matter up to and including CONFIDENTIAL after careful check of the local records had disclosed no derogatory data." After this he was send to the Marine Corps Air Station in El Toro in July 1957, and then to teh Naval Air bse in Japan in September 1957. By all accounts Oswalds experience of the Marine Core was unplesent at best. Small and frail comapared to his other marine counterparts along side with his communist views got him the nick name of Oswaldskovich.

Oswald would be considered careless at best, he was court-mrtialled twice, once becuase he shot him self in the elbow with an unauthorized handgun and later for starting a fight with the sergent that he belive got him court-martialled the first time. So by the end of this Lee went from Private first clas to Private and even spent some time in the brig. he was then punished for another incident that saw him unexplicably fire his rifle into the jungle. By the end of his Marine carrer he was doing menial labor.

After all the trials and tribulations that this young man had been through he decided to move to the Soviet Union at the age of 19. Along with teahing hims elf some basic Russian he had saved $1,500 dollars. o make sure that he didnt get dragged into the military again he send many letters to college under fakes names so if he got a reply he could not be re-draughted. He got out of the marine core by lieing about his mother, claioming that she was ill. He then sent letters to college with lies in them to egt him self a student visa to Russia. Oswald told a reporter in Moscow, "For two years I've had it in my mind, don't form any attachments, because I knew I was going away. I was planning to divest myself of everything to do with the United States."

On April the 6th 1963 Oswald made ana attempt to assassinate a ritired general, Major General Edwin Walker. he attempted to do so with the rifle he had taken pictures of him self with in March. A 14 year old boy who saw it said he saw several men jump into an automobile and speed off after the shooting.

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 01:23 PM
A tiny post on how Lee could'nt do it.

The main problem with the thoery that Lee did this is that he could nto ahve fired the bullets fast enough, he passed two sniper tests bearly, one by 1 point and another by 2. Todays top snipers carn't shoot as fast as he has ment to have shot.

The only way for Lee to have hit both the president and Governor Connally would be if the magic bullet theory is true. The magic bullet theory is reguarded as one of the most ridiculas explanations around and from this theory ABC cab report that in its 2003 poll that "seven in 10 Americans think the assassination of John F. Kennedy was the result of a plot, not the act of a lone killer."

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 02:00 PM
The Theorys on JFK's assassination.

There are alot of theorys regarding the assassination of JFK. Theorys started up just after his death, and some are even been amde today. There are alot of groups that are in the middle of these theorys. These are the, federal Reserve, CIA, KGB, FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, Lyndon B Johnson, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro and some Cuban exile groups.

There are many witnessess, unfortunatly some condtradict the other ones. Howard Brennan who is a 45 year-old steamfitter, whilst he was waiting across the street from the Texas School Book Depositorty for the presidential motorcade, he noticed a man at the south east corner window of the sixith floor of the dipository. Just after the motorcade had passed him he thought he had heard a firecrackers or an explosion. he looked up at the window again and saw a man with a gun, aiming and takinga final shot. Within minutes of JFK's death he described the man he saw to the police, he later testified that Mr. Oswald is who he saw in the window.

Bonnie Ray Williams and two co-workers watching the motorcade from the 5th floor of the depository heard three shots come from the floor above, the 6th floor. Two secret service agents and Governor John Connally and his wife all testifed that the shots came from the direction of the Texas School Book Depository. Charles Hester, Emmett Hudson and Marilyn Sitzman are the only witnesses on the grassy knoll who gave testimony about the directionof the shots, all said the shots came from the Texas School Book Depository.

Marilyn Stizman was standing on a 4-foot high retaining wall 15 yards east of the 5-foot high picket fence on the grassy knoll. She says that she saw no gunman from behind the picket fence, she also says that, "The blast of a high powered rifle would have blown me off the wall." Out of all the earwitnesses, 99 belive that the shot came from oen direction and only 5 belive that it came from two directions.

The HSCA and Warren commision both say that the shots that killed JFK came from above and behind the limo. Shortly after the shooting a rifle was found partionaly hidden in some boxs on the 6th floor of the Texas Dipository. Fiber analysis of the clothes say that he was hit by a bullet from the rear that passed out the front of his clothing; But the Zaprider film shows blood sparys moving forward from the rigth hand side of kennedy's temple. Policeman Bobby hargis was struck with blood and brain matter and he was riding behind the limo, surgestting that a shot from the front hit the president. There is ofcorse the case that JFK's head gets shot and has a vilent head jerk, backwards.

A rifle bullet from the grassy knoll to the presidents right front would have exited the rear of his head. Numerous Doctors, both at parkland memorial hospital in Dallas and at the bethesda autopsy said the large wound to the head was in the "back of the head" or was "occipital." Dallas ER doctor Charies Crenshaw stated, "along with many of my Parkland colleagues, I believe at the time that president Kennedy had been hit twice from the front." However, the medical testimony is quite mixed and imprecise, and the autopsy photo and x-rays, showed a wound to the right top of JFK's head.A bullet was found on the stretcher next to Governor Connally's stretcher at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Its condition showed no signs of disfiguration that would have been expected from breaking bones in Connally's and Kennedy's bodies. It also was missing no fragments and had no traces of blood. But, this bullet and the two bullet fragments found in the front seat of the Presidential limousine were matched to the same lot of ammunition. The bullet found on the stretcher was a ballistic match to the 6.5-millimeter mannlicher - Carcano rifle that was found in the 6th floor of the Depository. No other bullet fragments from any other rifle were found.

The warren commission finding and the single bullet theory are completly implausible according to many people. Through testing carryed out by the FBI its beend etermined that Oswalds rifle could have only fired 3 times within five too eight second of the assassination. Warren commision came to the conclusion that three bullets were fired, one is the 'magic bullet' the other bullet is the fatal one that killed JFK. So one bullet missed the vehicle entirely. With all of this info, it means that there had to be more than 3 bullets, so there had to be mroe than one gun man.

There is a witness that backs up the grassy knoll theory. Lee Bowers was operating the railroad interlocking rower, overlooking the parking lot just north of the grassy knoll and west of the Texas School Book Dipository. he repotaed that he had seem two men behind the picket fence at the top of the grassy knoll and that at the time of the shooting he witnessed a puff or smoke from that direction. Dr. Robert McClelland who is a physician in the emergency room who observed the head wound testified that the back of the head was blown out with the posterior cerebral tissue and some of the cerebellar tissue was missing. The size of the back head wound accoriding to his discription indicated that it was an exit wound, which would mean the bullet wound have to come from the front.

Craig Robert and Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock are both former US Marine snipers, and very good ones. Both said that it couldn NOT be done how the FBI said it was done. Hathcock said, "Let me tell you what we did at Quanitco, we reconstructed the whole thing: thr angle, the range, themoving target, the limit, the obstacle, everything. I don't know how many times we tired it, but we could'nt duplicate what the warren commission said Oswald did. now if i can't do it, how in the world could a guy who was a no-qual on the rifle range and laster only qualified 'marksman' do it?"; For Oswald to have shot all the bullets, he would of had to shoot once every 2.4 seconds and i guy with a marks man score of 191, thats very difficult, and the Warren commision claims that he shot a bullet every 1.4 seconds.

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 02:00 PM
Around a dozen people were taken into custody in and around the Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination. For the majority of these peopel, no record was kept for any reasonw ith any information. The most famous of the peopel that were taken in are the group that is known as 'The 3 Tramps;' these three men were found in a boxcar in the rail yard which is found west of the grassy knoll. There identitys have been highly speclative, and there involvment in the assassination has become famous. Photos of there arrest show them as well dressed and shaven, which seems unlikly for real hobos riding the rails. Alot of people have found it highly suspicious that the Dallas police had so quickly released the tramps from custody aparently without investigating weather they knwoa nythign or saw anything that could help the case of this high profile assassination. Dallas police later claimed to have 'lost' all records of the Tramps, including finger prints and photos. But in 1989 the Dallas police department released a large collection of files that contained the arrest records of the 'three tramps' their names turned out to be Harold Doyle of Red Jacket, West Virginia; John F. Gredney, with no listed address; and Gus W. Abrams who doesnt have an address either. They claimed to have been passing through town.

When asked in a 1992 interview, Doyle said that he had deliberately avoided revealing himself to the public limelight, saying, "I am a plain guy, a simple country boy, and that's the way I want to stay. I wouldn't be a celebrity for $10 million." Gedney independently confirmed Doyle's sentiment. Abrams had since died (in Ohio in 1987), but his sister also corroborated the events of that day and noted that Abrams "was always on the go, hopping trains and drinking wine." The three were evidently not involved in the assassination in any way.

Some conspiracy theorists have came to the conlusion that the tallest of the three tramps is indeed Charles Harrelson, who si the father of the actor Woddy Harrelson. he did boost about being one of the tramps at times before his death but in 1988 in an interview he denied being in Dallas on the day of the assasination. The person who is allegedly the oldest of the tramps is Chauncey Holt who claims to have been an double agent for the CIA and the Mafia, and he has claimed that his assignment in Dallas was to provide fake Secret Service credentials to peopel in the vicinity. Eye-witnesses report in seeing unidentified men in the area claiming to be Secret Service. Before the Dallas polive records were discovered and publisied, the HSCA had forensic anthropologists study the photographic evidence. They were able to rule out E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Dan Carswell, Fred Lee Chapman, and other popular suspects in 1978.

The CIA was repeatidly mentioed in nearly every theorie in the 1960's through to the 1970's; and even more so now. It has also been a constant rumor that the CIA have been behind many assassinations on forgien leaders. 25 years ago they were banned from assassinating any one abroad, but that ban is currently under alot of pressure to be lifted. Shortly after the failed bay of pigs invasion Kennedy said to his collaborator Clark Clifford "Something very bad is going on within the CIA and I want to know what it is. I want to shred the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the four winds." Former CIA and Watergate figure, E. Howard Hunt wrote a book just beofre his death; the book implicated Johnson in the assassination. Hunt stated that Johnson may have orchestrated the killed with the help of CIA agents who had been angered by some of Kennedys actions in the past. For thr anger, try about Kenndy having an affair which one of the agents wives. There are three main CIA agents anmed in his book, they are Cord Meyer, Bill harvey and David Sanchez Morales, and also a french gun man called Lucian Sarti who claimed to be the grassy knoll sniper. It is known that the CIA and the Mafia had strong connections; there is talk about them working all as one to attempt to kill Fidel Castro. Its thought that the Mafia may of wanted Kennedy dead because he increased the amount of Mafia prosecutions by 12 fold.

J. Edgar Hoover was the long-time director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1924-1972), and close friend of Lyndon Johnson. It is well-documented that before President Kennedy was elected, Hoover rarely acknowledged the existence of the Mafia. Jack Anderson reported on J. Edgar Hoover's apparent ties to the Mafia, and also the reluctance of the FBI to prosecute it. The Mafia's financial genius Meyer Lansky had allegedly blackmailed Hoover over his homosexuality as early as 1935. Another probable reason for Hoover's failure to prosecute the Mob was his preference of easy targets to boost the FBI's image.

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 02:48 PM

A diagram of the layout. Ill refer to it in further posts.


posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 07:12 AM
Lone Gun Man Theory

With 7 out of 10 Americans now doubting the official one gunman theory it was just a matter of time until scientists spoke out; and indeed they have started to speack out aginst this theory now.

Two gunmen were almost certainly involved in the assassination of US President John F Kennedy in 1963, according to a new scientific article. A British forensic scientist backs the so-called "grassy knoll" theory that a second gunman shot at the president at exactly the same moment as assassin Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from a book depository.

This is the link to the quote.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 02:42 AM
Continuation of the lone gunman theory.

'The Lone Gunman Theory' is the name of the conclusion that the warren commission ended up with. It was the result of all the evidence from the assassination. It read, he was killed by one man, Lee Harvey Oswald who fired only three shots, one of which being the single bullet that wounded both Kennedy and Governor John Connally.

Grant and lab metallurgist Erik Randich found that the chemical "fingerprints" used to identify which bullets the fragments came from are actually more like run-of-the-mill tire tracks than one-of- a-kind fingerprints.

"I've spoken with people on both sides of the conspiracy divide, and there's no question but that (Randich and Grant's) work is going to be very difficult, if not outright impossible, to refute," said Gary Aguilar, a San Francisco ophthalmologist and single-bullet skeptic who has studied the Kennedy assassination for more than a decade. "It looks impregnable."

Follow this link to read full article.


posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 04:52 PM
As the title suggests, the following link is added to this project as a source of further study. I felt it may help produce and manifest different directions of research, as much material is referenced.

A New Angle on the JFK Assassination, by Someone336.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 08:56 PM
The Prehistory of the JFK Assassination Part I: Oswald's Road to November 22nd

Lee Harvey Oswald: Intelligence Agent?

Lee Harvey Oswald was born on October 18th, 1939, in New Orleans. Leaving school incomplete in the 9th grade, he read massive amounts of books, and at age 15 proclaimed himself a Marxist. Allegedly, at age 16, Oswald wrote a letter to the Socialist Party of America, requesting information for their youth league. However, a close friend of him at this time, Edward Voebel, states that these allegations are “baloney”, and at the time he was reading “paperback trash.”

One week after his seventeenth birthday, on October 24th, 1956, Oswald joined the Marines, where he was trained with the M1 Garand Rifle. He was tested with the rifle in December of that year, getting a score of 212, which was 2 points above the bare minimum for ranking of sharpshooter, and then in May of 1959, he got a 191, which is 1 point about the bare minimum for a marksman. He was then trained as a radar operator, and in 1957, he got “CONFIDENTAL” security clearance. He was stationed at Atsugi Airforce Base in Japan, where the secret U2 spy planes for Russia are stationed. In this time period, he may have John Hurt, the man he would call during his imprisonment following the assassination. Also, Atsugi was a site for the CIA’s MK-ULTRA project. A major player with MK-ULTRA was Andrija Puharich, who we will meet again.

He then transferred to the El Toro base in Irvine, California, where he was given the Marine proficiency exam in written and spoken Russian, receiving a “poor”. None-the-less, he was discharged to take care of his injured mother – she wasn’t sick in any way -, took his Marine money, got a passport, and booked it for Russia, criss-crossing Europe first. Now, we’ve got to acknowledge the strangeness of this. First off, he was a poor shot. Second, he was given a “confidential” security clearance at a base that ran multiple deep black ops. Third, he’s given a Russian test, discharged for false reasons, and heads to Russia. Lee Harvey Oswald fits the model for a US spy.

He showed up at the United States embassy in Moscow, stating that he wanted to denounce his US citizenship. He also made threats to give the Soviets “radar secrets”, and several months later, Gary Power’s U-2 spy plane was shot down. Oswald, despite being under KGB supervision, is given a great job in Minsk, working as a metal lathe operator at the Gorizont Electronics Factory, which manufactured radios, televisions, and military and space program components. His apartment was rent-subsidized, and was a fully furnished studio loft.

In 1961 he met Marina Prusakova, a 19 year old pharmacy student living with her aunt and uncle in Minsk. Her uncle was a high ranking official in the MVD, the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Functioning as a secret police, Marina’s uncle should have been wary about his niece running around with an American defector who was being investigated by the KGB. Within a month, however, the two became engaged, then married. No word of protest from the MVD.

Within a month of being married, Oswald suddenly wants to return to America. The Soviets don’t protest, but even weirder, this American “defector” who threatened to give the Soviets US intelligence secrets, is allowed back into America with extreme ease. His waivers are all passed by Senator John Tower, who was a member of the advisory board of the Young Americans for Freedom.

The Young Americans for Freedom – YAF – is a right wing youth movement. The founder was William F. Buckley, who was a CIA agent whose commanding officer was E. Howard Hunt. Hunt also may have played a role in the foundation of the YAF. Hunt was an ardent anti-Communist, as was Buckley and Tower. Why would these right-wing CIA men want a former American “defector” back from Russia so urgently? The only explanation for all this is that Oswald was an American spy in Russia.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by Someone336


William Buckley’s owned Pantecep Oil, who employed George de Mohrenschildt. That may explain what happens next in Oswald’s road to November 22nd.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by Someone336

George de Mohrenschildt: Oswald’s “Handler?”

George de Mohrenschildt was born in Moyzr, Russia, to anti-Bolshevik activist Sergius Alexander von Mohrenschildt, on April 17th 1911. After his father was sentenced to a Siberian exile after the Russian Revolution, his family fled to Poland, where George attended a military academy.

In 1938, he migrated to America, and was kept under FBI surveillance due to his Nazi connections: his cousin, the Baron Constantine Maybell, worked directly under Reinhard Gehlen at Abwehr, the massive Nazi intelligence agency that planted agents within America. Gehlen put Maydell in charge of CIA’s Russian émigré program, in which Nazi agents infiltrated Russian organizations in the US. If Counterterrorist stumbles across this, he might have a few interesting things to say about the Abwhr. Furthermore, Mohrenschildt’s wife claimed that he [George] was a Nazi-spy in America. This very well may be true, because in 1941, Mohrenschildt worked at Film Facts, a New York based production company run by Maydell. In this time period, Mohrenschildt attempted to join the OSS but was rejected, and he made a documentary about the Polish Freedom Fighters. Interestingly, his brother, Dimitri von Mohrenschildt, was a member of the OSS, as well as a founder of CIA’s Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The other two founders were Maydell’s employeer, Reinhard Gehlen, and J. Peter Grace, whose has other ties to George. Mohrenschildt in this time also worked for the Shumaker company in New York, under a man named Pierre Fraiss, who maintained a connection with French intelligence forces. He also spent considerable time with the Bouvier family, and of course, Jackie Bouvier was later become Jackie Kennedy.

After getting his petroleum geology degree in 1949, Mohrenschildt took a job in Dallas for Clint Murchinson’s oil company. Murchinson was a friend of J. Edgar Hoover and maintained ties with the Genovese Mafia crime family. He worked for a myriad of oil companies in this time period: Humble Oil, which of course, was run by the Nazi-connected Prescott Bush. The name “George Bush” would later be found in his address book, as well as the number of Bush’s “Zapata Oil”. He had another connection to George Bush: he was the uncle of Edward Gordon Hooker, who was Bush’s roommate at Andover. Mohrenschildt also worked for Nobel Oil, which was owned by John McCloy, who was a consultant to pre-war I.G. Farben, a friend of J. Edgar Hoover, and member of the Warren Commission. He worked for Pantepec Oil, which was run by the Buckley Family. Buckley, of course, founded the Young American’s for Freedom; its membership including Senator Tower, who we saw above allowing Oswald to come back to America with strange ease. Mohrenschildt also befriended William Grace, whose son, J. Peter Grace, worked with Dimitri von Mohrenschildt and Reinhard Gehlen (employer of Maydell) for Radio Europe. Significantly, J. Peter Grace also counted in his friends another Nazi: Frederick Flick, who worked for I.G. Farben. This is three connections to I.G. Farben for Mohrenschildt: Bush, McCloy, and Grace. Flick’s legal consultant was Carl Byvoir, who also represented Howard Hughes. Mohrenschildt is rumoured to have had ties with Hughes, but I’ve yet to confirm it.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by Someone336

In 1959, Mohrenschildnt married Jean LeGon, who worked at a high end fashion store in Dallas called Nardis. The owner of this was Abraham Zapruder. Mohrenschildnt might have met LeGon through Zapruder, as both were members of the Dallas Council on World Affairs, one which both were members. Others members included Clint Murchinson, H.L. Hunt, George Bush, Sarah Hughes (who would later swear in LBJ on Air Force One in Dallas the day of assassination), Mr. Byrds, who was the owner of the Book Depository, and George de Mohrenschildt’s brother, Dimitri von Mohrenschildt. Allegedly, the Dallas Council on World Affairs was sponsored by the CIA, though I’ve yet to confirm this.
In the early 1960s, Mohrenschildt became involved in Murchinson’s interests in Haiti, and became involved in oil transactions with the dictator Papa Doc Duvalier. It was later revealed that this was actually a CIA operation: former CIA agent, Herbert Atkin, revealed that Mohrenschildt’s activities in Haiti was actually a cover for his intelligence gathering operation for the CIA’s attempt to overthrow Duvalier. In May of 1963, he arranged a meeting between Clemard Joseph Charles, who grew hemp in Haiti, and Army Intelligence assistant director Dorothy Matlack. After this meeting, Charles became the primary CIA contact in Haiti. In 1967, he was involved in the CIA/Haitian/Cuban Exiles plot to invade Haiti from Florida, a sort of sequel to the Bay of Pigs. The man in head of this operation was Mitch WerBell, who in WWII, served in the OSS alongside E. Howard Hunt. Mohrenschildt also had connections to the Bay of Pigs incident: in 1961, he traveled to Guatemala City, where the Cuban exiles were planning Bay of Pigs, in 1962, Jerry Hammings placed him at a meeting where assassination plots of Castro were discussed. Mohrenschidt allegedly brought piles of hundred dollar bills to pay assassins.

While he was contracting for the CIA in Haiti, Mohrenschildt was doing other work for the agency. In 1961, he was approached by J. Walter Moore, a CIA agent who worked for the Domestic Contact Service. Moore asked Mohrenschildlt to befriend Lee Harvey Oswald and report back to them on his activities. But given that Oswald was almost certainly an intelligence agent, then would Mohrenschildt have been his handler? After spending two months in Haiti, the Mohrenschildts returned to Dallas and befriended Lee and Marina Oswald. The first day that George met the Oswalds, he was accompanied by Colonel Lawrence Orlov, who had ties himself to the Texas oil world. Mihkail Lebedev, who promoted the idea that the Bornmann network was behind the JFK assassination (it would be nice to have Counterterrorist’s input here too, I might u2u him), connected Orlov to the Clay Shaw/David Ferrie/Guy Banister crowd. The Mohrenschildts introduced the Oswald’s members of the White Russian community, an odd move for a self proclaimed Marxist, and White Russians were anti-Communist to the bone, and frequently tied to Nazism, like George de Mohrenschildt himself. Abraham Zapruder himself was a White Russian, but it is unknown if the Oswalds ever met him. The Mohrenschildts did introduce them to the Paine family, Michael and Ruth. The Oswalds would move in with the Paine’s, and Ruth Paine would get Lee Harvey a job at the Book Depository. The rest is history. Interestingly, the alleged photo of Oswald holding the gun was given to Mohrenschildt, with the note on the back reading “Killer of fascists, ha-ha-ha!”, which Mohrenschildt took to be sarcastic.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by Someone336

The assassination occurred while the Mohrenschildts were in Haiti, but after the assassination, Mohrenschildt returned in 1964 to testify before the Warren Commission. In this year, many of his CIA files were destroyed, and James Jesus Angelton started monitoring his mail. Angelton, it would seem, would later attempt to frame E. Howard Hunt for the assassination, if his theory that Oswald was under Soviet influence didn’t hold water.

Through the 1970s, Mohrenschildt’s behavior became erratic and his mind unstable. He attempted to contact then CIA director George Bush because he felt he was being harassed due to the renewed interest in the JFK case. In 1973, he divorced from Jeanne, but in 1976, she had him placed in a mental hospital. He was hearing voices and having visions, and was convinced that the FBI and Jewish Mafia were persecuting him.

In 1977, he finally unveiled to JFK assassination researcher Edward Jay Epstein that the CIA indeed had asked him to befriend Oswald. During a break in this interview, Mohrenschildt was given a card by investigator Gaeton Fonzi, who wanted him to testify for the House Select Committee on Assassinations. That afternoon, he was found by his daughter, Alexandra, having placed a shotgun in his mouth, and pulled the trigger. This “suicide” is often debated, however, based on the lack of suicide notes, and his wife has promoted the idea that he was killed to prevent him from testifying for the House Select Committee. Edward Jay Epstein also stated that after Mohrenschildt’s death, he was hassled by State Attorney David Bludworth, who was convinced that he had Mohrenschildn’t “black book”.

Again and again, the government had denied Mohrenschildnt’s connections to the intelligence agencies. However, it seems that ever since he came to America, he’s been involved in the world of espionage, either through family connections or employers. But in the 1960s, right at the time he got involved with the Oswalds on behalf of the CIA, he was a CIA asset in Haiti. His connections in the Dallas elite set the whole stage for the assassination: from the Book Depository to, in a weird twist of fate, the Zapruder film.

Michael Collins Piper The Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy American First Books, 2004

Now we’ll take a closer look at the Paine family, where even more CIA connections are revealed.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 09:00 PM
reply to post by Someone336

The Paine Family: The Last Puzzle Piece

Michael Paine was born in 1928, while his future wife was born in 1932. A committed Quaker, Ruth Paine, who would get Oswald the job at the Book Depository, was educated at Swarthmore College, where Michael Paine had transferred to after Harvard. Through a common interest in folk music and dancing, the two met and soon became married. The two moved into a house in Irving, a suburb of Dallas, after Michael took a job at Bell Aviation under ex-Nazi Walter Dorenberger. His job was arranged by his stepfather, Arthur M. Young, who created the essential piece for helicopters, the key rotor stabilizer bar. As we’ll see in a minute, Young has a downright bizarre connection to the intelligence community.

In 1963, Michael Paine moved from their home, though the two maintained a close connection. Within the month, Ruth Paine is introduced to Lee Harvey and Marina Oswald by George de Mohrenschildt. Marina and her daughter quickly moved into the Paine house, while Lee Harvey rented a room in Dallas, but stored things – including one certain rifle – in the Paine garage. Ruth Paine actually took the time to drive Lee Harvey Oswald to New Orleans to join the Free Play for Cuba Committee, which many have indicated was a CIA front connected to the Bay of Pigs fiasco. In the very least, it was being infiltrated by the agency: CIA officer Joseph Smith is quoting saying that he believed that Oswald was part of this infiltration.

There is excellent evidence linking the Paines to the intelligence community – particularly Ruth. Michael’s employer, Walter Dorenberger, was a former Nazi scientist who was connected to the OSS in Operation Paperclip, while his cousin, Thomas Dudley Cabot, was the president of United Fruit, and had offered the CIA their Gibraltar Steamship as a cover for the Bay of Pigs invasion. Another cousin was Alexander Cochrane Forbes, who was a director of United Fruit, Interestingly, the Forbes family got its wealth from the opium trade in China. Bell Helicopter, of course, is closely connected to the intelligence community. Ruth Paine, on the other hand, is named in the Tyree deposition:

Carone also told Tyree that he "had taken money to a female named Ruth Paine in late 1956 on orders from William Casey There is additional evidence linking the Paines to the intelligence community: Roy Frankhauser, an operative for the National Security Council, details at length how the NSC infiltrated far-left groups in America, most notably, the Social Workers Party, or SWP. Frankhauser states that he met two other agents while infiltrating the SWP, Michael and Ruth Paine. Michael and Ruth Paine helped him join a “secret, paramilitary, leftist organization”, the goals of which were “breaking Martin Luther King out of jail”, “killing Alabama sheriff ‘Bull’ Connor”, and “assassinate President Eisenhower”. Furthermore, the SWP attempted to get a man named Steve Roberts elected for governor of California in 1946. In the 1960s, the SWP named this man the head of their new organization: The Fair Play for Cuba Committee. This brings us back to Oswald and Bay of Pigs.[an OSS - CIA operative who was CIA Director from 1981 to 1987]".

According to the Tyree lawsuit, "Carone said that Paine was approached by the CIA to find and recruit an individual that was expendable, with communist ties and some type of anti-American background.

Albert Carone was a OSS/CIA man, a detective in the NYPD, an army colonel, and a made man in the Genovese crime family. Clint Murchinson, friend and employer of George de Mohrenschildt, was connected to the Genoveses.

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Noteworthy is that Michael Paine, who at a glance appears to be a Communist-leaning liberal, was a member of the John Birch Society. Other John Birch members in the Dallas area included Clint Murchinson and H.L. Hunt. When the Paine home was searched after the assassination, Buddy Walthers found "found six or seven metal filing cabinets full of letters, maps, records and index cards with names of pro-Castro sympathizers." James DiEugenio has argued that this "cinches the case that the Paines were domestic surveillance agents in the Cold War against communism." This dove-tails perfectly into what Frankhauser was saying.

Michael’s step-father, Bell employee Arthur M. Young, is also of interest here. Young was a member of the Round Table Organization, which was founded by Andrija Puharich. In the 1950s, the CIA sent Puharich to Israel to get the famous psychic Uri Geller, who was himself a Mossad agent. All the 1940s and 50s, Puharich was involved in Army Intelligence research into parapsychology for information gathering purposes, and the Round Table Organization was also a front for this. The RTO was also closely associated with the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project, which focused on Atomic research, and medical research on the effects of radiation was sub-contracted to the RTO. Funding for the RTO came from SRI, under the direction of Hal Puthoff. Puthoff was a friend of Luis Alvarez, who had used the Zapruder film to determine that Oswald killed JFK. The two had sat on the Robertson Panel, which debunked UFOs. Two others members included Frederick Durant, who worked at Bell with Dorenberger, Young, and Paine. Dornberger, Durant, Werner Von Braun, and another Nazi scientist named Krafft Ehricke worked together on a concept for a “moon base”.

When Michael Paine heard about Oswald and the assassination, he made some strange statements:

A work friend of Michael Paine, Frank Krystinik, told the Warren Commission about how he reacted when he heard the news that J. D. Tippit had been killed: "We heard that Officer Tippit had been shot, and it wasn't very long after that that it came through that the Oswald fellow had been captured, had had a pistol with him, and Michael used some expression, I have forgotten exactly what the expression was, and then he said, "The stupid," something, I have forgotten. It wasn't a complimentary thing. He said, "He is not even supposed to have a gun." And that I can quote, "He is not even supposed to have a gun." Or, "Not even supposed to own a gun," I have forgotten."

Furthermore, the day of the assassination, just hours prior, Michael Paine talked with his fellow employees at Bell about the “character of assassins”. He was also heard, later that day, when the assassination occurred, talking to his wife on the phone, saying “We both know who is responsible”.

Clearly, the Paine family has deep connections to the espionage world, all the way into the space program and atomic research. It would also appear that they were involved in the FBI’s COINTELPRO, which was the infiltration of left-wing groups in order to subvert them. Oswald may have also been involved in this.

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Michael Collins Piper The Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy American First Books, 2004
Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince The Stargate Conspiracy Berkley Trade, 2001
Dick Russell The Man Who Knew Too Much Carroll & Graf, 2003

Clearly, Oswald’s whole trail to November 22nd, 1963, was waved by the intelligence community, mainly the CIA: he himself was probably a CIA operative in the Soviet Union, his time in America was supervised by the CIA connected George Mohrenschildt, and the months preceding the assassination, he spent time with the intelligence community connected Paine family.

Next, we’re taking our investigation to the Kennedy family, starting with Joseph Kennedy and his ties to the Mafia

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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., was born on September 6th, 1888, to a prominent political family in Boston. He was educated at the Boston Latin School, and then later Harvard, where he was a member of the prestigious “Hasty Pudding Club”. Upon graduating in 1912, he took a job as a bank examiner, and soon, at age 25, he was elected president of Columbia Trust. When America became involved in World War I, he took a job as assistant general manager of Bethlehem Steel, the shipyard that produced transports and warships for the war effort. This job brought him in contact with the then Assistant Secretary of the Navy, FDR.

In 1919, he joined the stock brokerage Hayden, Stone, & Co, and in this time period he was use money making tactics that today would be described as insider trading, and market manipulation. Allied with several other Irish money “big-wigs”, he helped create the Libby-Owens-Ford stocks pool. Kennedy and his colleagues then drove up the stocks using insider information, and then the pool operators would bribe journalists to present the information in a “advantageous manner”, and other manners of manipulation were used to the drive the stocks up and down. During the Great Depression, he increased his wealth to $4 million, and he soon became involved in the film industry.

Film Booking Officers of America, which focused on cheaply produced Westerns, was in financial trouble, and Joseph Kennedy bought it for $1.5 million. In 1926, he moved to Hollywood, and in a hostile buyout, he acquired the vaudeville theatre group, Keith-Albee-Orpheum (KAO). In October of 1928, he merged KAO and FBO into the Radio-Keith-Orpheum, better known as the renowned RKO. He also acquired the Pantages Theatre Chain for $3.5 million, and had an illustrious affair with actress Gloria Swanson. He also had his first encounter with Howard Hughes in this time period. In 1931, during the pending release and distribution of his Hell’s Angels, Hughes began worked on a film called Queer People. Queer People was supposed to be an evisceration of Hollywood “taking people behind the scenes”, and revealing the “vicious Jews” who lurk behind the silver curtain. Over the course of the year, Hughes received death threats, but the end of the whole ordeal came during a meeting with Louis B. Mayer, who Hughes hated, Hughes himself, and Mayer’s ally, Joseph Kennedy. Mayer and Kennedy made it impossible for Hughes to get the film made. This was the beginning of an intense rivalry between Hughes and Kennedy, which would flourish again during the presidential campaign of 1960 between JFK and Richard Nixon. Overall, Kennedy’s stay in Hollywood established the family fortune. However, according to Sam Giancana, Kennedy was backed by the New York and Chicago mob.

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Joseph Kennedy was indeed connected with organized crime at this time: as the Prohibition era bloomed, he involved himself with bootlegging liquor with Frank Costello. Costello, who was connected to the Genovese crime family, was partnered with mobsters such as Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Benjamin “Bugsy” Seagal, and Meyer Lansky. Costello and his rum-running buddies would create the “Big Seven Group”, which functioned as an international band of mobsters, which was the foundation for the Nation Crime Syndicate, the umbrella over the American Mafia. Given Kennedy’s connections to Costello, and the allegations of the New York and Chicago mob backing him in Hollywood, it is very likely Kennedy came in contact with this group. There is more evidence for this, one that sets the stage for everything that is to follow. According to Sam Giancana, Kennedy transported illegal liquor through the territory of the “Purple Gang” – Detrtoit’s Jewish Mafia – without permission, and the gang put a price on his head. Kennedy came crawling to Giancana for help, promising him that in return, Giancana can “sit in the Oval Office” and “have the president’s ear”, stating that “he (the President) won’t refuse you, ever.” He even made reference to the future president being “his son”. Kennedy could maintain a close link to organized crime for the rest of his life: he would frequent the Colonial Inn four or five times a week, a bar owned by Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello. One of the shareholders in the establishment was Jack Ruby.

Joseph Kennedy supported FDR’s campaign in 1932, and after raising extravagant sums of money for the campaign, the new president rewarded him with the position of being the chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In 1934, a longtime Roosevelt supporter, Father Charles Coughlin, broke from the president and used his position as a radio host to attack the New Deal, and attacking the Federal Reserve. Roosevelt gathered a team of Joseph Kennedy, Cardinal Eugeno Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII), and Bishop Francis Spellman (later in the 1950s, Spellman would become a CIA asset in Guatemala, and would maintain shady links to the P2 Masonic lodge) to shut Coughlin down, after he opposed the World Court. Coughlin would return to radio in 1940, and Kennedy would continue to battle him.

As World War II loomed, Roosevelt appointed Kennedy to a position as United States Ambassador to Britian’s Court of St. James, in 1938. Kennedy became vocally supportive of the Nazi regime, even having two audiences with Adolf Hitler, to help bring “understanding” between England and Germany. He strongly opposed America’s support of Britain in the war, writing that “Democracy is finished”, and when he heard of the extent of the Nazi’s abuse of the Jewish people, he stated the Jews “brought it upon themselves.” When Kristallnacht occurred, he voiced his open concern that the Jews were generating “bad publicity” for the regime. Kennedy reportedly viewed Hitler as the solution to the “world’s problems”, having expected the “Jew media” in the United States” were becoming a huge problem, and the “Jewish pundits in New York and Los Angeles” were planning to “set a match to the fuse of the world”. This is only speculation, but this is a strange move for a man, who ten years earlier, blocked production of Howard Hughes’s movie on the Jewish control of Hollywood, and allied themselves with mobsters closely tied to Meyer Lansky, who was himself a Jew. Perhaps Kennedy was already feeling resentful for being a mob stooge in Hollywood, and signing his son away to the mob. Either way, his hope for the presidency, Joseph Jr. Kennedy, was killed in England on a bombing mission. He turned to his other son, John F. Kennedy, who he then began to groom for the position, to fulfill his promise.

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After the war, Senator McCarthy began his anti-Communist crusade, and Joseph Kennedy began pumping funds into the mission. In 1953, Kennedy made a deal with McCarthy, securing a place on the Senate’s Investigation Committee for Robert Kennedy. However, Robert Kennedy and McCarthy’s chief aide, Roy Cohn, had an intense falling out, and Robert left the committee. Roy Cohn, a secret homosexual who may very well have been involved in the mob’s blackmail of J. Edgar Hoover, was closely aligned with the intelligence community, and was named as a financier of Permindex during the Kennedy assassination.

Now Kennedy would turn to his attention to the coming 1960 presidential election. Before looking at the campaign trail, we must stop and look at the hierarchy in the National Crime Syndicate, as well as Nixon’s connections to the Mafia, Nazis, and Howard Hughes.

Michael Collins Piper The Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy America First Books
Dawin Porter Howard Hughes: Hell’s Angel Blood Moon Productions, Ltd.

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