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Space Station Manager

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 10:46 AM
I was searching around for something to do one day and I stumbled across a cute little trial for a game. It was called Space Station Manager. In this game you can build a space station.

It's pretty cool you get to put together all the stuff for an ISS type space station. I played around with the trial for a while and I wanted to see what the full game was like. So I clicked the link in the trial version of the game and was presented with a abandoned discussion board. I looked through the threads, most of them were over 3 years old. but I did manage to find the full version download. Free

Well unfortunately the game creator Kai Backman after creating the second version of the game, Short Hike. Completely abandoned the concept. He released the full Space Station Manager and Short Hike game as open code and just gave up on the idea.

Well I like the game myself I thought some others would too so here is the link for this great yet abandoned game.

Short Hike

A screen shot of a station I built with the game, I made it small on purpose so that I didn't mess up the page

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