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Evidence Of Ancient Life On Mars?

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posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 03:09 AM

Originally posted by amazing
I also was amazed by the ESA images. European Space Agency I suppose? Are they at odds with NASA at all?

Nope! They're all in it together - NASA, ESA, ISRO, JAXA and CNSA! If there's anything fishy going on, on the Moon or mars, they won't tell!

Why doesn't NASA spend some time trying to get closer pictures of them to not only prove/disprove some of the theories floating around but to get a better understanding of the over all geology of Mars and some of the processes there such as erosion to name just one? (Hows that for a run on sentence? lol!

They may not like to touch them with a barge pole as it's not the time for disclosure yet!

There seems to be evidence of single cell organisms on Mars or at least the possibility for them to exist either now or in the past---what are the probabilites or statistics that said organisms might have "evolved" into sentient beings like us? And why is that such a hard concept to swallow? Why is that not even a consideration to skeptics?

I dunno if they could have evolved into sentient beings, but it's most likely that there are organisms out there. Take a peek at this thread and you'll understand what the cover-up of life on Mars is all about...

Scientific Evidence Of Life On Mars!! Why is NASA Obfuscating The Truth?

I think some good geological expertise is needed here to profer those arguements and expand on the this is just a rock reply. But why and how was it shaped like that?

That's the problem! The self styled 'experts' try and explain away these anomalies keeping Earth templates in mind. The geological processes on Mars and Earth are different ball games altogether. Until one puts his boots on the surface of Mars and studies the processes there in detail, it's all conjecture!

Most pics I've seen on Mars here are from NASA are there any other great ESA or Russian mission pics that are also amazing?

Like this?

Alien Artifacts On The Moon? Images from Russian Luna Probes!

There are many more!


posted on Nov, 15 2011 @ 01:53 AM
Some of the pics are more convincing than others. Most are just rocks, but the pictures that grabbed my attention were the ones such as the robot-arm looking thing. I have always believed that there was probably human-like civilizations on Mars hundreds of thousands, maybe more, years ago.

Considering Mars once had a nice protective magnetic shield, just like Earth, makes it even more likely in my opinion. I have always assumed that a liquid-metal core had solidified, killing off or driving everything remaining underground.

Whatever civilizations were there at the time, if any, I do not believe they were more advanced than we are today. I would think that space travel for them was out of the question. I suppose these ideas are for another thread though.
But again, some of these pictures are convincing, even though liquids and abrasives like sand can do a lot to change the shapes of rocks. But nice, parallel edges all the way around, culminating in what looks exactly like a robot hand...ya, I have yet to see anything like that on Earth caused by natural phenomena...But it COULD be just a rock. It just doesn't look like it to me.

posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 12:19 PM

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