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What were scientologist lawyers looking for from the CIA??

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posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 10:58 PM
Hey guys, I am new to the "religion" of scientology. No not as a member but as a researcher. I have heard so much stuff about this "church" that it made me start digging.

Now I have watched some youtube clips about their ongoing spat with this Anon (anonymous) group, and their supposed dealings with the government, the cult, the NWO, etc... Bottom line is I pretty much have no idea what the church is all about yet, but have a feeling there is some shady stuff going on.

Reports of them causing the deaths of members, deaths of those who oppose them, infiltrating government agencies to gain power over those who defy them, and the list goes on. Well apparently they have a crack legal team working for them as well, and that's where my find comes in.

The legal team they originally hired here in the states was called BOWLES & MOXON back around 1988 (from what I gather). Present day the firm is called MOXON & KOBRIN and they still represent scientology. Now what I am having trouble with..AND THIS IS WHERE MY FELLOW BLOODHOUND ATSers COME finding out what happened from January 1990 to December 1991 with the church. Here is why I am curious.

All the sites I could find on the church had dates ranging from back in the 70's until present day, EXCEPT for the time frame mentioned above. 1/1990 until 12/1991. Then I came across something I find interesting. (maybe it's not, but to me it is..
) and thats this request made by the LEGAL TEAM of the Church of Scientology to the CIA..yes the Central Intelligence Agency. The request (which is in the pics below) clearly ask for any/all information the CIA has on THEIR church during this time frame.

PICS of actual request letter released by the CIA:

Take this as you will...I am just curious and asking anyone who is into digging to see what they can find. Maybe it's nothing...maybe its something.

All I know is, scientology is new to me, and so far there is quite a bit to explore, and thought ATS is the perfect place to share this document and let people do what they do best on ATS...ruffle feathers...

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 11:05 PM
This one's easy. Scientology probably knows CIA has no files on them, so they send a request to the CIA. The CIA will predictably say they have nothing and Scientology will just try to look like a martyr by screaming "cover-up!"

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 11:24 PM
Cover up what though? Asking for specific dates like that...if they were going to cry coverup then SOMETHING would have to be used as their story. I think your theory would be correct or good if the church asked for all information period...dates irrelevant.

Thats why i said...maybe its nothing, but maybe it is....I know i'll keep lookin...because I'm finding out this is one weird orginization.

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 05:36 PM
Ok either this is old news, or people really are afraid to talk about the Church of

I heard rumors that not many will dig into this church, for fear of being targeted in many ways....guess some of that rumor was true!

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 09:01 AM
didn't they setup wiretaps on some FBI/CIA offices around this time? Is that what your talking about? Maybe they wanted the info pertaining to that? I know they got caught doing it, Hubbards wife was the mastermind behind the idea, i think she went to jail for a while.

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 12:00 PM
From what I can remember about Scientology is

Was not founded by L Ron Hubbard.

Was setup by three people, one of which was Ingo Swann, Swann wrote a book called Penetration about the remote viewing operations created by the CIA/DIA. In fact Ingo Swann was a leader of this project and was/is an agent of these organisation(s).

This is information I have gathered over years, however it's being a passing interest and I've not researched the validity of these claims so it may be disproved.

Allthough as it stands I'm inclined to believe it as it was from numerous unconnected sources, the implication is that scientology is in fact a well constructed scam.

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 12:19 PM

Originally posted by drock905
didn't they setup wiretaps on some FBI/CIA offices around this time? Is that what your talking about? Maybe they wanted the info pertaining to that? I know they got caught doing it, Hubbards wife was the mastermind behind the idea, i think she went to jail for a while.

No actually it was the IRS. This is one of the reasons that Anon is going after Co$. The have a "tax exempt" status for their so called "religion".

$cientology WAS created by L. Con. It was based on his Dianectics book.

I suggest you go HERE!

This is the lurking place for Anon's and news on Co$.

The more you read the weirder it gets.

copypasta for you.

Scientology is the creation of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard’s departure from the world of science fiction and entrance to spiritual subjects began with his work on Dianetics, originally published in 1950. Hubbard began work on Scientology in 1952, founding the first church in 1953, and continued until his death in 1986. Scientology was seen as the next logical step after Dianetics and began to build a structure around these ideas. Originally described as a “study of knowledge,”1 by 1960 Hubbard described Scientology as “a religion by its basic tenets, practice, historical background and by the definition of the word ‘religion’ itself.”

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by rcwj75

Most unusual, i think r c,

I know nothing about Scientology, but am curious, too! I remember
something about Tom Cruise being a huge member, recently... as well as
some other big celebs, too.

I tried to look at the Scientology website,, but was taking forever to load.
Two triangles intertwined with an 'S'...

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 12:02 AM
I need to study/research it more too. I can tell you far not many people are willing to talk about it. Not to the extent of digging deep. I think that say a lot...

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 03:12 PM

Originally posted by FRIGHTENER
reply to post by rcwj75

I remember
something about Tom Cruise being a huge member, recently... as well as
some other big celebs, too.

Just a few in no particular order...

# John Travolta - actor
# Chick Corea - influential American jazz pianist and composer
# Brandy (Norwood) - R&B singer, actress
# Tom Cruise - actor, movie star
# Nancy Cartwright - voiceover artist best known as voice of "Bart Simpson" on The Simpsons
# Jason Beghe - actor
# Xavier Deluc - actor
# Jason Dohring - actor
# Michael Fairman - actor
# Geoffrey Lewis - actor
# Christopher Masterson - actor
# Danny Masterson - actor
# Haywood Nelson - actor
# Eduardo Palomo - actor
# Jeff Pomerantz - actor
# Patrick Renna - actor
# Giovanni Ribisi - (a.k.a. Vonni Ribisi) actor
# Michael D. Roberts - actor
# Bodhi Elfman - actor
# Jason Lee - actor and professional skateboarder
# Kirstie Alley - actress
# Mimi Rogers - actress (2nd generation)
# Anne Archer - actress
# Jennifer Aspen - actress
# Catherine Bell - actress
# Erika Christensen - actress
# Jenna Elfman - actress
# Katie Holmes - actress
# Kimberley Kates - actress
# Juliette Lewis - actress
# Priscilla Presley - actress
# Leah Remini - actress
# Marissa Ribisi - actress
# Michelle Stafford - actress
# Karen Black - actress
# Kelly Preston - actress
# Kate Ceberano - actress and musician
# Judy Norton-Taylor - actress and musician
# Lisa Marie Presley - singer; daughter of Elvis Presley
# Billy Sheehan - rock and fusion bass player
# David Campbell - musician
# Dave Davies - musician
# Isaac Hayes - musician
# Nicky Hopkins - musician
# Mark Isham - musician
# David Pomeranz - musician
# Rob Thomas - musician
# Patrick Warren - musician
# Edgar Winter - musician
# Beck - singer (a.k.a. Beck Hansen)
# Carina Ricco - singer, actress, composer
# Gloria Rusch-Novello - singer, writer, composer
# Karen Nelson Bell - producer, director and musician
# Robert Zoller - author
# Floyd Mutrux - screenwriter, director, producer
# Terry Jastrow - TV producer and director
# Peter Medak - film director
# Carl W. Rohrig - (a.k.a. Pablo Roehrig) painter
# Franca Cerveni - radio and television announcer
# James T. Sorensen - photographer
# Keith Code - motorcycle racing instructor
# Megan Shields - physician and author of health books, incl. Arthritis: The Doctor's Cure, etc.
# Chaka Khan - singer

Cruise, Travolta and Cartwright (Bart Simpson's voice) Have all "donated" 5 to 15 million dollars to the cult. They get a cool medal for doing so.

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