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North American Union What are we gonna do about it?

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 07:13 PM
reply to post by an3rkist

Many Mexicans are woefully uneducated so I do believe that most of the office jobs will be open to Americans.

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 07:20 PM
reply to post by chromatico

The government doesn't care much about education. They're big fans of "on the job training". Believe me, I know!

And I'm not saying the NAU would necessarily be a bad thing, (though I doubt it would be), but I want somebody to ask us citizens before they go and do something like that.

I'm also still waiting for anybody to tell me what will happen to the Constitution if we become a NAU?

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 09:44 PM
The price of a one way for a light vehicle 64 km will be in the 6 dollar range, trucks will pay around fifty bucks.
We are talking paying a lot of extra bucks for transportation here....
I fail to see how this could be a profitable enterprise for a spanish consortium, and not for a home grown one.
The ultimate goal here is the tacking of central america onto the NAU......
Meantime, the organisation planning for this union is years in the making already.....though little has been told to the public.
I think we can consider the implementation of the NAU nearly done already......just a matter of signing the papers i expect
Ive heard within two or thee years, so when do you expect wed get a vote?
After the new 9/11?
Theres got to be a big impetus planned for this to occur....
If you plan to wait till your property is threatened, youve given yerself not enough fighting room im afraid.......No point in suicide in front of yer family, that wont help....
specially if its foriegn troops-Mexican or Canucks....they wont have a clue who you are...Theyll be scared sh**less too!
Only by banding together civically all private citizens of the three nations to oppose this can we stop it.
Ironic isnt it?

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 10:27 PM
A lot of fear mongering I see, but not much facts...

I saw someone link the SPP earlier.
Vincent Fox - gone
Paul Martin - gone
Dubya - about to be gone

Seriously though, since they've first met, we now have to have a passport just to get into Canada. We're also trying to build a fence along the Mexican border. Does that sound like a NAU to you?

Originally posted by bergle
Regarding the union, its been on the ways for over three years actively planning by combined military and goverment as well as business and law....

Nah. Unless the U.S. is in FULL control, there's no way we would share power with anyone. Certainly not with a developing country like Mexico.
You fail to realize how much money and power rules. Any merge will water down that power (as you would have to answer to someone else beside yourself) and that would not be economically wise (do you really think many businesses care about illegals coming over? No, they want it. It means cheap labor for them. Any merge would mean those business would have to actually put those people on a pay roll and pay them market value)

theres a highway from texas to alaska starting up the middle of the comntinent,(this will extend to the tip of central america later.....)
Laws are now being passed and the impetus seems inexorably getting into motion that soon will be impossible to stop.

Oh no! A highway! OMG!

With the new military assistance agreement its possible that Canadian troops will be patrolling American Cities, as US Boys get sent here.....

Did you even read the agreement?

As a nation, you do have to be prepared for everything. We also have plans on how to invade Canada. Do you think those plans would ever see the light of day? More than likely, no.

That coupled with the Whackenhuts and Blackwaters would be sufficient to put the lid on civil disorders and revolutionary activity.
(not to mention the other police and civil service slaves,as well as the new corporate deputies etc.)the mounties are already an occupying federal army in most provinces.......therir police stations are like little self-contained forts with total outside access denied except by being buzzed in.
They might as well be KGB stations....certainly not police(remeber?protect and serve?)


Slowly a picture is eemerging as to what we can expect in terms of actuallly how this will be brought for the 9/11-2 scenario........(where did that cruise missle get to?)

Please. If something like 9/11 happened again, our borders would probably be closed immediately. How exactly is that a NAU?

When one looks at the natural resources that would then become available to the mil/indust/complx,as well as the potential for expanding the fortunes of those who already own everything it seems a no brainer that
the neocons are counting upon this very thing to pull them out of hot financial waters.....

The U.S. already imports more oil from Canada than from anyone else. There is no resource we don't share already and haven't been sharing since the founding of our countries.

Recent estimates of mexicos oil reserves as well as new technology to remove oil sands reserves would make the north american union self sufficient in oils for some time.

Mexico's oil reserves are STILL dropping. They have been for the past 6 years. And again, as with Canada we already import a large amount of oil from Mexico.

Water well....Theres lots of everything right next door both ways why not take it by absorption?

Because it's not one has to "take" anything. If Canada needs water, we'd send it (and I'm sure vice versa). You don't need to erase any borders to do that.

I see it comming as an inevitability because if it doesnt happen then the neocons are gonna be screwed.

The neocons are months away from being out of office.

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 06:57 PM
It remains to be seen what the Democrats can mount for an alternative.....
There is even money saying its a toss up with the prponderance of the control of the voting process in dubious hands and machines....
As For the absence of particlar personages in power currently,
Theres no assurance that they are the ultimate sources of the drive to get this done....
In fact i believe it is the intentioned "next step"that the origonal NAFTA was pedicated upon...
It is a point of reality that our two economies are inextricably linked as is our geographical proximity.Mexico too has been the destination of many outsourced jobs lost to american workers.And further supplies oil to USA.
As well as the cheap labour pool that has stood the country well in past.

If this is in point of fact the wave of the near future,
then there should be some proaction we can engage in now to at least mitigate the whole process in terms of our collective rights and freedoms...
There is a disharmony of such between the three nations which begs to become a graveyard of the constitution and other guarantees regarding our liberty.

I can see a place for the people to agitate for constitutuinal guarantees at the outset of any contemplations about unity.
Canadians havent the right to bear arms....Will they gain that right if they were to agree to union?
Or will the total subject be rehammered into a more controlled situation than currently exists in the name of harmony?
Many Canadians are definately socialistically inclined, and our form of goverment reflects this bent...
Will we loose our cherished health care?
Not that it isnt a pale shadow of what its vaunted to is deistinctly Canadian..
From my perspective i see the move to unite as an opportunity for Big goverment to take a greater degree of control of our freedom, and a distinct slap in the face to the current state of our existing democracies...
Why is the impetus and the process that is and has been ongoing more transparent and more open if there isnt some major rip off involved for somebody?
Whether the move to unite ends in net gain for everyone and is a good way to go,should be a matter for protracted public debate and discussion.
Instead shadowy "committees" of industry and military,and goverment branches meet clandestinely providing no reports or making no mention of what is actually going on here.....While physical construction is already underwiegh
The natural reaction to any such secretiveness is suspicion and fear or anxiety
I say we need to pressure the PTB into disclosing exactly what level and what progress these 'meetings" are making.....
If we cannot participate it is not a democracy
Neither Congress nor the House of Commons has to my knowledge been informed of these plans per se...
The air of sinister forebodoing that the secretness brings with it is not comforting.
I will add here that certain bio company in america has discovered a bacterial way to produce fuel from bio mass and two thirds of the domestic needs of america may be served this way within a short period....
This may cool the ardor for conglomeration some...

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