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L.A. Man Fixes Residents' doors, no charge?

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posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 08:23 PM
Last year Mark Jenkins fixed 8 doors, up from about four the year before.

"We're just there to fix the door. For the most part, people are really happy we're repairing these things. They're real happy to see their needs are being met." [said Jenkins a civilian carpenter]

The day after [Mae Phillips' door was damaged]...he ordered a $750, city-paid-for, custom-made solid Douglas fir replacement.

"It's really good in terms of city image," said Laura Filitoff, commanding officer of the fiscal operations division, which oversees the supply section in which Jenkins works."

For the rest of this surprising story on the 'Wrong Doors Unit" click: LA Daily News

([size=-3]photo credit Tina Burch Staff Photographer)

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