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Government army of defenders?..

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posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 07:48 PM
The question I am about to raise though perhaps not earth-shattering, immensely intriguing, or even "really big", is none the less one I felt to be at least maybe worth mentioning.

A referendum was voted on recently in my college home town community. It passed. I believe the totals to be approximately 12,467 voting "yes", and 8765 voting "no thanks".

The issue at hand was whether to approve a $124,000,000 tax increase to cover ever increasing maintenance costs of the local school district, hiring more administrators, building a new school, and of course "saving the children".

Judging from the "comments" section of the local on-line newspaper (a pretty good indicator of general opinions at the time), many seemed up in arms about this proposal. Particularly noting that similar proposals had already been granted in the not so distant past. And "wasted"(!?).
Of the literally hundreds of comments made towards this issue on the on-line newspaper site, basically only a few actually voiced their "support" for the referendum. "That it was in dire need". "That the quality of education would come crumbling down". And of course, the need of "saving the children".
I came to the conclusion that many of the (fewer) "pro" comments were from those that were part of the system, those who would directly benefit from the passage. Because no matter how hard they tried to "blend in", still their comments reeked of condescension, blind obedience and self-serving. Predictable as well.

Last I heard, there are approximately 25,000,000 employed through various levels of government. From the local clerks office, postalworkers to the streetsweeper, everything in between. Most of them unionized, decent pay, great benefits, maximum job security, perks, so on.

With an ever expanding workforce being employed by govenment in recent times, has government set itself up with an army of defenders? "yes" men and women, easily persuaded to go along? Much less bite the hand that feeds. Even "if" these citizens/gov-workers may not be aware the sublime manipulation through pride in their occupation (the "family" syndrome).

For instance, how many of those that voted yes for this referendum were teachers, admin., city employees, college admin (it is a college town), on down to the janitor that collects his weekly check from his/her "government" based employer?, (relatives? friends?). That could tally up several thousand "yes" votes right off the top. Where the "common" citizen, (perhaps less inclined to vote), may at least be more able to step back, see the issue from a more practical, less biased angle. Example: "no more taxes","spend more wisely","is this really constitutional!?"...

Anyway, hopefully I've been able to get across this simple thought.

..."25,000,000 employed by gov., an army of defenders, a simple strategy"?...


(ps., misspelled "Emplyee",,,,"eeekk").

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