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Did anyone else see strange half moon shape on NASA feed today 3-18-08 at 9:22 AM?

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posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 08:53 AM
Hi, I just woke up and started watching NASA's video file on their channel and saw a strange looking half moon shape appear on screen while the camera was looking at a brown panel. I hit my record button on my DVR and kept watching. I am not sure but it looked like it might have moved slightly then the camera zoomed in on the panel and it was gone.

Now I don't know anything about camera artifacts so I am gonna need some help with this one. It came into view while the camera was moving and seemed to move with the camera. I think I have read here that means it is an artifact from the camera lens. But when the camera was still it seemed like it was rolling very slowly then the camera zoomed into the panel.

Did anyone else see this and can you tell me if this is an artifact or the real deal?


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