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Anyone think this election will cause a revolution?

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posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 01:42 AM
I have to say of all the elction's in many many year's.

ive never seen as much hype crap slinging ect.....

to speak ill of obama to a follower = a fight lol
to speak bad of hillary =bytch slaped
mcannn ...well he will sick G.W.B on us all.

But what i meen revolution....will or does anyone think this election could or possibly..divide america....cival war style?

cause alot i meen alot of tension is building....
and tension in citizen;s euqel someone gonna get a butt whopppin...

in my state it's become basicly..

obama if yoru black
hillary if yoru a woman
mcann if you love bush.

that's a brewign for a mini war to who ever want's to start the first shot's
can you get what i am saying here?.

look at rev wright obama's pastor.....already gd america hillary never got called a Nword....

hatred started already people..... i predict riot's at least...

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 06:06 PM
The days of revolution in America are over. The days of complacence are here to stay i'm afraid. Television has always been affectionately referred to as the opiate of the masses, but there are new opiates in the 21st century. The perfect 1-2 punch is television and FOOD.

We eat so much crap and garbage and junk virtually every day of our lives. When i'm driving home from work i see people wolfing down McDonalds or Wendy's, etc. as they drive. It's disgusting to be frank. These foods contain preservatives that not only increase the shelf-life, but they also propose to increase the healthy aspects of the foods they're in. This is nonsense. The crap food we have become addicted to is the same food that hurts your stomach when you're through, it's the same food that makes you want to lay down, and the same crap that leaves you wanting more at the same time. It's this crap that kills not only the health of our bodies, but the health in our brains as well. These chemicals destroy our ability to be motivated, and television only makes it worse.

There's no revolution in our future. There may be hatred between parties but to be perfectly honest, i wonder how many of these people would actually rise up if it means they'll have to skip their favorite Thursday night television show and bi-nightly Big Mac fix.

We have become a nation of complacence and convenience, and revolutions are neither of those things. Sorry. If a revolution ever does happen again here in America, things will have to be a whole lot worse than they are today.

We don't revolt over ideas in this country. Hell, we can't even get people to recycle, car pool, or turn off their lights when they leave the house. People are going to do what they want, they're going to do what they think makes them feel good. That's where the wires are crossed. Revolution for the greater good is a much more gradual process that Americans simply don't want to wait around for, or put in the work for.


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