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The Path of Evolution! Part II

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posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 09:25 PM
The message continued: Text By Pholus A. Xephyr

...... Breaking free of these fear-based superstitions and allowing our innate natural sense of wonder and curiosity to flow forth will move us well into 4th dimensional consciousness and very few have fully acknowledged this yet. Even so, there are constant clues that we have the ability to "think OUTSIDE THE BOX" and even radically CHANGE the past. Think about it! What was once considered FACT, that the Earth was the center of the Universe is now accepted on a mass scale to be untrue. There was a time when it was actually forbidden to study the internal structure of the human body and understand how it worked. People were exiled or even killed for trying to move beyond 'established order'. 

We have awakened to the new facts or shifting of our consciousness that the world was NEVER, EVER flat, but was always a sphere. Not only that, but that the Earth actually revolves around the Sun. Your understanding and mass consciousness has evolved/shifted beyond the 3rd dimension to understanding that things were NEVER the way we once believed and thus the past is forever changed. Some, who are stuck in 3rd dimensional linear thinking will not comprehend this subtle, yet fantastic concept, but it is the truth.We have changed the past because we are no longer limited to linear time.

Because the 4th dimension is both Space and Time, we are also expanding our consciousness in other ways, such as Quantum Physics, or more practically, understanding that our Sun is merely a star, one of billions upon billions that exist in a small section of our galaxy, which, in turn, is just one galaxy among billions upon billions in the Universe. This is moving us into the 5th dimension and allowing our minds to accept that we are just one planet of intelligent lifeforms among billions within our galaxy, and that there are potentially other intelligent lifeforms outside of our galaxy as well.

Not only are we learning to accept, on a mass conscious level this form of thought, but we are accepting that all matter is really just energy........ the fact that Einstein's Theory of Relativity is becoming a personal equation for us all to comprehend the existence of life in all of its various potentialities."Energy equals mass times celeritas (speed of light) squared" or E=mc2. Mass is really just energy in another form. As such we, too, have the potential to change. If we are simply energy, and we currently only know what we know now, and recognize that we DIDN'T know what we know now until we discovered it, we recognize that there is so much more that we have yet to discover. Potentiality and possibility is 5th dimensional living and consciousness.

When we let go of our attachments to only accepting what we can see, feel, hear, touch, and taste, and accept that there is as much potential that we are willing to allow, then we shift into conscious 5th dimensional existence. Some interesting consequences or aspects of moving or expanding our consciousness, in a subconscious or unconscious way are 'Vertigo' and 'Deja vu', which are symptomatic of being out of sync with the 3rd dimension. These are two examples of the effects of tapping into higher levels of perception while not fully embracing the concepts of higher dimensional perception.

Paradigm shifts (awakenings, enlightenments, ascensions) occur on an individual and mass scale. The current state of "reality" for man's mass consciousness, however, is a blend of the 3rd and 4th dimensions. However, on a personal or individual level, many have indeed awakened to a 5th dimensional consciousness. Becoming a fully 4th dimensional human being is simply the act of BEING in the moment, while shifting to the 5th dimensional consciousness is simply the passive action of ALLOWING for any and all potentiality or possibility.

No longer struggling to control, maintain, or impose limitations upon yourself or others.........but to simply BE and ALLOW.

"We are not human beings on a Spiritual Journey, but rather spiritual beings on a Human Journey." - Pholus Aquula Xephyr

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posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 09:42 PM
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See part one.


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