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Has anyone here ever been followed??

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by Neiby

Sure, it makes us feel important if we think we were followed by someone else who thinks we're important, but I really doubt that the government cares in the slightest that you exist. That's just a harsh reality you'll have to face.

I do not feel important, nor, did I ever consider myself important. The world has never treated me as being important so there is no reason for people to be following me, blocking the road and yelling, taking my grocery cart at the store and throwing biological mess at me, my dog, or in my yard. There is no reason for strange cars to pull up and stop for minutes at a time in front of my house. There is no reason for harrassing phone calls, or airplanes dropping black dust. I don't know if it is the government, it could be aliens (my neighbors are aliens posing as humans), it could be terrorist who think I saw something or know something, it could be a cult who just needs a victim to exalt themself. It could be the harsh reality that comes with following the path of truth.

You tell me.

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by indierockalien

I'm being indirectly followed by someone who's my doppleganger.

He's stalking all my friends, and they think I'm the one doing it.

Doppleganger ???, more than likely modern technology mixed with sorcery. When they can't get to you they get to your family and friends. Nano tech being what it is, Satanists can do all sorts of things.

Some people have real issues the other posters are BSers and probably part of the group that follow people.

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posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 03:59 AM
As a teenager we used to do things like follow people around in our car at different distances for long periods of time or until they would stop. It varied how we did it, sometimes we'd tail them close, sometimes a couple car lengths, sometimes by a block. Sometimes with the lights on, sometimes off. Sometimes we would park when they stopped and just see if they reacted.

A lot of times they wouldn't notice, but sometimes you'd end up with someone freaking out and going around a block several times to see if we really were following. Sometimes if they noticed, we'd peel away as fast as possible.

It was a silly and I think harmless prank as teenagers. I don't think anyone should do it, it's dangerous and not right to do that to a person. But as kids you don't think about those things. We could have followed someone with a gun, or been following a cop.

Anyway, just food for thought.

Other than that, yes, I've been followed, or seemingly followed before. I am an aggressive driver, so after I've passed someone who's rightly driving the speed limit (but usually lower) at 60+ mph on city roads I've had people follow me to flip me off, harass me, or do nothing at all. At times I've thought I've been followed having done nothing at all to provoke it and I'll just take a different route home, or pass right by my house, just in case.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by dk3000

Many of the people who are the stalkers do know this is wrong or immoral and they do like to mess with your reality and try to provoke the target just to see how they react. This is a game of 'spy vs spy' to many of them and they are addicted to it. It gives them an adrenaline high if the target fights back or chases the stalker , thus the addiction. The higher up perps supply many of the grass roots stalkers with GPS trackers, night vision binoculars, walkie talkies, cell phones, cameras, listening devices and sometimes they have lap tops that link with the police data. The stalkers are encouraged to act like spies or secret agents. The perpetrators of this crime want the target to react so that those stalkers can brag about what they did to their target. The perps love to see what the target will do when their house is constantly broken into and nothing of value is taken or in my case they leave something of significance behind so that I will notice. The perps want a reaction when targets pets are killed or when they throw dead animals on your lawn or when your tires are slashed or you car is serviced and is sabotaged. The perps have orcastrated 4 attempts to run me off the highway and they get an adrenaline rush when they do these kind of stunts. Not all stalkers will participate in this kind of reality messing, but those stalkers that do partake in these kind of live dangering antics, are addicted to this and the adrenaline rush they get.
The perpetrators of this crime know everything that is said in my house. they use my telephone as a listening device. They want to hear if we are experiencing fear, or panic and if we do, then they will try to do more things just to push us over the edge. I do not react to anything anymore as I know this is exactly what the perps want. Until recently I had signs all over my car about Organized stalking with links to websites also plastered all over my car...These signs on my car did many things for me, it stopped the perps from driving me off the road, the signs drew attention to my cause and gave me the opportunity to expose this crime and because of the signs I found many more targets in this small city. I plan to show that this is a major problem by finding as many targets as I can in this area. Many targets of this crime have had their lives messed with so much that they can not even find a job because of the slander created about them. The ultimate goal is to cause enough stress in the targets life to cause them to explode, retaliate, go "postal" or to commit suicide. We in the Targeted Individual (TI) community have seen many a TI commit suicide. 90% of those who are targets are also bombarded with 'less than lethal weapons" and this also helps to push the target over the edge and serve as a constant reminder that they are a target.
This is a sick crime that wreaks of pure evil...

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posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 11:52 AM

Originally posted by dk3000
reply to post by Amaterasu

I understand the money bind. There are millions of brilliant people who cannot and will not be able to find work in these days because brilliance is counter to the dumbing down process. In looking at the bright side- you are in good company.

Do you suppose my difficulty in getting a job has anything to this? I have been trying to get a job for over two years. Granted, most of the jobs I have applied to have been far away from where I was living. I lived in the boonies in a town of about 500 and there were only two businesses in the town. The job I had went away when the business I was working for was bought by a corporation and the graphics, writing, editing and paper production work was shipped out of state.

Since then, nothing. Though I just moved to a very big city and have gotten three interviews already. No job offers yet, though.

As afar as being labeled a pedophile and being placed on a watch list- this has nothing to do with what someone would or would not do to you out of sheer evil. This is often done because of the massive amounts of people who support terrorizing child predators- it is an easy and effective way to get people to terrorize someone they cannot pin anything else on. It also requires the least amount of evidence- simply dropping your name will do the trick. Its is similar with anti-drug organizations- like D.A.R.E. and if anyone has have experienced drugs in any way there is no way to get off their list- rumors aside, if you smoked even one joint- they will watch you forever!

Well, I would have to guess this is a bit extreme a claim. At least a hundred million of us have tried marijuana - at least once. And to gang stalk a hundred million would take the whole country and the some. But I have been vocal for years in the anti-prohibition movement. So if they're targeting users at all, I do not doubt that I came into someone's view years ago.

Just remember that Hilter and every fascist power hungry dictator has effectively turned their own public into a private police force by exploiting peoples heroic fantasies about making a difference!

If we could run a campaign to promote the idea that it is never American to stalk other Americans for any reason, maybe we could reach some of these anti-Americans. Maybe. But the money to get airtime would be steep, and we would probably be turned away. Yes, many things that Hitler did are surfacing these days.

Having read your comments throughly I highly recommend you ignore it completely and just know that you are probably a person they do not want to see making a difference for the better. Do not show them how happy you are in spite of them. Show them nothing and prove they are irrelevant in the process.

And give your supportive friends big hugs from me.

Oh, mostly I do ignore it. I have learned to tune out the ringing in the ears, the clicking in my head, the tapping, and so on. I wonder if they have trouble with getting voices into my head, because, unlike everyone I have talked to about it, I do not have a running dialog in my head. Occasionally I might think in words, but rarely. I think in feelings, images and symbols, 3D grids with nodes and relational connections. Voice(s) is a rare thing.

The writing of these letters is really more for me than for them. It amuses me and relieves pressure. I know they are mostly laughing at what I write, but if I can jog any one of them into another perspective on their behavior, all the better.

Hugs duly given. [smile]

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posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 12:33 PM
reply to post by Amaterasu

I would say that if you do not get a job in this bigger city that you now live in, then it would be highly likely that your life is interfered with.
I am self employed and the perps of this crime have a difficult time trying to mess with someone who is self employed...although in my case they have tried and sometimes succeeded in causing one of my contacts to cancel my services....Good luck in your job search

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posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by iamcanadian2

Thanks, iam. I have high hopes. We'll see what happens. I've only been here a couple of weeks.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by dk3000
First I gotta say thank God for this thread. I was laughing hysterically when I read this.This has been happening to me for years. Not just me,also my family. My father was the one who pointed it out long ago and we thought he was nuts. Now my family thinks we're both nuts,LOL but I started to point out little things to my son so he can be aware and he sees it so I know I ain't nuts.

What made it almost surreal like is that It's almost incomprehensable how they all move about in unicen, orchestrated like a well oiled machine.I don't know who or why they follow us or which of us they want but my entire family is getting it in one way or another and only my father and I realize what it is while the rest of the family believe it's just bad luck.

I definateley love making it a game as you stated.I don't go out without a camera and love to stare into their souls. Never see them around when I got video though.I love to put them through a nice game of cat and mouse.they got a lot of people in on it and the way they orchestrate the vehicles is superb. I also notice familiar faces in different states and there's no such thing as a coincidence.

Might sound nuts but so does this whole topic. What if they actually travelled back in time like terminator or some sh*t? I know what you're thinking and no I don't drink or use drugs.

Most people don't notice because they're caught up in the distractions of everyday life.

I'm facing 15 yrs for a crime I didn't committ,so be aware they will do anything to get you.A claimed assault and the guy is supposedly of Indian decent so they say it's a hate crime. Funny thing is if I commited a crime I wouldn't hesitate to plea bargain and accept my fate. Yes I have made mistakes in the past and plea bargained all of them.Not this one I will actually go to trial and face the 15 because I'm innocent.

Funny thing is This Mr. White who killed Danny Ciccaro didn't even get the minimum sentence for an illegal loaded gun which is 3 1/2 years. So he basically didn't even get charged for the death. Yet the same state wants to give me 15yrs for allegedly breaking someones jaw and nose. Take into consideration that first I didn't do it and the accusation is about somebody punched him,not beat him and stomped him half to death and they come up with 15 yrs.That's F***ing hilarious.

Yes it is real and they also like to play.Play on Boys because I refuse to lose.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by 19DCW71

There's quite a few of us. I had no idea. I always chalked it up to my dad's involvement in the aerospace industry. I didn't realize so many were experiencing these things with no immediately rational explanation.

Welcome to the thread, 19D.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by Amaterasu

Thanks for the welcome. yeah it's definately pretty trippy. Have no idea why they would follow my family. Pop used to be a cop but just plain officer. doesn't make sense.Me, i'm not into any illegal activities or don't use drugs. Used to be a little wild when I was young and party but that was teens to early 20's. I'm a family man who works and litterally associates w/nobody except what's important,family.

I am almost finished reading all the posts. I got excited when I saw the post so was anxious to reply.I also have experiences like GREYDAWN, helis and planes,electronics,phone as plain as day.I can understand why people would think we're off our crackers and that's why I only discuss it w/pop.We do get a good laugh though.

I do realize not everyone is following me and there are coincidences as I have also felt as though I was following people I wasn't,but you know when your being followed.It's a sixth sense. I call it my Holy Spirit.

I'm going to start playing on their level with surveillance and get proof. I'm usually very out in your face type of guy. I like to let them know I know.Nothing verbal just gestures and staredowns. Funny when they turn and pretend to be doing something like reading a newspaper or plying w/radio.Just so unatural and you can see how awkward you make them feel when their covers blown.

I'm gonna go finish reading.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 07:16 PM
Kind of feels like my life is in a hazy fog, surreal like. Almost as if I'm in a dream. I know it's not drugs or alcohol because I don't use any but I do know the effects of substances from my younger years.

Reminds me of the movie Vanilla Sky when he's in a lucid dream. When I think or talk about something it seems as though its existence is willed into being or that I have even been there before. Maybe it's because my mind is fixated subconsciously on it if not then it's real

The only other explanation would be that I’m suspended in a liquid/gel filled, glass encased bath w/wires and electrodes attached to me giving me life and thus filling my head w/artificial intelligence from an external source. A human guinea pig.

How MSSED UP is that!!!! OR IT'S SPIRITUAL. Ever see Jacob's Ladder when he's making his transition from life to death. He lived this whole life in his mind as he was dying in Vietnam.Being followed by demons and all.Another trippy flick.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 08:47 PM

Originally posted by 19DCW71
Kind of feels like my life is in a hazy fog, surreal like. Almost as if I'm in a dream. I know it's not drugs or alcohol because I don't use any but I do know the effects of substances from my younger years.

Reminds me of the movie Vanilla Sky when he's in a lucid dream. When I think or talk about something it seems as though its existence is willed into being or that I have even been there before. Maybe it's because my mind is fixated subconsciously on it if not then it's real

The only other explanation would be that I’m suspended in a liquid/gel filled, glass encased bath w/wires and electrodes attached to me giving me life and thus filling my head w/artificial intelligence from an external source. A human guinea pig.

How MSSED UP is that!!!! OR IT'S SPIRITUAL. Ever see Jacob's Ladder when he's making his transition from life to death. He lived this whole life in his mind as he was dying in Vietnam.Being followed by demons and all.Another trippy flick.

The Matrix is metaphor. The picture of us rebuilding Iraq, being the "Good Guys," all of that...that's the Matrix and when we pull ourselves out of the cocoon of fear that we are in a matrix, and look to see, we can see the Eternal War that is named a War on Terror. It's like The Matrix meets 1984.

posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 03:02 AM
reply to post by dizziedame

I completely agree with you! I have never been followed by the gvmnt type, but, I agree that you should face your follower if it happens. Worse case scenario, you either kick some Black Bag ops ass or you get shot die and are never heard about in the mainstream media. But hell if that happens atleast you will know you weren't crazy. But best case scenario is that nobody is following you, you might be a little paranoid and delusional, but hell at that point you know the truth, then you can go A beautiful mind on your problem and ignore it.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 08:33 AM
One time I thought I was being followed it was when my son was little (about six yrs. old.) I kept telling myself...don't worry, it's all in your head, your being paranoid Jen! This went on for 30 miles at least, and then I made the final turn off the highway heading toward my house and the truck turned too. Now I’m really in a dead panic because I had my child with me. I turned into my driveway, and the truck pulled up right behind me.

I told my son, I have the house key, let’s get out and run (he was scared too!)
We got out and we started running, and the guy got out too. Oh F!!!
Then my son, the brave little soul stops and picks up a handful of rocks and starts throwing them at the guy…he wouldn’t stop pelting this man with rocks, he was protecting me. My son has always adored me. The man is dodging rocks and thinking wtf? Come to find out he was a service tech coming to fix my oven

Of course then I was horrified, but relieved.

The reason why we were just a little uptight about this sort of thing in the first place was because there had been an incident one-day when I took my son out to the park a year or so before. A very scary situation with a huge 6’5-ish, creepy, sexually perverted man, whom was very inappropriate to me. I screamed my fool head off, and people with cell phones called the police. I don’t think I’ve ever been that scared before or since. I thought I was going to get raped that day right in front of my son. My son was scared!! I'm sure that's why he was throwing rocks at the service man that day
God I sure love that kid!

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by 19DCW71

I feel like that a lot too, almost like everything could just be a dream, or like... a game, somehow?? It's strange.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 01:46 PM

Originally posted by 1Angrylightbulb
I was followed the other night on my way home from my store. I'll admit I can be a little paranoid at times but in this case it turned out to be helpful. I noticed that a minivan had been following me for a few streets and turns so on a whim I made a few turns to double back the same direction I was coming from. The minivan made the same turns. Now I know why I doubled back on myself but why would this random vehicle also be doubling back?? After I made another turn I sped up and jumped in front of someone who was about to back out of their driveway. I then made another turn at the end of the street and another and slowed down to see if the minivan was going to pass the street I was currently on. It did pass the end of the street slowly as if looking for something. I then drove away and headed home in a not so direct fashion.

Now by no means do I think the government is following me. They would have no reason to plus they already know where I live and what car I drive. What freaks me out is that it had to be just a person that for whatever reason needed to know where I was going. I never got a license plate because it was night time and the minivan never got within about 30 feet.
If this has happened to you please share any info that might be useful.

I've had the same happen to me. Just call the police and drive to the police station...911 will stay with you on the phone. It's very simple really. Frighting, but simple.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 02:03 PM
I was followed one night about a year ago...
I kept driving by my house and sure enough this car kept following me..
I called my buddy and told him to bring a gun - that I'm being followed and I told him to meet me on the south side of a lake near my house.
I told him to run with his High beams on so I would see him coming.
another car had his high beams on and I thought it was him, I took a left on to a side street and came to a stop and the car that followed me was still there and pulled directly behind me and stopped.
a second later he turned on police lights that were in his cars grill...
It was a plain close cop.... following me because I appeared to be weaving. about 2 or 3 minutes later my buddy pulls up behind the cop.
thank goodness he did not show his weapon. after talking with the cop a few minutes and clearly I was not drinking - I dont even drink..
he told me to drive carefully and have a nice night...
ha ha ha, that cop doesnt know how close he was --
I'll leave it at that

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 02:40 AM
When i was about 11, one summer afteroon, i went outside my home, and discovered to my left, like 80 feet across propert, into street, a black 4 door cadillac, idleing, and driver was starring at me. I approached him after 15 minutes, and he sped off. He came back, and sat at corner, starring at me, again i wlaked towards him, and he sped off. He came back around, and i felt threatened, so ran inside to tell my mom. She made a phone call to my grandmother, and discovered ironically at same time, one of her relatives(grandmother) had a gambling problem, and didnt pay his debts back, aka loan sharks all that. He used ou family name to vcover his arse. My mother called someone esle and straightened it all out, and black car never came around again.
10 years aggo, chcik at work got obssessed with me, started leaving flower pedals nad love letters on my car..i jsut wnated friends. I noticed MANY nights, ie see her drive by home, somtimes 3 times over 30 minutes. This went on fo about 7 months, till she stopped.
My manager now at work, CVS, wedont alwasy get along.. i have had employees follow me halfway home, and sometimes,mostly. And 1 of the pharmacists at work, when i arrive, calls him inside on his cell, to let him now how late or ealy i am.
Another reason i will never get a cell phone now..

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