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My Dreams (searching 4 answers)

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 12:26 AM
Hmm 3mg caps huh..

I usually get the ones you can roll around in your mouth, under your those tend to work very well for quick absorption into your blood stream.

As for what you got.. I personally would not open them up to divide them.. although if they are good quality melatonin.. there should be no taste to them.. and having it in your mouth would speed the absorption into your bloodstream..

3mg is a decent dose of the stuff though... so be prepared to feel a tad groggy in the morning... or go to bed at like 8pm and get a full 12 hours.. lol

You can certainly post some of your more perplexing experiences.

I do not promise anything.. but I tend to do decently at that...

Even though I feel my strengths are in the actual dreaming itself... and for one reason or another I have the ability to see beyond the veil more then some others do it seems..

The thing about symbolic dreams really lies in what the symbols mean to you.. although interestingly in that vein there seem to be some universals...

So lets see..

I do look forward to hearing a report on your first few melatonin assisted dreaming experiences... Don't be too discouraged if you do not remember the dreams when you get up... try to concentraite on them while they are happening...

Thats what they are there for anyway

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 01:02 PM
Alright well the bottle says 3 mg, high quality. And its the good stuff, my mom went to great lengths to not get the kind that might cause virus's.

BUT, i split the pill in half, took 1.5 mg, and it kind of sucked. Took it before bed. Woke up way more than usual and my dreams werent vivid. I had some ok ones but i cant remember them all to well. I even had a notebook ready to write down anything that was cool. Should i just take a whole capsule?

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 01:35 PM
LoL Virus??

I think you are talking about when Tryptophan had a contaminated batch a few years back and it caused an uproar..

It is not the same thing.

Now that is very interesting that you had a restless night of sleep.

I am sorry that happened to you as that is not a good feeling to have, and it happens to me occasionally.

It actually happened to me when we purchased our tempurpedic bed-- Which was a 100 magnitudes of comfort above our old bed.. I was simply not used to laying comfortably in a position for more then 5 minutes so I kept tossing and turning... (although the next night and every night there after I slept like a rock)

Due to you.. I actually took some Melatonin last night and had wondrous symbolic dreams... no real hands on lucid experiences that I can remember... But I do not expect those every night anyhow.

And neither should you...

It will happen to you... just relax... You can't force it..

Seriously.. if you try to force it when it does happen to you it will pop you out of it so fast that it very well could wake you up... So once again.. Relax..

Don't Panic!

And don't forget your towel..

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 01:42 PM
No no no, see i really am not expecting a lucid dream quite yet. I just want to have a dream that i can wake up in the morning and rember you know? I want to have dream that is vivid and that i can understand. Do you think taking a whole 3mg will help?

Also, just a funny story, yesterday i switched my room around and moved my bed to a different spot in my room, over by my window. I woke up around 3 inthe morning, to find my self totally re-arranged, my feet up where my pillow was and my head hanging off the bed!!!

Also here are some questions maybe you oculd help me with after talking about the onces above.

1. Why is it, as a kid, i had nightmares, but now for the last 3 years, i have yet to have an actual nightmare. I was talking to my mom and she them almost every night, and i can be so stressed out and its been such a long time for me. Why is that?

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 12:14 PM
I had my first lucid dream last night!!!! For like 10 seconds, then i closed my eyes and ended up in a dream where i wasnt lucid anymore.

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 04:39 PM

Congratulations... Excellent...

You are well on your way....

Next time try to remember to RELAX...

First times are usually short... expect that period of time to shorten soon...

Don't forget your hands...

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 01:37 AM
my dreams are actually pretty vivid and easy to recall and my dreams are exremly weird. if its ok i would like to post my own dreams here and see what you guys make of it

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 12:08 AM
Here was what happened...

I was on a private jet with my friends. I looked at my hands and they were REALLY chubby (i am not chubby whatsoever) Then i turned to my friends and said "Hey guys, were dreaming, we can do whatever we want!" And i was actually awake! In my dream. Then i blinked and ended up in another dream where i lost lucidity. It was a dream where i was in my bed, my mom walked in and i told her i just had a lucid dream!! haha, it was nuts.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 01:26 AM
Hahaha That is Awesome... I could see that quite well..

It takes time.. exercise.. and paying careful attention to stay in states like that..

The next time that happens to you... try to bring your hands up to your face... palms facing you...

It should stabilize the scene..

I recall having a similar dream like that with my friends.. although what I did next was peel the picture off of this multi faceted sphere in pieces.

It is very important to be careful as to what you focus your attention on... as that tends to spin you out of dreams really fast.. (use the hands technique the moment you feel everything slipping)

I am impressed that you found your hands so fast... shows me you have an intense will to see more about reality...

That gives me hope for the future..

Keep walking the walk..

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 12:26 PM

Now, this was ehh about a week ago. On half a pill of Mel. But i havnt woken in a dream yet since. This is ok right? I'm not really sure how i had my lucid dream, i was looking at my hands that made me realise it wasnt real. But how do i know when to look at my hands?

Also, how often should i take meltonin. Is taking it every night not good for me? Or whats the news with it?

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 04:56 AM
Ok .. Ok..

So you did not truly find your hands...

IE- You realize you are in a dream... and consciously bring them up to your eyes...(When I did that it was one of the most unbelievable experiences of my life so far)

However you were looking at your hands.. (which is a rare case in itself...) .. and it snapped you into a lucid experiance... Which is certainly an accomplishment...


Tell yourself before you go to sleep each night to remember your hands.

Keep that in mind.

As it is time to remember that when you realize that you are dreaming.

When you realize that you are dreaming... That is when you must bring your hands to your face and look at them.

Do that for the first time.

You will see what there are no words...and your results may differ from mine, and I look forward to the future date when you accomplish this. (you will have considerably more power to dream with after you acheive this)

Then after that ... when you are dream walking...and you find yourself looking at a picture (etc) and you feel the dream warping away.. changing scenes or whatever else happens that you do not particularly desire to happen.. Bring your hands to your eyes and look at them.. The dream will stabilize, and you can continue on your way.

Remember to always take the path with heart... Our heart is a very important tool, that is much more valuable and useful then just pumping our blood, although that helps

You will learn more in dreams then you could in any college...bringing that knowledge back is the hard part, after reaching it that is..

I look at us dreaming as visiting the other dimensions...and certain states of dreaming are control rooms for dimensions...and thats where you want to be.

Now for Melatonin.

It is perfectly safe. Your body makes it when you are getting ready for sleep, you may even feel its effects similar to when you would get really tired as a young kid... itchy eyes.. etc.

They have given human beings up to 5000mg of the stuff.. no ill its pretty safe (damn that guy must of been sleeping for a year)

It is a natural hormone that we put out to destroy our Monamine Oxidase'ers aka MAO system... one of the MAO's main functions is to circulate around our blood stream when we are awake to destroy or limit the supply of Tryptamine based molecules running around our blood stream...

You see... not to get too out there on you... But we have the most powerful psychoactive hallucinogenic molecule in our bodies. It is called '___'.
It makes most other compounds look like iced tea in comparison...
It has a tryptamine core, as does most of the compounds that effect our brains... emotionally, creatively, visionary, stress, up or down.. etc, etc...
Anyhow... our brains crave '___'... or at least it acts like it does, however we cannot function if it was continuously running through our system.

Now did I mention that '___' exists in all life? Even the foods we eat... SO in order to combat this MAO's run around destroying it before it reaches our brains...

Now... we also need '___'... So at night our bodies release their own MAOI's ... Monamine Oxydase Inhibitors.. which mimic '___'.. (as it is essentially a tryptamine core with out a phosphorous atom (I think))... that lowers our MAO count in our bodies .. and then that is when we go to sleep and our brains get their precious doses of '___' .. The main molecule we release to do this is Melatonin ..

It is also an anti-oxidant which is rarely a bad thing..

I do not take it every night... or every week .. or every month... but sometimes I do a couple of nights in a row.. I am even going to take some tonight.. as my dreams have been seriously excellent lately.. and I want to push the edge..

Taking extra Melatonin (which our bodies produce less of as we get older)...just gets our slate cleaner .. so we can utilize more of the delicious molecules that assist our spirits in venturing into the other dimensions...

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 10:13 AM
great post

Had to read it twice to retain it all! haha

But a question, dont i have to be already lucid to know when to look at my hands? Are you saying at night i should just kind of look at my hands, and try to remember them in my dream?

posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 03:10 AM
Well if you make a habit of it (looking at the palms of your hands) in your waking hours... It can certainly assist you when you need to do it during the dreaming ones.

It is a tough call to say whether or not you need to be in a lucid state in order to look at your hands.. as even in my fuzzy dreamy dreams, where I would not call them a totally lucid state. It is possible to bring your hands up.

However.. there is also a point about how deep you are dreaming... as with basic dreaming (ie: the state where nightmares and fuzzy wuzzy dreams happen).

If you try to do anything too hard.. You fail. (that is most likely due to you not being deeply out there.. so you are in your body and mind directly.. and you trying is simply running juice to your paralyzed body..which does not respond.)

The harder you try to run... the slower you go. But that is a very good lesson for the higher states of dreaming. As when you are there you need to just do it.. don't think about it too hard.. because that will hamstring you.

You do not think very hard about picking up a glass of water and drinking it while you are awake.. Do you?

Do you think about each step you make while walking to the store?

It should be the same in dreaming land... Hence why it may be a good idea to periodically throughout your day to bring your palms to your eyes and just look at your hands... I tend to do this when I get a full three point Deja Vu moment.. One where I totally recall the situation before hand.. and because I already remember this moment happening I mentally map out what the person or how the situation will play out based on my memory of it then if it does pan out as I remember it happening when I dreamed it.. I look at my hands...

Although now when I reach the lucid state.. I rarely need to draw that tool out of the box... I am having too much fun, and I have my legs in there.

Certainly I will hit my plateau .. and it will be time for me to move onto the next level... what ever that is..

And now that this is illustrated better (I hope)... There is a fine line here...

As you do not want to just go on auto-pilot.. nor do you want to be a control freak... It takes a gentle hand.. and that takes experiance.

Although I think we all have much more experiance then we are consciously aware of... of course some more then others.

After all ...

Many people do not dream in color..

Many more people cannot read words in dreams..

And on and on...

May you continue to get more results... at a pace you can handle the revelations...


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