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My Dreams (searching 4 answers)

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posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 02:31 PM
I'm wondering if anyone can help answer some of these questions involving my dreams....

1. I am less than 1 year away from graduating highschool. But 3 out of 7 dreams a week, a old friend from way back in middle school find his way into my dreams everytime. Nothing wrong with that, but it happens really really often. What does this mean?

2. I used to be a heavy drug user, and during those times i never dreamed about drugs. Not that i am sober, i dream about them quite freqently and actually feel the effects of them in dreams. It is so real. How is that happeneing?

3. In many dreams, i am placed in a surrounding i have never been to before. How is my brain capapble of producing these surroundings, when i have never physically been there or seen it. Is there some kind of past/future theory behind this.

Thanks guys.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 03:27 PM
Hi there,

perhaps these words will help you in some way:

Did you know this person?
What kind of relationship did you have with this person?
What to they do/say in your dream?
What kind of 'feeling' you get during the dream?
Do they seem negative or positive towards you?

Dreams are very real (or so it seems).
I've answered a phone in my dreams, and actually remember saying 'Hello?' out loud. Very funny

I also had a dream about nothing but apples, and when I woke up, I had the taste of apples in my mouth.
I had no apples anywhere in my house.

Regarding the 'substances' you dream about, perhaps you're supposed to learn something from this experience. Did you appreciate these substances when you had them? Did you really have a need for them, or was it more of a fad?

Could it be you were supposed to learn something while you were using these substances, which you haven't learned before you gave them up?

My belief is that your consciousness travels during sleep.
This is why it feels so real, and why you have dreams like you mentioned, where you've physically never been there, yet you ARE there in your dream.
This can perhaps also be some memories from a past or future life?
That is up for debate

I hope I helped you somewhat.


P.S. When it comes to dreams, I believe the answers are in front of you. You just have to ask the right questions. Maybe then, you can change your nick to foundineuphoria.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 05:13 PM
Thanks for the reply.

1) Yeah me and this guy were great friends. Just when high school started, we went out seperate ways. And in my dreams we are always having a good time, laughing, messing around in class.

2) I actually was on a common weed smoker. However in my dreams i have taken all sorts of street drugs and had effects.
Eating mushrooms was the most intense, i woke up wanting to buy some but soon lost interest as my day moved on.

3) I have read that dreams are reflections of the way past or far away future? Could these places in my dream be real one day?

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 07:32 PM
1. I am less than 1 year away from graduating highschool. But 3 out of 7 dreams a week, a old friend from way back in middle school find his way into my dreams everytime. Nothing wrong with that, but it happens really really often. What does this mean?

This could mean you knew him in the spirit world, and you could also be the one going to him, remember that. Perhaps you are supposed to develop that relationship. Were you good friends?

2. I used to be a heavy drug user, and during those times i never dreamed about drugs. Not that i am sober, i dream about them quite freqently and actually feel the effects of them in dreams. It is so real. How is that happeneing?

Ahh the Cannabis. I know how you feel man. I have done many drugs in dream world, and i have felt the effects also like you state. I used to be a big weed smoker also, but i gave it up. Certain drugs, like pot opens one up psychically, but one is unstable when using it. I suggest you stay off the drugs. Remember, not everyone in the spirit is devoted to the light. Some beings have their own agenda. Some can take advantage of ones self through the use of drugs. But what is worse then drugs is alcohol. Perhaps there is a being that ones you too take up drugs again, and take advantage. Doesn't suck though when you wake up, and you get the burn out feeling. Feel likeTotal crap when you wake up.

3. In many dreams, i am placed in a surrounding i have never been to before. How is my brain capapble of producing these surroundings, when i have never physically been there or seen it. Is there some kind of past/future theory behind this.

Your brain is not producing those those surroundings. These places you are talking about, could be places you have been in past lives. You also do not have to be physically to a place, to dream about it. Yes there is future dreams. Ever heard of Deja Vu, well when i get Deja Vu, i immediately remember having a dream about it. When this happens you have a chance to change what you saw. Do not dismiss these places as being the future, yet do not dwell on it either. If you are too dwell on anything, Dwell on the present.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 10:59 PM
Yes! When i do have De Ja Vu (rare!) i immidiatly connect it with a dream, but the intense feelings lasts all of 5 seconds. So the places i see, could be place from a past life or future life?

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by lostineuphoria

i am an ex-heroin addict and if you ever went to rehab they would have told you that after you get sober you will have dreams like that. i have them all the time. its nothing paranormal, its just your addiction. i have dreams about buying and using heroin. i feel the effects, the needle, i can taste it, everything. ill wake up and freak out thinking i relapsed, but its only a dream. so dont freak out, it happens to everyone who is a recovering addict and will continue to happen throughout the rest of your life. although you will probably have less and less of them the longer you stay sober. good luck with your recovery, i know its hard. but be strong!

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 09:13 AM
I am not sure that he was an addict, but i could be mistaken. From one of his posts it says he was a heavy weed smoker, but i have never heard of anyone addicted to it. Even so, if it is true that the only drug that he did was weed, then why is he getting other dreams about using other drugs, perhaps you used those drugs in a past life, or it the better explanation was the on i explained up top.

Your dreams could be of the Future. Your dreams could be of the past. The thing is, they are not my dreams, and it is hard to figure out which ones. Especially since the future could look like anything, and you have no memory of your past life..

Do not rule out that the dreams are from Beings with another agenda. Ever heard of a nightmare? Some beings get off at fear.

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 01:21 PM

Originally posted by lostineuphoria
Yes! When i do have De Ja Vu (rare!) i immidiatly connect it with a dream, but the intense feelings lasts all of 5 seconds. So the places i see, could be place from a past life or future life?


Remember that!

I have a strong feeling that more and more people are going to go through what I went through in my early 20's.

But then again I went through what I went through to tell you that you are correct, in your instinct to connect it to a dream... remember if it intensifies to take it all in stride...

As once you see that you have dreamed your future in more complex ways long before it could of ever been possible... and you remember it... and it unfolds... and it does not last 5 seconds anymore... but turns into every moment all day long...

It is a very strenuous time.

However you are only given as much as you can handle... as long as you do not have too much 'debt' built up ... from previous trips through the ride..

Certainly it is cryptic... and that is only because if it is ever going to be of any use to you, ... this information I lay before you must be so... as it will unfold when you need it most, and it will do exactly as it is supposed to...

Sure you can taste it now... perhaps it is even closer to familiar then you can comprehend another actually knowing...

However we all do this... only some are aware of it... but when another expresses this, well those who are... know this is more real then we know the atoms that make us up is...

The flow.

As for the 'drugs'...

Our current society is very backwards regarding this... there are very good reasons that certain plants mimic exact molecules found in our bodies... and brains.. this is not an accident at all.

However there is also very good reasons why there were people in ancient so called primitive cultures who were in charge of these compounds and methods of use... As they are not TOYS... They are tools...

It is not spirits messing with you

... It is you trying to put in screws with a shovel... or dig a hole with screws... I guess you can say that the molecule has a spirit of sorts, although it is more like a key, or utility program... that will only unlock that which you have before you...

If you are a child spiritually aka- a new soul... then all you will see is colors, etc...however because your experiance is cannabis, I can tell you what its function is..

It bypasses personalities we create and allows our selves to be in the now...we usually create our more stable personalites.. aka Defenders.. at about the ages of 4-7, hence why your initial experiances with it were giggle fits, candy binges, and other assorted juvinile aspects of yourself..

As it has been a while since you were actually in charge of yourself directly and not through the proxies of a personality... That is why people stay with it ... But only if they can actually pilot through and not get trapped by the "drug war" false paradigms erected to trip us up psychologically.

Aka: a typical stoner behavior... dumb, lazy, whaaaat maaaaaaan....

Thats all bull#...and just you creating another personality to ... get along once again.

Ok enough on that... just let me reiterate .. they are not toys... you need to know yourself first... and thats what I think that tells you.


Now for your friend.

It is not all that rare to dream about people that are also dreaming about you ... in the same settings and so forth...

Only problems with this lay in the ...bringing up the topic and exposing yourself to ridicule and embarresment.. (QUICK create a personality to protect you
lol )

However you can do it if you are carefull to not feed them... after all you want to know if it is valid... For example...

You dream about being with this friend.. you are at a carnival and you drop a pizza on the floor and your friend spits soda through his nose at you--- continued---->

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 01:25 PM
Then the dream ends...

You talk with your friend and at most you can say .. "man I had a crazy dream the other night"

Don't be shocked if your friend says... "Damn me too.. We were at a Carnival and I remember spitting up soda through my nose!"


Don't be shocked if they say alot of people do not remember much about their dreams...

Let me ask you ... Do you dream in color?


posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 02:05 PM
Intense post! I love it! Haha

Alright to business.

Now what do you mean by color? Like, are my dreams ever in black&white? My dreams are always in color, if that is the case. Also, i might add, i havnt had a nightmare in about a year. I love my dreams!

Is it possible that the dreams i have and the surroundings i find myself in, are projecting off someone elses dreams? Like the places i end up, are places someone else has been to? Explain the "past life" theory. That one still stumps me.

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 02:50 PM

Good glad you are getting something out of it.

Dreaming in color- Ok good, I just ask as there are people that do not always dream in color... It is a personal gauge of sorts... perhaps it is nothing, but perhaps...

Although I have not yet gathered enough data to say for sure... I am just keeping track so far... (it is quite an alien concept to me too as I know no other way)

Yes.. that is quite possible.

I have experienced it myself often... my best friend in the world so far was a very adept dreamer when he was here... I had and still have some of my most memorable dreams with him in them, besides that one day he was telling me about how he was showing other friends of ours a castle that he constructed in a dream realm... then he went on to talk about giant ants and so forth... then wouldn't you know one of the 'participants' comes into his shop and says.. "Man I had a crazy dream last night with you ... We were in this wild castle and there were these huge ants!"...

Him and I just looked at each other and laughed a good one...

The touchy part about sharing this from my own experiance is .. If you remember this... to not mention any details to the other person in your next awake meeting...

Think of it like a very fine wire.. to much current through it from one end will just zap it to plasma... and you will not gain any validation of the experiance.

Allow them to tell you... Perhaps write and date the experiance in a journal after you have it... That way in case they DO tell you of a Dream they had with you...

You can really blow their minds...

Now .. Past life

This is also a fragile thread... I myself personally have always known I was before I am now...

I said to my mother at the age of 5.. "Mom what is it called when people die and come back?"

She said "Thats called reincarnation."

I said "I think I believe in that"

If you don't believe me you can ASK MY MOM!

Anyhow.. Interestingly enough to me right now...

I have twin 4 year old daughters... (which I dreamed long before I had them...I even remember the moment of conception... everything... I told all the nurses.. the midwife.. no one believed me until we had the ultrasound, and lets just say I had the last laugh on that one
but that is a whole other story...)

Right now the one that takes most after me.. keeps telling me story's about her mom that died... (her mother in this life is VERY alive.. I hope

They are just barely getting to the point of being to articulate their thoughts and feelings coherently.. SO I am really looking forward to seeing what the near future holds in terms of insights from her especially.. (although the other one may surprise me.. they are my "Maud Dib Twins" after all )

But they are so young... and so close to the source.. that now is the best time for them to remember it as I did ...

NO ... I do not feed them anything on this topic!... I do not coach them.. I do not even ask questions .. Nothing... I let it happen naturally... after all I want real data... and would rather have the truth then anything else... belief is nothing compared to knowing.

Get to know the true nature of what atoms are... Then realize that they simply make up our physical forms... Get a better grasp on what the universe is made up of.. (and watch how little we as a species actually know)... I mean how many times can we create a theory of this or that .. and then have our scientists be totally shocked!.. totally bewildered!.. and completely wrong!!.. before they wake up to the fact that their tools are too crude.. and their theories too weak...

Our physical forms are not our consciousness... With out consciousness... there is nothing...

And only a very slim portion of the mainstream (fringe sectors) of science has even remotely come close to touching this fact...

Certainly I have more... but you have more questions.

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 05:46 PM
Looks like i have a bit of work to do!

Good insight, about your kids, thats amazing!

And yes, duh, i have more questions

One at a time though.

Are you saying that it is possible that other people can dream similar to my dreams?

Should i tell this long lost friend that i dream about him? Or would that just lead me to a lawsuit?

What should i do with my dreams? What should i lookk for in them? What should i write down?

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 06:57 PM
I am saying that people can have exactly the same dream as you with you in the same environment...or close enough to your own that you can recount the specifics close enough that the similarity is uncanny and undeniable if you have also experienced it... This can happen at the same time... or can it be delayed.

However I am not saying that your dream was one of those sorts of I do not know.. However that is an interesting phenomena...and one to just keep in the back of your head on the look out for a connection... my disclaimer is ...just because you dream of someone you know and love... does not mean they are dreaming of you, and vice versa... and to keep the run on sentence going and going... who knows what you are doing in dreams when you have no recollection of dreaming at all.. or knowing you had EPIC dreams all night... yet not remembering a single iota of anything to bring back with you... and last but not least let us not forget how much time can "seem" to go by in 8 hours of sleep...
the nights that last for months are amongst my favorite.

There tends to be a synchronicity to life, well at least I notice it in my own... When I think of a friend, or mentally tell them to call me up... usually within 2-4 days I get my call... If I do not .. I will not hear from them for months at a time. . I find that my closest friends rotate in and out .. like planets in an orbital dance.

... And What should you do with your dreams...


Well there are different sorts of dreams.. and for me there is varying levels of clarity in each of them... from the mishmashed a typical symbolic dreams which tend to be fuzzy looking (at least what I remember of them).. To the very highest level of being in a total lucid state.. Where it is so clean and clear and crisp more so then this life could possibly be... and you know you are back home.. and you cannot stay for long.

I find 'real' life lies in the middle areas when it comes to clarity of perception.

Tips that I find useful...They are all easier said then done... They all take patience.. and some of them take years to achieve...(seriously)

Try to remember that you are dreaming...

Try to pay careful attention as to what you focus your attention on.. As this can be crucial to maintaining a particular setting that you happen to be enjoying...focusing on objects can warp you out of that setting faster then you can say 'no'...and then it is too late!

If you find your self in a lucid state... the above two tips are seriously important to maintaining that state.. ( A lucid dream state is a seriously kick ass time... it is one of my favorite places to I can be anywhere)

Once you fully understand that you are dreaming... are in a lucid state and are careful as to what you focus your attention to... Focus on something...Wait until you feel the edges of your vision start to warp away.. then bring your hands to your eyes and look at your palms... (when I first achieved this ... it easily ranks in the top moments of my life-- It was unbelievable... (((and it took many years (3) of telling myself to do this before I went to sleep)))---anyone who has done this will verify this to you.

After that... Well lol... There is a whole lot there and much much more...

As for what to write down...?

Well I do not write down anything.. But I have a memory that is pretty solid...If I can recall it .. I have no need to write it down.. If I cant ... Then there is no way I could write it down...

My wife does write down her dreams usually in the first few hours of waking.. she is building quite the dream journal...although after almost 7 years since me introducing this to her... she has yet to find her hands .. or achieve any longterm lucid states.. It is not easy... but you have more Deja vu then she I think it should not be so difficult for you.

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 09:39 PM
I tried for a month to lucid dream, kept a journal and everything. But i got lazy and stopped. Should i start up again? I had a dream once where i knew my actions meant nothing because i was dreaming, but i wasnt actually aware that i was dreaming. (hope that made scence)!

Still yet to lucid, but i think it would be amazing to!!

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 09:57 PM
Hahahahaha ..

Sorry.. but it takes more then a month.. and you can hold your breath till your blue it is not going to work that way...

And even then It can all of a sudden happen like a bolt of lighting..

I am a bit older then you ... but if I am really in the mood to have a sure thing when it comes to lucid dreaming (also remember I have done all the other groundwork exercises as well- and I think that experiance also plays a large role)

However IF I want a seriously intense night of dreaming..

I take 3mg of Melatonin and some 5-htp.. (supplements that you can find at any decent health food store)

Eating a good diet plays a role too... Omega EFA's .. Anti oxidants ... etc... But I am sure some people can do it on a diet of Doritos and Snickers..


However I reccomend you just go to bed each night with an intent.. dont try to push lol.. Just go to sleep.. be excited to do so .. and eventually .. Wham!

And you will know it.. as there is nothing quite like it .. When you can literally walk, talk and act in a dream as you do in the woken state...and you stay in it...

However getting there takes work and time. Be patient.. and Enjoy life as it is..

Mysteries have a way of unraveling before your very eyes when you stop looking for it.. Same thing goes with electrons being observed.. Same thing goes with finding a partner...

Same thing goes when you are in a dream state itself.. Don't try.. just do and be.

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 10:50 PM
So explain your lucid state? What was it like? Is it like being awake in a new world?

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 01:19 AM
That is tough to describe in what limited vocabulary we possess in English..

Essentially at its root.. It is a dream that you are aware that you are dreaming, yet you have full control over your actions.. within the confines of the dream.

It is usually hyper-defined... mostly taken from a first person vantage point...

They also evolve in depth and clarity... meaning they get better and better and better ... Your vision is much better... akin to a 1000 megapixel camera at all times.

It is and continues to be more amazing every time..getting better and better.

It is better then being awake... IMO.

As for the other world bit, most certainly ... Why waste any time on earth in your dreams if you do not have too?

Now I have been up for roughly 48 hours due to some appointments I had that were very early for me, so instead of missing them I took the opportunity to stay up and at em ... In fact I very much look forward to my dreams tonight.. as they tend to be excellent when I stay up for quite a long time, which is why I often try to fight off sleep for as long as possible... It builds up a nice storage of all those vital neurotransmitters that are so precious to this task...

My wife hates it... but what can you do?...

If you are going to dream.. dream right..

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 03:30 PM
Thats actually interesting. When i cant sleep, sometimes i crash eh around 3 o clock in the morning, and thats usually when i have my most vivid dreams. I never realised that. Today i am getting some melatonin like you said you took.

BTW, is it possible that dreams might not mean anything? That the surroundings are just our imagination run rampant?

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 04:31 PM
K the Melatonin can't hurt you ... However.. It puts you down for an easy 8 hours.. I feel like I felt as a kid getting up when I take melatonin and don't get a full 8 at least.. eyes are all crackly... etc... So I would break them into pieces and not take full doses.. if you get 3 mg pills, I also do not take that every day.. although I am sure it would not hurt you, as it is one of "Those" sorts of chemicals that does not.. They gave people 5000 mg with no ill results..(except I bet they were very tired).. any of the side effects you get from it can be neutralized by sitting in the sun for a few minutes.

Mel- is something I always keep in the house.

Certainly alot of dreams mean very little... or are the symbolic types that are merely us running about our life issues and so forth, which just helps us get by our day to day..These are the ones most everyone remembers

However... When you dream your future... then live it ... that is something that means a great deal... Especially when it is discovered that anyone you asks has that phenomena happen to them...

I have talked to literally over thousand and more people about this issue into some depth.. Strangers on the street and so forth... Never.. Not once has anyone told me that they have no idea what I am talking about.. Not once.

If I run into someone who does not have Deja Vu once in their lives.. I will seriously be shocked.. and have to place them in the same part of my filing cabinet where those that do not dream in color are...

Gotta keep those very young souls together...

When we toss the lucid state into the mix...Well sometimes we get that window during the symbolic show... and others.. the Life show..and still others .. the Home show...

So it depends when you are exposed that it means something.. It also depends on whether or not you remember it at all... and then that brings up again a whole point of our existence.. our Consciousness...

Which knows what it is doing even if we ignore its existence, as so m any do...

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 06:09 PM
Got 3 mg capsules. Should i take a whole pill, or open it up and divide up the powder.

BTW, if its alright with you, i am going to start posting some dreams i am confused about or have trouble finding a meaning to. Hoping you could help me that.

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