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CHECKMATE - Spraying the Bay

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posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 01:45 PM
There are plans to spray the Bay Area, CA with a pesticide known as CHECKMATE

This is in response to the "outbreak" of the Brown Apple Moth. Supposedly, this insect will cause millions in damages to the crops and farmlands of California and there in an immediate need to spray.

Last fall, they sprayed the Santa Cruz - Monterey area off of the central coast, and there were over 600 health related complaints. These ranged from mild coughs to skin irritation to vomitting and asthma-like symptoms. Despite these complaints, they are planning to spray San Francisco and Oakland (and their surrounding areas) in June. These areas are very densely populated with little to no farmland/crops in the area. It's strange, because adjacent to the proposed area that will be sprayed are vast rural areas with hills and valleys...a place that I would imagine is much more suitable to a growing insect population.

My question revolves around Checkmate. Could there be something more sinister associated with this? Obviously the name alone conjures up fear to the average ATSer. I also find the areas being sprayed very suspect as well. Santa Cruz and SF-Bay Area are some of, if not the most, "liberal" areas in the country, and they are the ones being subjected to this spraying.

Anyone with knowledge of CHECKMATE or any other recent cases of controversial pesticide spraying, please share.

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