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posted on Feb, 26 2004 @ 02:39 PM
Gazrok, just moved away from Tampa after living there nearly 30 years. Nice place, where abouts are you? We most recently lived at the top of the bay. Miss it but certainly not the noseums...

posted on Feb, 26 2004 @ 04:33 PM
See the problem is i had no binoculers on me at this time i was on foot and well it was flying a pretty good far distance away from me i could run to see it but i was heading home it was like a leer jet maybe and all black going didnt look like a commercial plane at all just was black i couldnt see anything that good thats what i saw so i tryed to describe it best to my knowledge.

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posted on Feb, 26 2004 @ 06:37 PM
Btw you cant hunt deer in yonkers due to the woods im in well i just scout around mostly but you are aloud to hunt there with owners premission, i know a few cops that hunt up there. I go hunting around the stormville area where my dads co worker lets us go on his land

posted on Feb, 26 2004 @ 06:41 PM
ive seen like billions of UFO in NYC i live there i see at least 20 a day...i mean who doesnt out of the 8 million people living there??

posted on Feb, 26 2004 @ 11:59 PM
I seen one fly over in a Texas city at night in 1976 or 79. Im not good with dates plus I was young during that time. It was triangular plus no lights on it, had horizontal doughnut like shape roll of washers under each corner. It was moving kind of like a boat in water swaying back and forth, moving about the speed of a small Cessna prop plane but no sound. The night sky was lit up by the city lights, so I saw the under side of it very well. Must of been 2-3000 ft up. moments later a helicopter follows it. I'll never forget it........

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posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 01:54 PM
"Very twisted! One significant discrepancy from run of the mill UFO encounters would obviously be the distinctive noise jet aircraft make in contrast to the silence or mild hum & whistling noises reported in the presence of UFOs.

Didn't people call the AFB to complain about these pilots? Sounds like a potential way to ruin your flying career. "

You wouldn't hear a thing until it was virtually overhead...I could do the math...I think??? Besides, if you could figure out it was a B-52, who would you call? We were flying from Barksdale which is in North Louisiana on an approved LL route...the only thing that was technically illegal was going below minimum altitude and that would be their word against ours....were we at 200' or were we at 600'?...prove it.

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by ShatteredSkies

Originally posted by they see ALL

Theres a Yonkers NY?

I had no clue, man i need to get out.

DMX AKA Dark Man X is from Yonkers NY.

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 02:08 PM
Popular Science Magazine Predictions

2006 Four-to-six-passenger air taxis (Moore)

2007 Jumbo airbus A380 bought as private jet (Brown)

2008 Fuel-cell auxiliary power unit on civil aircraft (Benzakein)

2009 Sub-$100/LB. launches to leo (rutan)

2009 Privately operated orbital spaceships (Rutan)

2012 Transoceanic flights of UAVs (MacCready)

2012 1,000-passenger-plus stretch A380 (Brown)

2013 First regular commercial suborbital flight (Diamandis)

2015 Gravity shielding permits low-cost space access (Diamandis)

2015 Civilian non-helicopter vtol aircraft (Rutan)

2017 Blended-wing-body passenger jet (Muellner)

2017 Sub-$100,000 personal aircraft (Rutan)

2018 Zero-emission ethanol fuels in aircraft (MacCready)

2020 Non-rocket-engine spaceflight (Diamandis)

2020 U.S. goes five years without a fatal accident involving airplane with more than 100 seats (Brown)

2020 Affordable orbital flights (Rutan)

2020 Fully operational SATS system (Moore)

2020 six-million-lb. payload wing-in-ground-effect aircraft (Muellner)

2022 Automatic landing in general-aviation aircraft (Moore)

2025 Private colony on lunar surface (Diamandis)

2026 Electric aircraft (Moore)

2028 Autonomous personal flying machines (Moore)

2030 Production of personal aircraft exceeds 250,000 units/year (Moore)

2033 Regular point-to-point suborbital flights (Diamandis)

2035 Widespread automated delivery of items by unmanned aircraft (MacCready)

2041 Robotic bird-like UAVs used by the military (MacCready)

The Article

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 03:06 PM
commercial no
military yes
vehicle is in use today
top secret
most tech derived from alien technology

posted on Mar, 6 2004 @ 05:14 PM
So i saw a military craft
pretty cool
but i wonder why it was here nothing really goes on around here due to it being the suburbs and its pretty boring but i dont know why they would be flying it here... a long time ago my mother saw a b2 when she was waiting for the bus and she didnt know what it is till i showed her
she tought it was a ufo at first

[Edited on 6-3-2004 by ShadowMan]

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