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Music Mysteries

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posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 10:58 AM
they are shamanic but I just have to argue that the intent is shared by the majority of course always some too wasted person passing out or etc. but for the most part (especially at string cheese incident shows) the crowd is there to celebrate life music and dance and generally are there to basically (warning old hippie adage ahead) "spread the love"

heres a cool cymatics video kinda old but I was gonna post bout this today

I tried to post some cool videos I found but Im a nub and cant get it to work right and dont have time to start linking!

check out the music of Sound Tribe Sector 9 they try use healing or invigorating tones in there music and it really is amazing stuff listen to some of the songs off of "offered schematics for peace" and off the "seasons 01" CD amazing stuff

also the relation of sacred geometry and the pyramids and cymatics is one heck of a interesting link! check it out!

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posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 02:16 PM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
2. The standard 80-120 BPM we hear on the radio everyday was, in ancient times, used in magic rituals to invoke trance and spirits. How are we affected by pop, R&B, hip hop, rock that we hear on a daily basis?

I dont know if this counts, but sometimes when I listen to really heavy metal, I get sick to my stomach...I like rock but yea

Originally posted by Skyfloating
4. Do sounds we cannot hear (extra low and extra high) have an effect on our brains or immune system?

Some of us. There is a sound that is supposed to be above ourhearing range, and drives dogs nuts. When my friend played it, I heard it, and it about made me vomit!

Originally posted by Skyfloating
7. What is with all the claims that certain types of music can heal? What is only marketing-ploy and what is truly effective?

It's more like a play of words. Music can help stimulate your mind, thus helping to heal....there isnt a magic song you listen to and you can come back to life lol

Originally posted by Skyfloating
8. Ive heard a lot about specific ways in which Dolphins use sounds but never quite understood how or what is so signifcant about it. Anyone know more?

Well... they use sonar, but i dont remember if that is just to communicate or w/e

Originally posted by Skyfloating
9. How is the military wanting to use sound as a weapon?

Well I dont know about any current projects, but just imagine a sonic boom, but in a gun and 2 or 3 times more powerful! You could destroy buildings! plus if its at the right frequency it can incapacitate a baddie!

Im sorry if this stuff has already been said, I just read your post Sky and posted! have a good day ^_^

Edit:My posting skillz are teh noobz

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posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 04:35 PM
It might take me a bit to find the exact post, but some one contributed a comment on my thread, about a group that took a cruise and played a CD that had the tones of the Sofleggio music scale (sound frequencies), and that the dolphins began to gather around the boat in great numbers, and display the strangest behavior. It was apparent that they truly enjoyed the music.

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 04:43 PM
"7) I wouldn't doubt that there is music that can heal, but that various so much depending on the individuals needs. (I hate to bring it up again), but TOOL's lateralus was supposedly designed for chakra clearing/cleansing. While trying that method, it was the only time I've ever truly felt like I might just have an OBE."

I'd just like to comment that you reminded me of the first time I listened to that album straight through, I felt like I was gunna melt through my bed. Totally sober, BTW.... "Sober" is a great song, too

Anyway.... to comment further on music and its effects.... it is probably the most powerful force out there. What other thing, besides the human voice (which is also sound) could cause whole crowds of people to just burst into movement all at once? I mean, you hear a song that catches youer ear, there's no stoppin the boppin, ya know? You bob your head, and you feel exhilarated.

Me personally, when I hear a new song that really catches my ear, I go nuts for it. There's no denying the Awesome Power of music.

Everyone is different. Everybody has one "vibe" that exhilarates them the most. For me, it's the band Kyuss. If you've ever heard Kyuss, they tune about 3 steps lower than standard E.... Around C or Db.... and I dunno, low end grind.... it just makes you feel Earth moving underneath you. Monolithic movements of tectonic plates, raging rivers, volcanoes..... lower frequency, slower music with very tribal loud drumming, it really seems to tune you into the movements of the Earth.

I love music. It's like my whole life. Really, the only thing I'm really confident at doing,,,, and in doing so, I notice the state of music surrounding me, and in my opinion, the state of music today is really sad.
I have to agree somewhat with monkey hugging a dove guy.

I think the music industry is very controlled for very specific reasons, and profit is really just a secondary perk. For those that own the world, it's like pocket change, ya know?

The real purpose of the music industry, as it stands today, is to prevent the youth from rebelling against what is becoming a more and more controlled society of mental prisoners by each passing day. The reason why music is being so controlled is because it is a gateway to our essence, and our essence doesn't lie. Music can influence people to move mountains. Just look at the hippie movement... if that hadn't been infiltrated by the yippies and regurgitated and spit out as a watered down mockery of itsself by the mass media, that way of thought could've changed the world. It's the same thing that happens with every powerful music movement. Once the media gets a hold of it, it starts making icons, and it starts making one hit wonders and cookie cutter versons of the original, it kills off those idols that really had something to say, and what's left? The cookie cutter tame version of what it once was.... and then everybody loses interest in good music for a few years, and lets the music industry shove whatever garbage they produce down their throats, and they accept it because it's the cookie cutter mass produced garbage that people possibly unconsciously associate with periods of social stability. It may be controlled, and it may be bad to those who choose to open their eyes, but for the sleeping masses, it's blissful ignorance.

Good music makes you think. This is why Beethoven and Mozart pieces are said to stimulate brain function, because it provokes thought. It sparks the soul to unconsciously create the urge to ask the needed questions in order for our consciousness to evolve further. It seems to me that music is one of but a handful of lubricants in order to speed up and continue our mental evolution, and politics, mass media, corporations, and the economy seem to be trying to put the bakes on our mental evolution. If we, as a whole, begin to evolve beyond our physical urges and material desires, they no longer can control us with threats of taking these material things away from us. Money and possessions will no longer equal power at that point.

Music is the greatest social lubricant known to man, and when society is well oiled, it works the way it should. In order for these people to continue deciding our fate, they need to purposely break down and devide society into pieces, so that it can't function without their help.
Well, if everybody is listening to positive, thought provoking music and coming together through the love and good vibes that music brings to large amounts of people at once, society isn't goping to break down so easily.

This is why good music gets squeezed. They go so far as to create city sound ordinance laws, which indirectly prevents young bands from ever getting anywhere because the second they start creating "a racket", the police are called. They don't stop there at destroying good music. All ages music clubs get shut down all the time because there's no money in selling music. There's money in selling alcohol.... so what you get is all of these really good bands that stand for something good never being noticed by today's youth, and breaking up early because you can only play to a bunch of drunks who don't even care about music for so long before you're forced to bow down to society and stop doing what you love, because you have to get a job you hate in order just to stay alive.

It's really hard for underground musicians just doing what they love for the sake of doing it, and that's where all the important music starts. In basements, in garages, in rooms of teenagers. It's slowly being piched out of existence.

I believe that the last great movement in music came in the late 80s-early 90s. That could've changed the world.... because all those indie bands that got big.... they stood for something. They stood for taking responsibility for your work, doing it yourself, being humble, being socially and politically aware, being a community that helps each other out....

but that's not what people remember the "alternative" movement for. They remember it for violent mosh pits, teenaged angst, doom and gloom, heroine addiction, and suicide.

and that's not what it was at all. It would've been a lot different if Kurt Cobain hadn't died the way he did. I don't believe it was "Courtney". I think maybe she had a hand in it, but I think the people who wanted him dead were the people in charge of the record industry. You ever notice the trend? In a musical movement, it's "leaders" get famous, get addicted to drugs, and end up dying in very suspicious ways that can later be blamed on all the drugs they were given by their managers and "oh they were depressed". I'm sure a couple of famous icons have offed themselves, but that's the nature of the game. The weak will perish on their own, but the strong need to be dealt with, in order to silence the voices of the unrestful society in which those voices represent.

I mean, when you got the FBI and the police and other forces being trained to think of anything counter-culture as being "terrorist activity", and when you see videos where riot police are singling out "the leaders" of peaceful protests, it's no stretch of the imagination that the paranoid mind of the system we live in would want any voice representing the people to be silenced... music icons especially, because when you're being entertained, you tend to pick up on the messages and concepts of whatever it is quicker... like how in school, you're more able to learn and understand a concept if it's taught as an entertaining game....

I mean, you just have to wonder, how far will the controllers of the world go to stay in complete control? We know they kill people. Innocent people.... for no reason, other than they are in the way. So, music being a threat to the status quo.... the musicians that represent that threat are most definitely now targets. Willingly or unwillingly, they were challenging the system.

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by sizzle

I had never heard about this until you mentioned it just now. Thanks.

I found this website on Solfleggio

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by Skyfloating

I hope you get time to check out my thread, because I truly believe that mine and yours compliment each other greatly. That is why my attention is drawn here.
My studies on sound frequencies were also drawn to the binaural beats and their effects.
It might take me a lifetime to absorb all the information that has been contributed on my thread and yours. But I am going to give it my best shot.
I am so glad that you have opened this thread, because it has opened another great avenue (or flood) of information.
I can't help but believe that this is the prelude of the solving of the mysteries of the universe. Thanks!

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by sizzle

I have been reading your thread ever since you mentioned it, but its hard to get a grasp on what is being said there. I´ll try to comment in your thread shortly.

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by indierockalien

Hey, I really liked your post, well thought out and reasoned, just one point I may disagree on - and it might be swerving off topic a little to do so, if that's the case I apologise...

I disagree that the music industry is consciously seeking to sublimate social change, rebellion or the like. I think it's more of a case that the music industry is essentially a "business", run by businessmen, those that tend to be more academic than creative (coke habits aside lol), accordingly, it is much easier for them to follow a proven business model than to take a larger financial risk. This is why when you have a band such as Coldplay becoming succesful, other record labels will seek to replicate this, therefore we end up with Snow Patrol, Keane, Travis etc.

Now the grist of this argument is that b(l)ands such as the above do tend to be incredibly conformist and seem (my emphasis) to be stifling creativity - which I whole-heartedly believe... however, this isn't a case of record labels conspiring to keep us safe and sedated, it's just a banal business tactic that is slowly destroying the record industry, look at the way sales (real or virtual) are slowing: is it any wonder when the latest Grand Theft Auto (or suchlike) is guaranteed to be more exciting than anything Coldplay could even imagine.

On the plus side, it seems that due to a lack of imagination the major labels are in economic danger and are regularly losing money on high-end deals, such as Robbie Williams, Mariah Carey etc. The indie labels are flourishing, embracing diversity and new technology. It means we, as the consumer have to search a bit more to find the really good stuff, but it's all part of the fun.

...unless (to paraphrase the late, great Hicks), Coldplay are a government conspiracy to lower the general standards to make us think that banal, unemotive junk is acceptable.

P.S. I love Kyuss too and C.O.C.

posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 07:08 PM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
reply to post by sizzle

I have been reading your thread ever since you mentioned it, but its hard to get a grasp on what is being said there. I´ll try to comment in your thread shortly.

As intelligent as you have proven to be in past threads, I don't think it will take you very long to grasp it. At this point, I agree that there is a lot to absorb.
I am burning the candle at both ends, myself, trying to keep up. There has been massive amounts of information contributed. It's like a domino-effect. One piece of info led to another.

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 12:11 AM

Originally posted by Skyfloating

Originally posted by crestone
Regarding A=440 Hz. It was the French government that decided on that frequency.

J.S. Bach's organ was set to a much higher pitch (A=480). When you play his music today, the notation and sound don't match. In other words: it's in the wrong key!

Is there any way you could help me understand why this is significant?

Didn't you ask about A=440Hz? Did you follow my link

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 02:48 AM
yeah ive heard that TOOL's music was made to do with chakara's etc........ the only thing is i find it very hard to sit through full songs ? not sure why but that album sits uneasy with me.... ??? does that mean im evil

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 12:42 PM
At last. Many years afterwards I know why I felt so good when I belonged to a choir and we sang Gregorian Chant on Sundays. I was a teenager, loved sleeping until late but anyway I got up at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday to go to the church. It's explained in the link that drives to Forgotten in Time - The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies. Wonderful, many thanks to the one who put the link.

As to jazz music, I have always heard that the effect on the brain is a bad one, due to the "double melodies" of the jazz. Could anybody say whether it's true or not?

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 01:06 PM
I believe I've read that scientist working at Lawrence Liver whatever Labs on ultra frequencies report unintended development of telepathy abilities.
But I'm probably wrong

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 07:40 PM
I was reflecting on what I said about the similarity between Rock Music and
Shamanism in my previous post, and how the use of drums and rhythm
are an essential ingredient of both.

In classical music,melody seems to be more important and the drum is a relatively minor instrument.In chamber music it is not used at all.

It seems that there is one other type of music in which the drum is essential and that is Military Music.

Even a pacifist like me finds himself deeply moved by those old black and white Hollywood films of the British Army advancing up the Khyber Pass led by Scotsmen with drums beating away and bagpipes droning or whatever it is that bagpipes do.

Even the Irish Rebel anthem to the doomed,but ultimately successful Easter Rising, the Foggy Dew, laments the fact that the rebels lack these instruments,"No pipe did hum,no battle drum beat out its loud tattoo"

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

(Check out Sinead O'Connor and the Chieftain's version of the Foggy Dew if you want to hear something really moving.)

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 08:10 PM

How is the military wanting to use sound as a weapon?

The Germans were researching into the use of sound as a weapon in WWII
They built large parabolic reflectors designed to transmit enormously loud low frequency sound waves at advancing infantry.

Although built they were apparently never used.

The Man in British uniform standing in front of the captured giant speakers is Keith Richards' father.

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 12:50 AM

Originally posted by Bashibozkedi

It seems that there is one other type of music in which the drum is essential and that is Military Music.

Even a pacifist like me finds himself deeply moved by those old black and white Hollywood films of the British Army advancing up the Khyber Pass led by Scotsmen with drums beating away and bagpipes droning or whatever it is that bagpipes do.

Yeah, and what do they do nowadays? All the soldiers listen to hard-core heavy metal music pumped into their helmets while they're firing on innocent Iraqis. Don't get me wrong, I love hard-core (Between the Buried and Me, Norma Jean, Blood Has Been Shed) but as the previous poster noted, it makes you want to kick someone's ass. That's where the mosh pit evolved from. So is it a coincidence that all this music is blaring in their helmets and in their shooter video game simulations?

Think about this...Why are soldiers adorned in precious metal stars, oak leaves, and other occult amulets and symbols? For that matter, why are they called “soldiers”? Back in medieval France, warriors were paid using a special gold coin called a “sol.” Their payment was called a “solde,” which is a term still used today. So warriors became known as “soldiers” being paid their “soldes” in “sols.” Sol means Sun, so-named because the ancients always associated gold with the sun and silver with the moon. Thus today we have our Sun Warriors, paid in soldes, and adorned in golden stars - not to mention the forced sleep deprivation, physical asceticism, shaved heads, group-think, forced emotional repression, and group chants/songs. The military brainwashes using ancient Median and Mystery school methods to groom individuals into collective, cohesive groups.

Why is the highest military rank a 5-star general, who wears 5, 5-pointed gold stars? Why do Sheriffs wear a 6-pointed gold star? What do these occult amulets/symbols have to do with protecting the country? 5 represents the male principle of outward action. Ancient cultures all over the world shared the belief that the Sun represented the male principle while the Moon represented the female. So a “soldier,” or Sun warrior, wearing 5, 5-pointed golden stars most certainly resonates strongly the male principle/energy.

Modern occultists believe 5 to be the Number of Death. The greatest intensification of any number is its triplicate, making 555 literally "Highest Death.” Could this be why the highest military rank (5-star generals) wear 5, 5-pointed stars on their uniform? Could this be why the US Pentagon building is 5 concentric, 5-sided pentagons, with an inner-court of exactly 5 acres? The co-designer of the Pentagon, Jack Whiteside Parsons, was indeed an occultist and high preist in the OTO secret society.

“Jack Parsons, American rocket scientist, founder of California's Jet Propulsion
Laboratory, and a priest of the O.T.O., was, like Mormon Joseph Smith, a premier servant of Satan and a rebel against God. He even fancied himself to be the prophesied antichrist. Parsons wrote this chilling paragraph in his diary:
And thus was I antichrist loosed in the world; and to this am I pledged, that the work of the beast shall be fulfilled, and the way for the coming of BABALON be made open and I shall not cease or rest until these things are accomplished.” -Texe Marrs, “Codex Magica” (44)

Sorry to go on a tangent, but my point is that mind-control is being used to an incredible degree, music being one tiny facet... but even music's part is being "orchestrated" by our miestro masons and royals/elites.

P.S. How do you block quote text on ATS? I'm supposed to do something special when I post a quote but what do you do? If I click the "I" Italics button it erases my quote and replaces it with the word "text." What do you click to make a quote look different from everything else? Thanks

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by Skyfloating

Do you think the mood the musician had while composing/producing a song, transfers to the audience? I mean not only the intended mood of the song or the music itself, but the mood of the musician.

The use of music is just to get something from my head to yours, or vice versa.
In using that language, the audience has to have the capacity to interpret that language.
That's one of the reasons I really dislike singing in most of my music. Often times, it is very vulgar in communicating, even though they're using a language that is easilly understood.

And another one: What would be a defense against sonic weapons?

Firing the exact same frequencies back, I guess. They should cancel out.

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 07:49 AM
reply to post by freight tomsen

Think about this...Why are soldiers adorned in precious metal stars, oak leaves, and other occult amulets and symbols?

I suspected that it might have something to do with the "occult" . Thank you very much for your extremely interesting account.

Regarding my previous post which apparently shows secret German sound technology fallen into the hands of the British.

To see another British secret weapon that inexplicably escaped the censors

go to Google Earth Latitude 50°48'49.21"N
Longitude 2°28'29.23"W and zoom all the way in.

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 01:55 PM
This is the link to the German Sound Cannon picture.

More about sound as a weapon and frequencies involved on this website.

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 02:06 PM

What would be a defense against sonic weapons?

Firing the exact same frequencies back, I guess. They should cancel out.

This would work provided you inverted the signal before sending it back.
This is , I believe , the principle behind those noise reducing headphones you can buy which were originally developed for use by military fighter pilots.

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