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How is the person doing in hell

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posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 06:48 PM
Lets go deep. Way deep into what it might go like for a person in hell. These are the different states united to figure out to a person first:

1. Conscious (Mind), 2. Desire, 3. Self (Will), 4. Ego (Self-importance, Self-esteem), 5. Personality (Attitude, Behavior), 6. Emotion, 7. Five senses (Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Feeling, & Tasting), 8. Voice, and 9. Body (Image, Look, Place).

^^What might these things which make up a person go like in a place of hell fire?

You tell me and hear me out right below:

I know for sure the person's desire would increase to a 'wanting to get out urgently'. Enough to turn them from a 'wanting to do things wickedly'. The person's desire would go to an exteme disliking of living.

As for self (will)... the person would have a will to go out of existence and if wont be able to the person would have a will to agree with any and every thing to get out of hell. Though all barganing type agreements to get out of hell would have passed by then to where it's too late.

As for the body as an image and look of the other things even it would look like a soring ball or an orb that works as the sun with self contained atomic explosions and light produced. Yes, material bodies are made up of atoms. The body would generate for a long time and then finally die out shortly only to generate for a long time again, etc.

As for the ego the person would have a negative self-esteem about themself while in hell. They would feel horribly sorrowful to an extreme. Self-importance will rise and fall of the person. Foolishly they will think they are important enough to be saved from hell. Wisely they will think they are far from important enough to be saved from hell. It'll be a battle within itself concerning the ego.

As for emotion of the person it would be far removed from happy and calm. Because of the ego of the person it maybe wont be allowed to be sad, but emotionally they would be of an angry, upset, or outrage in nature.

As for personality of the person it would only be darkened and blotted out because there would be a total lack of freedom of expressing attitute/behavior.

As for the voice... if no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? LOL! Actually if the person can hear in hell they'd surely hear themself hollering only while left alone.

As for the 5 senses... The person would hear so they could understand being alone...the person see darkness blind so they could preceive being alone...the person's touch would be automatically on feeling their being extremely heated, warped, split only to be drawn back together, pressured; and feel restless, acking, tingleing, etc etc. of all the pains humans ever could feel...the person's smell and taste senses would lack totally. What's hell without being as though handycapped more or less, you know?

As for the conscious mind of the person would be awake and aware and would be in conflict, judgement, and tribulation of its damned united states.

United states of the person is as a nation removed/uprooted from this planet only to have placement status in a planet called the sun (turned to a then hell). Since life would be there in the sun for the wicked person, the sun is indeed then a planet.

Well that about sums it up by me as the Apocalypse which reveals. Takes a place for a state(s) to reside or be located, does it not? So for you who swear hell has no place, you should reconsider. Ask yourself would a then new body of what's been in existence and just not revealed yet be as a state and an automatic place? "Wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together." I take it the "carcase is" never had the chance to be considered "carcase was" for a reason. You always have a body even once the deceiving human body dies on YOU.

[edit on 16-3-2008 by Mabus]


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