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Top Admiral Resigns...

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posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 10:26 AM
My question is why? And I say that with a BIG WHY?

If one of our own Military Commanders feels justified in resigning his post, there must be a very important reason. It could be his own morals involved, or pressure from others in authority. This could be an interesting situation to keep tabs on later down the road.

I have hopes that it has to do with his morality, and that this is a sign of our military becoming fed up with the BS and lies. Hopefully this may led others to follow suit and take a stand for what they know to be right and just.

I would be delighted in hearing of more of these types of decisions being made by our military personnel.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 10:34 AM
You can have a personal opinion. You can not set policy or try to set policy of the nation you have sworn to defend by using your position.

This guy should be happy he is allowed to retire without a court marshal.

The article reads as if written by an Obama cheerleader just as a personal opinion from me.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by hinky

Why should he be court-martialled? What did he do wrong, in your opinion?

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by hinky

You're kidding right? Our country has moved forward from really bad mistakes because some were brave enough to speak the truth.

I see war, war and more war. I am proud that one of my fellow Americans can stand up and say no more.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 10:56 AM
"Opinion" as defined by the "Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus"

1. a belief or assessment based on grounds short of proof
2. a view held as probable
3. what one thinks about a particular topic or question
4. (a) a formal statement of professional advice
(b) a formal statement of reasons for a judgemnt given

If a person who has experience in the profession he currently is engaged in, forms an "opinion" to remove him/herself from that profession, after having served/worked in that area for years, doesn't it beg to question what would motivate him to do so.

IMO I question the reasons behind the resignation? We are in the middle of a terrible war. If our own commanders are questioning the morality of the war, what can we, as Americans, assume from his actions?

The old adage "I was just following orders does not fly with me". Our miliatry are not robots. We have a conscious and we will have to live with the decisions we make. If more higher-up personnel followed their conscious instead of orders given by someone sitting in an air-conditioned office, we may be able to do the right thing, not only now but in the future.

Just my opnion.

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