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is ats being hached/subverted from within or ?

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by shearder

that proves almost nothing.... but I can't prove that to you.... : P offense to any of the mods or owners... although...

there was this one mod who deleted a WHOLE thread of mine, that had PARTS of "offensive" material in it.......and then continued to insult me in that way that can't be complained about... you know... the way smart people insult people?
...I was insulting people to their faces.....
but smart people play with big words and hidden meanings.... darn them!!!

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 01:44 PM
dang, what the heck... I just made a post on this thread and than after posting it takes me a thread with the same name, but supposedly it was 6 pages long or something..... with this one being only at 2 so far... and now it shows me as the newest poster but my post aint here to be found.

what a coincidence that the only time this happens to me was when I was making a post about the mods/owners of this site and an experience I had with them.

though it was nothing for them to hide....still.... coincidency


ugh and then after I posted showed up!!

atleast this is still a valid post.... cuz heck... there was a screw up (the first of its kind I have encountered) and it happened at an uncanny time.

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edited again....DANG...this IS uncanny... after noticing my first thread showwed up
I noticed how messy I typed it I went and edited it to clean it up...
after reposting... I got an error telling me that I was not allowed to view this thread.... WTH and my re-edit didn't go through either....

though I did re-edit again and it now worked.... thats friggin crazy all the mess ups on THIS thread on MY post........someones trying to make me paranoid I think : P

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 02:06 PM
Bad keyboard style can do unexpected things.

I did something today that put me at the end of the page when I was typing.

A window just opened up now.

There is nothing going on here except a lot of static.

You can't expect researchers to come on here giving you hot news
on Government lies and totally unreal History as we know it on what
has been told to us by the lying elites.

You get laugh at as if you saw a UFO if you say a UFO a static electric
machine or an electromagnetic device.
If Nazi A bombs dropped on Japan, then nothing was true about
The Manhattan Project and Los Alamos making the Atomic bomb
except by the Trinity site.
There might be truth to that and would be a very unpopular truth at that.

Nah, humdrum Intel is all we get.

Oh, at one time a list of Government IPs accessing ATS was posted.
You might ask for a new listing if you are interested.

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 02:24 PM

Originally posted by Wilsonfrisk

I see that the site is filled with all manner of New Age propaganda, mixing it with truths and making it all into some bizarre fantasy, where reality is indistinguishable from nonsense.

The only thing is this:

The content here comes from users...
The forums are meant to basically cover all controversial topics.
(I say basically, as controversial topics around religious/scientific/medicinal uses & experimentation (though legal in context) of natural substances which have a certain controversy & are illegal in certain situations and places, are usually moved out of site...although, thankfully, it appears at least one can continue to disucss it in R.A.T.S)

So, in general, the site owners are not pushing content, its just the thoughts of this generation on a wide variety of topics and these topics meld into each other depending on ones perspective built upon the influence their social & religious milieu had on them.

If your not into new age...Im sure the conspiracy in religion forum is for you.
Although that is supposed to be about conspiracies, it turned out to be the theological debate center (which is located in B.T.S. as well.)

Sure the site could be a secret op...but does it matter?
I mean, everyone post their opinion on here, so its not like its some secret that the C.I.A. cant access.

What I mean is you post on the net, your comments are seen by all - and if your worried about influencing minds, well this is mass consciousness revealing its thoughts to each other, for the most part.

And again, you have the human side to it which is bound to show itself in the site regardless of how fair one may try to be. Its just part of life.

So Peace


posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by SkepticOverlord

Nice call, Bill. I think you have his number.
Again, thank you for providing a forum that we can discuss issues on, with great technology, and without fear. Each evening, I look forward to these discussions. It's like having friends at my house to "chew the fat" over politics,current events, and other interesting issues. I especially like being able to hear people from around the world, and their view of things. Since I retired, it's great to be able to keep my mind active, and hopefully avoid Alzheimer's'. Nice job handling this situation with this OP.

For all the newcomers, I've only been here since January of this year, but I feel it's my second home. One bit of advice. Stay cool, and develop a thick skin. There will always be someone that tries to get your goat. As a retired professor, one of my first posts resulted in someone accusing me of having no logic (because I didn't agree with his position). He told me to go to a junior college and take some logic courses! It upset me, until I realized that people like that exist. If they get really annoying, you can hit the "ignore" button, and you won't have to deal with them.

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 08:57 PM
I have to say i have had problems with threads vanishing before, there was one recently about a scientist who had been studying the earths core for years who gave up his job to ensure disclosure for the public good,information about the rate of cooling in the earths core that was directly related to global warming but which also said that the earths core would be too cold very soon-maybe its been declared a hoax but i've not been able to find any reference to it-after viewing it just once, even using the search. Also, it almost seems as if "lesser" theories are somehow being extavagantly bumped up and anything really good is somehow "buried" on the site. I would agree that the nature of the site has definitley changed-the mods/site owner will say this is due to new demographics visiting/controlling the input of the site and hardcore members will say it is due to infiltration but one thing is certain there have always been people on this site who are overly gullible-who beleive any old nonsense and there are also people who are sceptics (genuine or otherwise), there are also people who may well work for the government and or conspiracy that you beleive in and are deliberately feeding misinformation about the site/post in order to protect their version of the truth/political/ecomomical reality. There are also people who have genuine first hand expereience that they can reveal/whistleblow. THE POINT IS THAT YOU AND ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE WHAT IS EVIDENCE OF TRUTH AND WHAT ISN'T! If that is forever checking all sources and refs. or just intuitively deciding what's right for you-truth is subjective and reality elusive or deliberately obscured-ats is no different, i'm sure!

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 11:49 AM
It may not be proper conduct for government employees to
go on net message boards without giving their real name
when discussing matters that involve them.

Such as I experienced on a stock board for a satellite builder.
The Officer or ex now employed government satellite counselor
would lend his technical knowledge to the discussion.

Now he was accused of information gathering and how he got
on the net so much, he said he was on only at lunch time.

So many people on gov ips can access ATS, but since ATS is not a stock board
or area of expertise the id can be anything.

ED: Some theories have no source... what you have been told is a lie
you have lived with like the rest of us. Are we living the lie of 911 right now?

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 09:25 PM

I've been busting my own butt (and pulling hair and suffering sleepless nights) for several years to maintain this site (not to mention over-stressing several credit cards in the process).

I believe this and can see the blood, sweat and dollars you and others have put into this site and it's spin offs. If I didn't value the effort and contribution, I would not have been trying to contibute and burn time and brains that would have equated to many thousands now, had I spent the time and effort elsewhere.

The question remains; what does and/or will ATS and involvement in ATS accomplish in the real world, particularly since ATS does not allow its forum to recruit warm bodies for whatever cause.

Is ATS a "Nat Trap" as some have said to me? Is it just a vent for people with nothing else they can do bur talk and give our CIA/FBI another source for who is complaining about them?

I am coming to my own conclusions. particularly after hearing the ATS Mix 2 where this character Johnny Utah (a very new member) was give air time to spread what was pure counter propaganda, sly pro government.

I still look to you Bill, trust in you.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 09:47 PM
Of course this site is being monitored and infiltrated. Members get on here and try forming over-throw this and overthrow that threads. Is it in the interest of national security to monitor this site? Absolutely!!!

Are the owners and staff in on this

No way. I would have been banned long ago! Trust me- I have banned from enough sites to know when its evil. You will just have to take my word for that as it is as true as the day you were born into this entire human mess!

Thing to remember is this. They are watching and they are reading- and often taking this site and content very seriously- so here is the good news.

Let them know what you think. Let them know exactly what you think- and learn how to communicate this without violating the policies of the this site. This is easier than you think- it took me a while to find my pace.

Have you ever sent an email to George Bush? I have and I told him exactly what I think. And I am still here typing away (maybe its because he hasn't gotten to it yet... or the fact that he cannot read

I had an encounter with one of the site owners who I was sure was someone I knew. I was positive it was him. I sent him an email- he responded. It is still strange because his avatar is the spitting image of this person I know. Spot on!

The real truth that evaded me and forced me into an embarrassing introduction- is the person whom I was confusing him with is a total loser in all reality and could never and will never be able to get his "SNIP" together long enough to be involved as staff or ownership of a site like this in the first place. Sadly his avatar had me convinced and all I managed to do was proved how incredibly idiotic I can be sometimes

We all can.

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by saturnsrings

I have the same problem with my computers. I will be typing into the reply text box and all of a sudden it starts to open the menus on my browser and goes back several pages depending how many characters I have typed.

I think the post reply box is in real time through there server and some one is able to observe what is typed by the user as it is typed. Than, as if to play a game with the user, whoever is observing the posting message can send a combination of key strokes back to the originating computer to make it open the menu and back history the browser.

I think its the NSA with that echelon intercept thing in england.

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