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Chinese Security Forces Swarm Tibet

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 12:00 AM
reply to post by worldtruth

Hey I totally agree the US media is biased. I don't think anyone mentioned their "unbiasedness" (not sure that's a word). The media isn't exactly government controlled. Its more corporate controlled, which more or less owns the government. So if you want to get down to it we live in a corporate state...

america media try to stir the american public with anger (at least the ignorant ones).

I see what you mean, but no one here hates China. I actually love China. I've always wanted to go visit your country. I am just not a fan of your government, or any government for that matter.

The Chinese Communist Party, like the US Republican/Democrat Parties is corrupt.

"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."

In the US, we've had years of a GOP dominated government (Republican party). Nothing has changed in the two years that the Democrats have taken power.

What does that tell you? They're all the same.

We pretty much have a duopoly so you're not going to hear me give any sort of praise to my government.

The best government in my opinion is no government, but that's another story altogether.

american media lied about 9/11 and still lying aboujt it. also lie about iraq and afghanistan. what make you think they arent lying this time? oh, is it becase they accuse china?

Yeah I know. Its really sad. Some of my friends actually believe 911 happened exactly as the government tells them. Iraq and Afghanistan were both huge mistakes, and pretty much only about profit (Opium and Oil).

I really have no problem with China as a whole, but I do have a problem with governments or peoples who take advantage of a minority or abuse their power as several countries in the world, such as China, has done (others would include the US, Russia, Iraq pre-Saddam, Iraq post-Saddam, maybe Iran, etc etc).

you really think what media say about china block out western reporter is true?

Considering your state news reported how Western reporters were removed from the country, yes I do.

i know the truth. none of your government's lying snake tongues can tarnish pure truth, no matter how many of your own people you lie to

I agree. You know your own truth and that is significantly different from my own as I do not live in China.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 12:49 AM
As Tibet erupted, China wavered

(A clearly biased article, right?)

In the chaotic hours after Lhasa erupted March 14, Tibetans rampaged through the city’s old quarter, waving steel scabbards and burning or looting Chinese shops. Clothes, souvenirs and other tourist trinkets were dumped outside and set afire as thick gray smoke darkened the midday sky. Tibetan fury, uncorked, boiled over.

Foreigners and Lhasa residents who witnessed the violence were stunned by what they saw, and by what they did not see: the police. Riot police officers fled after an initial skirmish and then were often nowhere to be found. Some Chinese shopkeepers begged for protection.

“The whole day I didn’t see a single police officer or soldier,” said an American woman who spent hours navigating the riot scene. “The Tibetans were just running free.”


posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 01:08 AM

what is so funny is that all your american say things that are based on american media. always cite american media sources. you people actualy believe your government-controlled crap?

That crap. Western media spends most of it's time criticising the US Government. I never hear the Chinese media criticise China's government.

You assume all western media is American controlled. That is not true either.

Western media does not answer to one single control. More importantly the West has a culture where if the media published something untrue the people themselve have so much freedom of speech that cover-ups get uncovered.

You my friend live inside your own world of delusion. You don't have a clue how the western media works, so please don't lecture us.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 02:14 AM

Originally posted by sy.gunson

That crap. Western media spends most of it's time criticising the US Government. I never hear the Chinese media criticise China's government.

that is because you cant understand chinese and never surf on chinese webs.
your media are liars because we can understand both chinese and english, so we find that clearly.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 02:34 PM

Originally posted by worldtruth
you people actualy believe your government-controlled crap?

Pot meet kettle.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 02:39 PM

Originally posted by biggie smalls
Courtesy of sy.gunson:

Real spark for Tibet's riots

Courtesy of Witness2008:

This is all made in Hollywood by your corrupt government and media!!! knew it was coming, just thought I would make it official...

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 03:46 PM
Death reports as Chinese police open fire on monks and nuns

Hundreds of monks, nuns and local Tibetans who tried to march on a local government office in western China to demand the return of the Dalai Lama have been turned back by paramilitary police who opened fire to disperse the crowd.

Local residents of Luhuo said two people – a monk and a farmer – appeared to have been shot dead and about a dozen were wounded in the latest violence to rock Tibetan areas of China.

The demonstration began at about 4pm local time when about 200 nuns from Woge nunnery and a similar number of monks from Jueri monastery marched out of their hillside sanctuaries and walked towards the Luhuo Third District government office in the nearby town. They were swiftly joined by an estimated several hundred farmers and nomads, witnesses said.

Shouting “Long Live the Dalai Lama” and “Tibet belongs to Tibetans”, they approached the district government office. However, paramilitary People’s Armed Police swiftly appeared and ordered the crowd to turn back. Town residents reported that, in the ensuing melee, shots were fired and two people appeared to have died.

Propaganda, right?

China accuses Dalai Lama of being a terrorist

Far from heeding international calls for dialogue with the Dalai Lama, China has accused Tibet’s exiled god-king of colluding with Muslim terrorists to destabilise the country before the Olympic Games.

State-run newspapers have issued prominent leading articles that are part of a campaign to portray the Dalai Lama as the mastermind of the deadly riots that have rippled through Tibet and ethnic Tibetan communities.

But this isn't propaganda because it paints the Dalai Lama as an evil man. Must be true.

Tibet: the West can use the Olympics as a weapon against Beijing

In defence of the Olympic movement, Berlin had been selected before the Nazis came to power. No such excuse covers the decision to award the coveted prize to Beijing. In 1989 the Chinese government crushed the peaceful protests in Tiananmen Square as the world looked on in horror. China still secured the Olympics and a propaganda triumph and has looked forward to showing off to the world.

The authorities must have reflected that other governments are rarely brave enough to boycott the Olympics. The Berlin Games proceeded even though the Nazis had by then implemented the infamous Nuremberg laws that deprived German Jews of basic human rights.

Admittedly the Americans led a boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics because Soviet troops had stormed Afghanistan (Russian invasion bad, American invasion good). China knew that, short of marching into neighbouring territory, nothing it did would put its show at risk.

Dalai Lama and his allies are out to destroy Olympics

The Chinese government has defied international anger at its crackdown on Tibetan independence protests, accusing the Dalai Lama and his "splittist clique" of being out to destroy the Olympics and damage China's international reputation.

Ethnic Han Chinese were the real victims of the Tibetan riots, the Beijing authorities say, and its security forces will respond severely. This month's riots were the most intense in 20 years, shaking Lhasa and surrounding areas and leaving Beijing to repair the worst damage to its public image since the tanks rolled in central Beijing in 1989, massacring pro-democracy activists.


posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 06:13 PM
"China has accused Tibet’s exiled god-king of..."
"No such excuse covers the decision to..."
"...the Chinese government crushed the peaceful protests..."
"and [China] has looked forward to showing off to the world."
"The Chinese government has defied..."
"...accusing the Dalai Lama and his "splittist clique" of..."

if I read this and i did not know my own country better, i would picture chinese as bunch of liars making reason-less accusations and excuses for cover stuff up and as violent people who defy international public. very sly tricky western reporters indeed. have gift of what we call smooth tongues.

Originally posted by sy.gunson
Western media does not answer to one single control. More importantly the West has a culture where if the media published something untrue the people themselve have so much freedom of speech that cover-ups get uncovered.

haha yes, uncovered but never addressed. tell me, when was last time your government ever admited themselves as wrong? uncovered 9/11, ok, but after 7 year has it been addressed? no.

and how you know chinese government coverups are not uncoverd? you dont even visit chinese website/forums (no doubt you cannot read them) so you are not in such position to make judgment. so fyi, all of world's public uncovers the truth hidden by government. some governments (such as yours) are just better at dismissing these truths and spreading the mistruth like a disease, like a sickness.

i on other hand, do visit many english website (such as this one) and if not understand something, often ask your google
. once again, typing not my best skill and am still trying hard to learn but I can read and understand very fine.

sy.gunson, you post many arguments but all of it is based on your media (cnn, bbc, nbc, npr, fox, etc...)

you think us chinese have bad life without freedom and block website? haha, i live in america in constant fear of your government. not directly of course, but from what i have witnessed. your CIA gives me creeps. ever heard of what happen to people on boeing plane on 9-11-2001 that disappear into nasa center? you know what form of banned chemical weapons your military use in iraq? you know what biological warfare they "secretly" use? you know what thye do to the iraqi prisoners? you know they rape, torture, humilitation them? if you are not scared yourself, either you 1. have already been poison by media and just following whatever government want you to know or 2. you are part of the conspiracy yourself.

everytime i watch your news videos i find so funny:

some western lady saying: "recently Chinese military has violently responded to the Tibetan riots" while looping through a video of a tank driving down empty road. is that even a chinese tank? if it is, ok, it's just a tank. so what? what you trying to show? where is tibetans?

or maybe video of military just marching down road on a bright sunny morning while saying "despite international warnings, the Chinese military has shot two tibetans dead." very nice, thank for showing us clip of chinese army training session, thoroughly enjoy but not see any relevance or proof of what you just said.

as for the video of the australian guy, i really wonder why tibetans did not attack him. is he some sort of special guy or have tibetan already been alert of his affiliation with western media, therefore indirect affiliation wtih dalai lama?

[edit on 24-3-2008 by worldtruth]

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 10:34 PM

Originally posted by worldtruth
"China has accused Tibet’s exiled god-king of..."
"No such excuse covers the decision to..."
"...the Chinese government crushed the peaceful protests..."
"and [China] has looked forward to showing off to the world."
"The Chinese government has defied..."
"...accusing the Dalai Lama and his "splittist clique" of..."

if I read this and i did not know my own country better, i would picture chinese as bunch of liars making reason-less accusations and excuses for cover stuff up and as violent people who defy international public. very sly tricky western reporters indeed. have gift of what we call smooth tongues.

Well, you tell us, then, worldtruth,

Which word should be used instead of "accused"? Maybe "alleged"? Maybe "said"...If you're going to admit that English isn't your strongest skill, don't jump into a situation where you are at a disadvantage.

I've seen video from the Tienanman "incident". "crushed" is exactly the words I would use. The Central Committee were using exactly the tactics that their older brothers used in Budapest in '56.

"showing off"? Perhaps you'd prefer "putting on display", "putting on a show", "putting on a display", "displaying", "exhibiting"...

maybe they're too tame for you. We all know how communists love their hyperbole,

How about this: instead of "showing off", the western media should have said "flaunting". Would that have been better?

If you didn't know your country better? Perhaps you should go and learn your country better. Police who can't be bothered hunting for internet serial killers. Imprisonment without trial. Some of the most polluted lakes on earth, the importation of illegally logged Indonesian rainforest timber, the world's unsafest coal industry. Damn near the world's most polluted capital city, corruption so bad millions of people have to be cut off from their water supply because no-one is policing factory waste-water treatment or output...

and the Chinese brigade on ATS are telling us that the central government is weighing all its decisions in the light of the common good.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 10:27 AM
i said i'm bad typist, ok? means I sometimes skip or shorten words make it easier. at bottom of textbox says cannot use "shorthand" words.

in whatever case, media is using very slanted tone.

media should be UNBIASED. meaning using words that not contain negative connotations. besides, you are just leading away from main point. you are trying show how grammatically wrong it would be to replace key words with synonym of that word. missed my point by several miles.

"since the tanks rolled in central Beijing in 1989, massacring pro-democracy activists."

you see that? MASSACRING. Very very strong word. ever heard of boston massacre? remind you of anything? how "massacre" word used as propoganda? don't know if that is taught in school, maybe but look up if you do not know own history.

besides, much of the report's idea is wrong anyway.

you still not address the video and picture misleadings yet. cnn posted picture of chinese tank in tibet. cut out entire half of picture where you see lots of violent tibet rioting and just left part of china's tank. why is that? why not show EVERYTHING? if that is not slanted media then apparently the u.s. is racist and only show chinese not tibetan in photographs for some unknown reason, but no, that unlikely. you know what is likely? they cut out that part of the original photo purposefuly.

so what now? you going to ignore my entire last paragraph again for maybe third, fourth time and just critisize some other part?

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by worldtruth

Hmm, tank versus protestors, hmmm.

Yes, terrible bias, showing the tank but not the protestors.

Did the protestors have tanks? No? Then why did your government send tanks to deal with demonstrators?

Oh my God, news should be unbiased and not use words with negative connotations...

Then I guess your media should stop referring to US cabinet members and elected representatives as being "sour" women etc...

Oh, wait, that wasn't your media, it was your government being quoted by your media.

Tell us, what word would you use to describe the shooting of protestors at the Tienanman protest by the PLA?

Oh, no, the Boston Massacre, oh no. That ain't my history.

try these:

you should really like this one

and this one

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 11:46 PM
Someone mentioned they can't imagine monk throwing stone. Well here's a video that shows exactly that in Tibet.

Also a common line in media is to justify stoning, burning and stabbing to death of innocent civilian as justified frustration. What kind of logic is that? Does that mean Bin Laden killing innocent civilian with all his excuses is also justified frustration? The media also often referred to the riot as spontaneous. Same line use by Dalai Lama idolizer Richard Gere. Everything was spontaneous and unplanned. Well here's a proof that it is not spontaneous. This video was posted on January and calling for uprising before Olympic to shake China to the core.

I don't want to get into debate right now about whether Tibet was part of China or not but look at this research paper and you will see things are not that simple.

As a result of one sided media reporting. People got the impression that there's an ongoing massacre. A tourist stuck in Tibet tried to point out it is NOT peaceful (search for Kadfly blog), and was labelled Chinese spy. Western media rushed to use his photo, NY times selected the photo of riot police. It makes Kadfly comment that NY times did not report the fact that those riot police retreated when attacked with stone and the first casualty was likely a police officer stoned to death as per a Tibetan woman who stopped him from following the rioters after the police retreated.

There are lots of eyewitness account all telling the same story that rioters were the perpetrators of acts that are so barbaric some people were so distressed and said they are not ready to talk.

A lot of people can't believe that Dalai Lama, the reincarnated god glorified by Hollywood is capable of supporting such violence. By now, a lot of accounts of past feudal and pedophile activity of old Tibet have surfaced for those who care to search. But at the peak of the savage rioting, Dalai Lama was asked if he would ask his follower to stop and he said no.

I guess this whole episode demonstrate how our emotion could easily fall victim to manipulation by a bias media creating a false perception of the reality on the ground. Tibetans have been killed in various stages of their revolt especially one in 1959 sponsored by CIA. Communist China, based on that document link above from Harvard, seems to be trying to appease the Dalai Lama's who were the aristocrat/theocrat at that time. But I guess after the failed CIA assisted revolt, Dalai Lama have no option but to escape into exile. But there is no indiscriminate shooting like "Free Tibeters" would claim. They also failed to mentioned that majority of killing were done by rioters. Canadian news channel CTV reporter in neighboring Tibet areas witnessed rioters trying to storm building with police inside. Police responded with tear gas. The reporter described the police action as "showing a great deal of restrain. They fired tear gas not bullet."

Chinese have a long way to go in becoming a full democracy but expats and tourist in China talked about much improved freedom on lots of things albeit politics.

I am not sure what's the agenda of media is. Do they have hangover from cold war era or they are serving interest group who wants to undermine China. Nancy Pelosi, who is no champion of human rights, have been propping up Dalai Lama by awarding him congressional medal. And she went all the way to India to meet Dalai Lama at the peak of the Tibet crisis, as if to further add insult to injury to China.

Another disturbing trend in internet forum is people who dare criticize Dalai Lama and the violent rioting are shout down and labeled communist or supporting murder. I am neither one of those but I've learned to read between the lines and be critical.

[edit on 25-3-2008 by kv001]

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 12:23 AM

Originally posted by kv001
Another disturbing trend in internet forum is people who dare criticize Dalai Lama and the violent rioting are shout down and labeled communist or supporting murder. I am neither one of those but I've learned to read between the lines and be critical.

A slight (personal) adding: Those people are labelled to be PRC disinfo agents, spreading propaganda or are being brainwashed

So you are also an alumni of the PRC Intelligence & Public Relation University? I just started a petition to sack our Public Relation to Western World class professor, and want him to be replaced by the PR director of DL, you wanna sign up?

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by kv001

Your harvard link does not support the claim of Tibet being part of China, it simply reviews the history, and I guess if one reads between the lines each side of this argument could find justification for their words and actions.

You may find our media biased, I find them to be incompetent. Westerners have a habit of researching the news, looking for world wide opinion. Count how many times you have had posters quoting CNN. I see links from all sources, and the history of china is well known by all that visit this page.

China leaves the world to make assumptions at this point, and they are bad assumptions of china. No news coming out of Tibet and given chinas human rights violations what are we westerners left to believe? Then of course the campaign to win over the hearts and minds of us westerners with insults and demands by china. Take a look at the propaganda campaign here on ATS and Youtube. The chinese public relations campaign is an utter failure. China has hardened our hearts further. If china wants to be a part of the world community china needs to be visible to the world especially concerning what is going on inside of Tibet.

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by HowlrunnerIV

I live in China and I just thought I'd tell you that wiki links won't work for anyone who is in China. Wikipedia is blocked, unless you use a proxy.

You may notice that ATS isn't blocked, probably because a bunch of people who don't know what they are talking about don't matter.


posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 11:02 AM
All this talk of monks being violent, well I should point out, they are just human.

I would fully expect that some monks would be unable to fully hold there anger and possibly join the rioters(or should we call them freedom fighters? maybe not organised enough yet), that is to be expected. Many monks in Burma for example join the resistance forces against the Military Junta there, and there are some monks around the world who believe that only peaceful actions will not get what the people want or need.

The Dalai Lama's mission to see a peaceful resolution to China's occupation of Tibet may never work, he has already for now left total independence to the side in hopes of simply getting more political and religious freedom, and its very likely that there will be no peaceful resolution until the Chinese people stop accepting communist rule which may be unlikely to happen for a long time.

I don't condone the violence, tough to be honest the violence is the outcome of Chinas actions in Tibet.

'historically' (if we are to use one of the Chinese' reasons for moving into Tibet) is that Tibet was part of China before, well Scotland was part of England before when the English invaded Scotland previously. So by the same reasoning England could claim Scotland as there own land, but if England were to start calming Scotland as there land, moving in English businessmen and overruling any action by the Scottish government then you would be very hard pressed to find any Scots that would have as much restraint as those Tibetans.

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by HowlrunnerIV

always using "oh no", you seem very unsure of things.

and you do not know what the situation was with tank anyway. you always see things from media point of view. what if the tank was just going down the road after being called in for support and the murderers--ahem, sorry meant "protesters" were throwing debris at it?

thanks for posting links but they were too long, didn't feel like read.

your words seemed very tense...i think i know why...

anyway, you seem to avoid my point of slanted media. maybe the sentences are invisible. what ever case, doesn't harm me just hurts you to try not reading them so maybe I'll post more sentences like so. fun.

[edit on 26-3-2008 by worldtruth]

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 02:06 PM
The US President is even getting involved, although its merely a show of force. He definitely doesn't care:

Bush Tells China Leader of Tibet Concern

President Bush called China's President Hu Jintao on Wednesday and raised concerns about the crackdown in Tibet, joining a growing chorus of international protests about Beijing's tough tactics.

The White House said that Bush encouraged Hu to engage in "substantive dialogue" with representatives of the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet. The president also called on China to allow access for journalists and diplomats in Tibet.

China's crackdown in Tibet is in response to the most sustained uprising against Chinese rule in almost two decades—a challenge that has put China's human rights record in the international spotlight, embarrassing and frustrating a Communist leadership that had hoped for a smooth run-up to the Olympic Games.

The White House has said that Bush would not boycott the Beijing Olympics because of the crackdown, arguing that the games are an event that are supposed to be about the athletes, not politics.

Thanks Bush, showing your heart, what's left of it anyway.

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 02:18 PM

Originally posted by ikaruga
Sorry man, it's just all part of the training we receive at the PRC disinfo agent school.

Finally!!! The admission I've been awaiting for about a week now. Thank you SO much.

edit: PLEASE fix your Chuck Norris avatar, his face is cut in half.

[edit on 26-3-2008 by 27jd]

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by kv001

WOW. Imagine that, a BRAND NEW poster with the EXACT same posting style as our other brigade members, do you really all think this flooding technique will work to save PRC face? It only points out, even more clearly, the agenda you are all here to push. I'm surprised ATS's admin. are letting this happen, it has to be against some T & C, and I know they can see this. The Chinese government assigning teams to come on our site and intentionally derail discussions is flattering and insulting at the same time. Not to mention, I swear on my life that my home PC no longer allows me to view ATS without immediately crashing and giving me some bizarre bug message I've never seen before, and it happened right after I got into these Tibet threads and called out the brigades, coincidence? Maybe. Oh well, have fun getting through the security at my work....

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