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Reasons why 9/11 was an inside job

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 09:35 PM
The bush administration ignored all the advanced warnings of the 9/11 attack

The warnings from FBI agent Colleen Rowley and from the Phoenix memo was not only ignored but suppressed

FBI deputy director John P. O’Neill quit his job when his investigation of Osama bin laden was blocked

Top pentagon officials cancelled their travel planes for 9/11 because of security concerns

19 Muslim men well known to intelligence and security agencies walked past security checks ordered 4 passenger planes and turned them into 4 deadly missiles without even a hitch

8:13 am flight controllers temporarily lost radar contact with American airlines flight 11 and reported a suspected hijacking even though Andrews air force base is only 10 minutes from Washington, emergency response fighter jets close to an hour instead of the typical 15 minutes to scramble and begin searching for the hijacked planes – which was by then too late

Marvin Bush just happened to be the director of Secure-Com which provided electronic security for the world trade center, by some mysterious coincidence Marvin Bush's company also provided electronic security for united airlines and Dallas airport. And director of the world trade center’s casualties insurance company Houston casualty, that company terminated its insurance coverage of the world trade center before 9/11

The steel supported twin towers were built to withstand the impact of a passenger jet airliner, yet the official explanation for their collapse is that the burning jet fuel heated the steel support beams and caused them to buckle

Expert independent investigators insist that it’s impossible for jet fuel burning in oxygen to melt steel and that most of the jet fuel burned up outside the buildings in clearly visible fireballs

After the crashes the white smoke turned black indicating cooling temperatures – not rising temperatures

Building 7 collapsed much later on in the afternoon even though it had never even been hit

Before the fist plane ever even hit the first tower, a mass of military build up was organized near Afghanistan called operation swift sword and operation bright star, 23 thousand British troops were sent to the Oman gulf near Afghanistan and 17 thousand US troops joined NATO troops in near by Egypt. All of these forces were positioned for attacks on the Muslim countries of Afghanistan and Iraq before 9/11

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