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Why Problems Don't Fully Get Resolved

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 06:39 PM
First off I want those that have chose to read this that Everything here presented is an "Idea". I have no real proof that this is how things work but it seems like the most logical approach to myself and sure some can agree.


Like the "War on drugs" or "War for democracy" in Iraq, even protests. Things really aren't getting any better. We've fought against many a things but is the stuff we fought against, gone or fixed? No...prove to me that something that was "pushed against", was fixed completely and or somewhat to where there was UNDENIABLE proof that it would eventually be abolished....It just hasn't happened UNLESS people, all who had part, didn't push against but accepted it as it was and used more "positive" means of dealing with it instead of attacking it like a virus attacks a host....

When we push against, we are giving energy off, energy that is 9 times out of 10, negative. In reality what this does is adds fuel to the fire, the fire being the problem. It just keeps going and going, burning with no means of being put out. There are SO many examples where this is the case...

For example, someone close to you isn't acting the way you think they should or you don't like something about them. If you try and talk about it and "push" your beliefs or idea on what they should do or how they should act, what happens? They stay the same and IT JUST MAKES THE SITUATION WORSE.

We've got to have a more understanding, laid back, positive approach to problems if we really want them resolved. Contributing in a thread and voicing your opinions, ideas or factual information is not bad or hurting the resolution to the problem unless of course you have negative ways of presenting and/or pushing against. (We don't all do this btw) Same goes with everything else.

Of course, in order to get what i'm saying out there, I have to use negative examples so i'm hoping that all the good that can and hopefully will be raised from this post, will contribute to problems in this world in a positive way.

What do you think about everything here and should this post be read by people to get a better understanding of how we should approach the problems of this world? (It can't be forced, just there if people want to read it :-)

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