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Are You Prepared For A Hundred Years War On Terror?

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 06:30 PM
I read this article and thought that it raised an interesting question. I thought it appropriate to keep the article title as the title of this thread. So thank you \Michael Vail of Thought Criminal. Here is an excerpt.

Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain said that it would be fine with him if the military stayed in Iraq for a hundred years. His prediction maybe be proved in the future to be correct. American men and women are being sacrificed on the alter of globalism. Your liberties are being taken from you by those you have never met. This is one of the biggest scams that have ever been run on the American people. Much like the Roman Empire our leaders are destroying our economy by borrowing more and more money to fight simultaneous wars around the world. Have you ever wondered why there are nations like China who continue to allow us to borrow money much like a degenerate gambler who doesn't know when to quit? We will be the ones to account for the damage that has been done. Every penny of debt that you have will be collected, your social security money has been stolen and the infrastructure that our forefathers fought for has been bought out by multinational corporations and foreign governments.

Addiditonal link to article

What caught my eye in particular is the portion of the article that touches on the Mediterranean Union. A compromise has been reached in order to facilitate the emergence of this new Union. To me this is just another head to the "Ten Headed Monster", that William Cooper talks about in his book, falling into place.
Bill Cooper explains about the exact goals of the NWO globalist elite agenda to have our planet divided up into 10 "areas" if you will. the Mediterranean Union has just been agreed to. Coincidence? Maybe. But pretty accurate.
Seeing how we are getting closer and closer to the "NAU", things really seem to be going according to their plans.
It seems to me that the only sacrifices that are going to be made are those made by the common citizens who are losing their liberties and freedoms with each passing day.
Just wondering what other's thoughts may be on this article and ask if you are ready to make these sacrifices?

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 02:24 AM
John McCain is right after what Bush Sr., and Jr. did to Iraq, Big business and the greed for Corporations caused Millions of Iraqians to die painful death's. Saddam Hussein if he dealt with Bush Sr., and Jr. on Business deals that dealt with Oil it should not have been done, Saddam should have told the Bush's,"Allah created oil in your Western Hemisphere where you are at, I will help you find it and help you set up shop, My expert Scientist in the oil refinery field shall accompany me in this noble task of Charity(Zakat)". Peaceful business nothing criminal; Saddam's hung, Iraq in shambles now war is going to last 100 years in this region as well as attacks on innocent Civilians in America. Is this Human Politics or Luciferian?, The Citizens of this country need divine answers for a troubled World that has been set up by Secret Societies of the Lesser light of amber fire, All for a selection of few. Islaam becomes really serious when Muslim soil is invaded and attacked by aggression, Especially by Christian Illuminatti countries. Salaam Alaykum.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 02:49 AM
Le's see. 12 billion dollars per month, times 12, times 100 dangit where's my calcalatin' thingy!?
Our dollar is worth nothin' now. We are just supposed to keep printing money?
I think think they did bad things to McCain in the jungle, bad, bad things that has affected his grip on reality.
M.O.O.N. that spells victory in Iraq, laws yes.

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