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People are what?

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 06:21 PM
Persons. What in all does a person consist of to you?

Answer of mine: More or less being:

Conscious (Mind)
Self (Will)
Personality (Attitude)
Emotion (by the way, ever notice you can only be one emotion at a time?)
5 senses
Body (Image)

^^Those things are as live changing forces seperate that yet in still remain the same forces together.

^^The thread/force which hold all that is the soul (person). The thread/force which keep all that working seperate and together is the life.

Also each more or less part being is as a body within the other bodies. One could even say that this human concept acts as the conscious, acts as the desire, acts as the will, acts as the ego, acts as the emotion, acts as the 5 senses, acts as the voice, and acts as the image altogether.

Speaking of voice, so you'll understand, it's as an existing: statement, comment, answer; writer, advisor, definer (detailed artist in this), namer, explainer, testifier of those other things (even things non-evident that are hard to tell/explain/etc) and itself. Everything that exists in existence voices its statement or etc just by simply being. Existence is as art that speaks out as a voice.

Speaking of body (image), so you'll understand, it's as the strenth to those other things and itself. It even expresses those other things and itself. Of a person it reveals the life. It's also as a con in the art of things because it can make a person appear as gone as in ceasing to exist.

Anyhow, think the life can and will modify the soul (person) by adding and/or subtracting things?


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