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All Parliamentary Ministers' 'issues' are matters for Parliament only!

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 06:03 PM
So, in future if a Minister of Parliament does something wrong, it is not to be disclosed outside of Parliament. Reminds me of the boys footy trips, what happens on the trip stays on the trip. Disgraceful.

THE NSW government has side-stepped responsibility for the sacking of an electoral office staff member who raised alarms over disgraced former NSW Aboriginal Affairs Minister Milton Orkopoulos.

Orkopoulos was found guilty of 28 paedophilia and drug charges yesterday. He will face court for an initial sentence hearing next week.

Gillian Sneddon, Orkopoulos' former electorate officer in the Hunter seat of Swansea who helped collect evidence from his office for police, had her employment terminated last month, it was reported today.

However Gillian Sneddon, Orkopoulos's former electorate officer in the Hunter seat of Swansea, who helped collect evidence from his office for police... was sacked the day she began to give evidence at the Orkopoulos trial


Absolute RUBBISH!!

"(The) treatment of me the whole way down the line, from the parliament, from my colleagues, from Labor politicians, (has) been a disgrace''.

Ms Sneddon has been on workers' compensation since being locked out of the office in late 2006 while assisting police retrieve evidence in the case, it was reported.
Ref Above

Why oh why was this employee treated so badly by Parliamentary Staff? Seems to me, Parliament was protecting one of their own.

Oh the irony, here is the NSW Aboriginal Affairs Minister who is supposed to be dealing with Aboriginal Affairs charged with 28 counts of paedophilia and drug charges

So disgraceful.

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 04:22 AM
what a waste of time posting this, spose its cos it is Australian news?

I still think its disgraceful!

The level of protection offered to this member of Parliament is unintegral.

If an ordinary citizen tried the same thing, they would be charged with obstructing justice.



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