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What is the best way to confront the government on CT issues?

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 04:43 PM
I am interested in hearing what people opinions are on how best to confront your government administration on any issues regarding the kind of thing we discuss here on ATS.

I'm talking about the more realistic theories that you'd like answers too, like 9/11, any of the bills that are passed by the administration, gradual stripping of your rights, that kind of thing.

We all see hundreds of posts here every month which infuriate people here. I know you can't always judge the level of emotions by a post, but it is pretty apparent that many people here are very very angry to say the least.

I often sit here wondering what is going to happen to all that anger and frustration if people are not listened to? It's a scary thought actualy.

However i know that in the past people have confronted the administration on subjects dear to us. Whether this be by a written letter, phonecall, protest or something more radical, they have at least done something.

Now many people here on ATS, myself included sit here with an opinion about how this should happen and that should happen. About how this is wrong and that is wrong. Yet all we do is say it on a forum.

If i was a single man with no dependants maybe i would do things differently, but the fact is, i'm a dad of two daughters who are my whole world, and i have a partner who i love to bits. Therefore i'm not about to go risking prison time for doing some spectacular protest that may get me shot or labelled as an enemy of the state.

There must however, be more that people can do from here at home. Instead of voicing our frustrations and questions to members here, there must be more we can do whilst keeping ourselves and our familes safe?

So back to my initial point of this thread. How would you recommend to approach the administrations who apparently run the country? Write a polite but firm letter full of questions regarding the more popular conspiracy theories? Of course you have to be carefull with even this as most who question the goverment will be labelled as a nutjob.

If you wrote a letter for instance, any recommendations on how you would set it out, or even who you would send it to? Maybe organisations away from the goverment would be a better place to start asking questions?

They can't ignore EVERYONE.

I sometimes sit here on ATS, looking at the huge amount of well thought out, well researched posts written by our members, and i wonder how much more the public would wake up if those members spoke outside ATS as well as just within it.

Sorry for the long ramble, but as i read the threads on here talking about the slow erosion of our countries and all that they are supposed to stand for, you sometimes wonder if there was more that you could have done?



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