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Always losing your keys? This gadget will help!

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 01:32 PM
Searched for this, and didn't see any duplicate threads

This is amazing! If you're anything like me, and have a habit of losing your keys or other items, this baby is the ultimate search finder.


Each time the camera focuses on a object - such as a set of keys, a mobile phone or a purse - the wearer says the name aloud. The name is then recorded and stored into the memory.
Once the names have been programmed in, the glasses will try to find the right name for any object they come across. The names appear in small type on the viewfinder.

I personally think that there are gremlins in my home, moving things around. *Joke* Mabey this device will capture them on film!

I wonder how much this is going to $et back us consumers?


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