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Alliance to Rescue Civilization - (ARC)

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 09:57 AM

The mission of the Alliance to Rescue Civilization (ARC) is to protect the human species and its civilization from destruction that could result from a global catastrophic event, including nuclear war, acts of terrorism, plague and asteroid collisions.

Why does mankind need protection from the above mentioned events? Is it because a small group of people run the world, hence, endangering all of mankind?

To fulfill its mission, ARC is dedicated to creating continuously staffed facilities on the Moon and other locations away from Earth. These facilities will preserve backups of scientific and cultural achievements, and of the species important to our civilization. In the event of a global catastrophe, the ARC facilities will be prepared to reintroduce lost technology, art, history, crops, livestock and, if necessary, even human beings to the Earth.

Perhaps there are already bases there as some say, and now they're just 'introducing' the idea? The masses will love this new(?) idea and won't mind paying for it through some sort of 'backup' fee.

Maybe they're starting to choose the select few who will be 'saved' and reintroduced to Earth after a coming catastrophe?

The Leaders:

William Burrows is Director Emeritus of the Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program at New York University. A former reporter for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal, Burrows specialties are space and national security issues.

Professor Robert Shapiro is a research biochemist in Chemistry Department of New York University. His research has centered on the chemistry of nucleic acids, with emphasis on the reactions of DNA and RNA with carcinogens and mutagens. He has also been concerned with the role (if any) of nucleic acids in the origin of life.

Ray Erikson is the Principal Engineer for Flight Materials, Inc., a Boston-based consulting firm specializing in aerospace environments and effects, material system problem-solving, and new material system development.

Steve Wolfe spent over five years as the legislative aide for space policy to the late Congressman George E. Brown, Jr. (D-CA).

Sean W. Hadley, Esq., General Counsel (J.D./M.S. Rutgers University). Before joining ARC, Mr. Hadley practiced as a Litigation Attorney in Intellectual Property and Corporate Law at Dilworth Paxson, LLP, a large Philadelphia law firm.


My personal theory, is that if they can 'backup' life on earth, and all necessary technology etc., then the stakes go up and the whole planet will be come their LAB. Right now they can't kill everything because they might regret it... BUT, if they can always restore life/tech on Earth, who cares right?

I do the same work for a living, but just with virtual 1's and 0's, backing them up, doing experiments, and restoring them should the experiment gone 'bad'. The only difference with this idea of saving life/tech, is that all living things, including us, will end up being those 1's and 0's.

This sounds to me like someone wants to manufacture re-incarnation.

ARC in the news:

NY Times - 2006 - 2003 - 2002 - October 2001 - Could this where the missing 2.3 trillion dollars was spent?

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