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The Mexico U.F.Os (wot happend)

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 03:04 AM

i know this has been posted a few times but,

this video was if not the best evidance ever one of them, imo the best because its from a millitary & government sourse with radar & video evidance, as i understand it this was never proven to be fake, so it leaves the last option there REAL - U.F.Os and E.T craft = proof ?

so why has this been swept under the carpet and why are people still saying thay do not exsist? it just anoys me if im being honest. or is it just the fact the majority of the world population just dont care or dont want to belive, its proof enuff for me i just dont get it,

it proves along with some over very very intresting n.a.s.a videos that people are NOT hilousinating are NOT mad and we should" have public confirmation from are own government its true, i dont think the government try that hard to cover these things up people just dont want to no/belive, its allmost like there saying ok thats intresting but its impossible and get on with it lol

but i guess in a way it does show that the public are ready to here it officialy from there govermnets and thay wouldnt really panic?

wot are your thorts on the video and people perception on the matter?


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