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Pasco ufo seen in muriwai west auckland!

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 12:25 AM
well here is the pasco video

this one is exact same ufo in muriwai west auckland..
takein on a cell phone i think it say's.

now if this thing is spotted in texas on the 14th of march

and this other video march allso don't give a date.
but in another country.

We have 2 option's man made goverment craft....but who's?

Or 2 a u.f.o

If this was american flyign this in another country that's spying.
and any other country.
And im sure other country's would get realy pissed at us.

still odd look's almost identical....

so if it's a ballon these ballon's are all over the same month.

but i do agree the blinking light indicate's a man made aircraft.
BUT WHO'S doing this spyign american's?canadian's lol?
mexico see's alot of em allso maybe mexico?

either way either american's are spyign or gettign spyed on whick is it.
if it is not a ufo

United nation would kick whoever it is out of the geneva convention for this.
i think lol

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