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The High Oil Conspiracy: The Real Reason you’re paying $3.50 a gallon

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 10:34 AM
Thanks, Hot_Wings, for an interesting thread.
I followed my thoughts and looked up a little info. When I drive to Bakersfield, I am in awe of how many new wells are going in, can't get 'em in fast enough, even though there are no new refineries. What's up? Of course, having oil prices so high is indeed good to make a profit drilling new wells.

Because most major non-OPEC countries have private oil sectors (Mexico is one notable exception), their governments generally have very little control over production levels.

So, by having oil men in government power, we de facto have control.

The United States has far more refinery capacity than any other country, with 149 of the world's 691 refineries, and a crude oil refinery capacity of about 16.9 million bbl/d (not including territories).

same source
Ok, so we consume a lot of petrol, but we still have high ref cap. We even get it from refs in the Caribbean. So, without having to build new refs, oil co's continue to make huge profits.

I just keep wondering where is all that oil from Bakersfied going? More oil sure hasn't brought the price down. If we've been refining oil for Mexico, why can't we have that for our consumption if Mex wants to buy from India?

Sigh...I'm confused...the cabal in Washington really is the enemy of the people.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 10:37 PM
i am quite young, i dont pretend to understand some things, i steer away from some theories not that i dont believe in them but for the fact that well i just dont know enough about the topic to be able to talk about it.

But about this i have my own theory.....
As you might know the government racks up taxes from oil so the higher the price to the more money the government gets, also as i read so many companies are practically controlled by people in the government and if they can control the government they can control the price.

Also the reason nothing is done about it is well, we cant really do anything about it, what are we going to do go in front of government buildings with cardboard signs saying "prices are too high, Greedy enough ?, When will the prices stop going up".

There are so many oil deposits that havent even been tapped into, even in canada where i am from there are massive deposits NORTH of alberta that no one even cares about touching.

Why wont the goverment stop the price ? because they quite literally control the prices themselves, now i dont want to turn this into a "government this government that" post

The only way this will change is through A: massive protests even, as i see it a possible civil war....but thats maybe just a bit too far. B: someone who is not corrupt/controlled by/Owner of/part of/ a oil company. As well there are so many intermixed companies like the way GM motors plays in part with the oil companies by creating non fuel efficient cars so they can use more oil etc.

And as i see it finally C: Someone, SOMEONE ! finds a liquid/gas/substance that replaces oil/gasoline/or is at least renewable and works like gasoline and petrol but the only problem with that is that oil companies would oppose it with their dead bodies and the government would probably not want it because price would not be controlled by massive companies but by farmers who as are seen are quite literally middle class.

I hope you understand what i said and after this im making a account until i have enjoyed watching the threads but now i see it fit for my self that i participate in them-

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