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Today concludes Cyber Storm II: is it truely to help protect against terror attacks or is it to spy

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 09:41 PM

The exercise addresses the increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats that both the public and private sectors face. As the Department's biennial National Cyber Exercise, the goal of Cyber Storm II is to examine the processes, procedures, tools and organizational response to a multi-sector coordinated attack through, and on, the global cyber infrastructure. Exercise planning and execution provides the opportunity to establish and strengthen cross-sector, inter-governmental and international relationships that are critical during the exercise and in actual cyber response situations.

this is straight from the department of homeland security website.

Specific objectives of the exercise include:
# Examine the capabilities of participating organizations to prepare for, protect from, and respond to the potential effects of cyber attacks;
# Exercise strategic decision making and interagency coordination of incident response(s) in accordance with national level policy and procedures;
# Validate information sharing relationships and communications paths for the collection and dissemination of cyber incident situational awareness, response and recovery information; and
# Examine means and processes through which to share sensitive information across boundaries and sectors, without compromising proprietary or national security interests

the part that i was most interested in was the first objective. i think they maybe useing this exercise or "game"(they do refer to this as some sort of game) to spy on other countries and their cyber abilities. is it possible that they have came out with new technology they want to test (maybe some sort of network like internet2)? i pretty sure they already have some sort of super encrypted network but the us always wants to be 3 steps ahead. (this reminds me of red october if anyone has heard of it)


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