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FBI Illegal Wiretap Allegations

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 08:46 PM
Hi there my fellow ATS freaks!

I've just been reading this week's copy of New Scientist and this little titbit caught my eye. Living in the UK I've seen no mention of this in the papers, but you guys stateside might have heard a little more

Wiretapping 'has gone wireless'

At least one US cellphone network may have a direct link to the FBI, allowing it to wiretap mobile calls, texts and downloads without warrants, according to an industry insider.
The allegation comes from Babak Pasdar, a security engineer who was hired to upgrade the internet security systems at a mobile phone firm in 2003.
While there, he told the Government Accountability Project, he discovered the existence of a system insiders have dubbed the "Quantico Circuit"- a high speed line giving access to call content, billing and location data. The FBI's intelligence unit is based in Quantico, Virginia.
The news comes as the White House is seeking to rush through national security legislation that will give cellphone firms immunity from any lawsuits from any wiretapped subscribers.

New Scientist, 15th March 2008


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