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SoS – Survive Our Species

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 06:54 PM
How do we survive our species?

Some may know that planet earth is doomed to fry and become vaporized by the sun when it eventually dies. At this time of writing astronomers predict that in the current situation our home planet has 7.6 billion years left. A billion years from now, the sea will evaporate and the ultimate global warming will take place due to the sun.

I am simply regurgitating facts from a scientific investigation. Two possible solutions that were suggested include; using the gravitational pull of a passing asteroid to pull Earth out of the way: this should hopefully buy us 5 billion years if successful. The other option is to send life pods into space.

It is from here that my prediction begins. I am discussing the destiny/fate of the universe. Call it what you want.

Ultimately the human race is going to need to escape to space for survival, which is what we will impulsively do in our nature. In the case we send life pods into the depths and beyond, there will eventually become a natural tenancy to want to explore, depending on the technology and resources available at the time. Would it be safer to split up and send pods in different directions eventually as this would mean, in the case of hostile alien entities, we would not be stuck in one isolated position? Would it be best to focus our power together? Naturally humans like to take different paths so it is debatable what could happen. In the case that we decide to split and take exploration into the depths of space, what will happen?

With current technologies such as genetic engineering we have a huge amount of power. Some groups may use it responsibly. Others may decide to improve our species, especially if we come into contact with extra terrestrials, out of fear for survival.

One group might decide to experiment, therefore turning themselves into what natural evolutionary humans might call “aliens” if they were to ever encounter them after thousands or millions of years. (Whatever the time, the principal stays the same) we could end up bumping into all sorts of variations of ourselves. We wouldn't know if they were aliens or human.

Ultimately we want to survive. But so would they in their own way. We could have all originated from the same planet, but not accept we originated from the same DNA. After all, they are aliens how do we know we can trust them? How do we know we can trust other humans?

It boils down to the basic concepts in place today on earth. Do we assign an ultimate controller of our race, a big brother attitude, and unite under one banner of control and accept inequality in our relationship with the “ultimate controller” who we hope would keep everyone else equal in rights and freedoms? Or do we keep equality within our priority of rights and freedoms and elect people from within that status and just hope for the good?

Technology works. We manipulate it.

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