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Contact Has Begun - A True Story With James Gilliland

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by MrdDstrbr

here is part one,

not sure why the rest is not on you tube ???

here is your link for any body wanting to watch it

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 03:52 AM

Originally posted by easynow

as far as him selling DVD's....if you wanted people to know about this and let people become aware of the message that is being sent, how would YOU go about doing that ?

would you give DVD's away for free ? i doubt it.

Emh Sir,
we are in the internet ERA,there's absolutely no need to SELL his dvd,just make a DVDRIP and lets spread it over internet: emule. torrent etc etc.
Saying that it is a necessity to "merchandize" the ufo's in order to bring knowledge to the people all around the world is just RIDICULOUS.
As i stated before we are in the internet ERA therefore mostly of the world has an internet connection.

Abt alien contactee:as almost every single contactee stated different realllity abt ufo's (some said aliens livee 30.000 years other said 150) so they are not accurate betwen each other,how the hell can we really believe in these hoaxer who only cares about their BUSINESS?

posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 12:27 PM
My name is Michael Knight. I am the writer/director of the documentary "Contact Has Begun."

These are interesting threads on ATS - but I am somewhat surprised to see Youtube has a full nine minute clip (see above) which has been posted on Youtube in violation of their copyright notice.

Some additional points I would like to make.

In researching the possibility of making a documentary about James' life (which is not 'just' about UFOs) I saw more than one "power up."

Although we used a Sony XDCAM HD F350 1/2inch CCD camera equipped with an exceptional lens, we did not capture any 'power ups' on that equipment.

The video shots of UFOs over James' property, as used in the documentary, were gleaned from the many hours of footage that he made available.

As a professional director, and having been involved with both still and 16mm and video cameras for almost 50 years, including countless hours of editing, I saw no evidence of any 'hoaxing' as so many skeptics like to suggest.

In fact, James had absolutely no editing equipment available to him until recently.

(But that won't stop the skeptics and debunkers...who are always present instant experts on things they have not personally experienced.

I think ATS - and Johnny A - are serving this forum very well by doing their own independent visits. They have pointed out elsewhere that their interest is in the lights (either on the mountain or overhead) and that seems like a very fair point of focus.

(Their understanding of orbs needs some expansion beyond dismissing them as raindrops or dust...but they'll figure it out eventually if they continue their investigations and choose to go in that direction sometime with the open minds they appear to exhibit so far).

Several posters have said the lights on the mountain are probably hikers...I haven't personally seen such lights, but they have happened frequently and been seen by many people in the same area of the mountain.

Question is ... what are the chances of hikers using the same type of powerful lights on random dates and times and all of them shining those lights toward the sanctuary ... all from the same spot on the mountain....???

As for those who say the documentary should be posted for free on the Internet..that is so naive it's hardly worth responding to...except to perhaps enlighten the naive.

The documentary was produced by a totally independent production company which invested considerable time money and resources in the production.

James was neither paid for his participation nor did he ask for any money.

He was and is a gracious host.

The documentary tells "his" story...which is only "one" among six "billion" stories on this planet.

Michael Knight

Moderators may remove this if you wish, but for reference, and to check me out if you wish my web site is where, since my contract finished, I have started a newsletter about Earth Changes and written an ebook on the subject...all of it stemming from some of the information given by James in Contact Has Begun.

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