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on a search for 'Caduceus Coils' and the Montauk 'Delta-T' ...

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 04:08 PM
I was searching for more insight into "caduceus coils" and the legendary
"Delta-T" anenna of Montauk fame. I came across . [I just
archived it as a MS-Word file at .] In this long
document are also references to Bearden's scalar waves, anti-gravity,
conscousness-awareness, time-bending, and other stuff.

When I checked out the home page ( ),
it has a ton of essays which I can never hope to archive all of them.

Two things make it interesting. (1) They have a recent date (e.g., 2007,
2008). (2) They include actual (and rather sophisticated) pictures of
experimental devices that were actually constructed. These seem to be
based on Wilbert Smith's caduceus coils (indeed, the home page is
dedicated to his memory!) as well as complex geometrical designs. Actual
working devices are better than theory anytime to me!

Note that the "science" behind all of this is not "mainstream" but on what
would be branded as "taboo" or "alternative". But what one calls "dark
energy", another calls it something else. Who's to say and what does it
matter? It wasn't that long ago that chiropracty and accupuncture were
branded short of witchcraft.

I will archive some of this site's material in the near future. It appears
to be a New Zealand or Australian site. For now, I have some of Wilbert
Smith at and Caduceus Coils at . "Scalar waves" have been
popularized by Tom Bearden at .

Has anyone heard of these guys -- the Crystal Scalar Support Project
[c_s_s_p] group?


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